Because e-mail is annoying me

Hi!  Thanks for all of the comments!  Sorry, I can’t email right now.  Ok, fine, I don’t want to email right now.  It’s not you.  It’s me.  Really.

Anywho, on to Love Thursday:

01. Phenergan.  I may be asleep for the rest of the day, but I won’t be nauseous.  Sounds like a win-win to me.  😀


02. Stranded whatever knitting.  Please ignore that I took a shot of the jog.

03. Heat, electricity and a fireplace.  Yeah, we’re breaking a 22 year old record of longest amount of time below freezing.  Plus, my electric company isn’t part of the co-op that has to do the rolling blackouts.

04. Braised short ribs.  Yum!  Oh, and making enough so I can have more for lunch today.

floppy cozy

05. A new floppy cozy. Almost completed sans the embroidery.  It’s made from the yak yarn Texas bought at Cookie’s yarn shop.  I love it so much I may make one for the other arm, so no details on it yet. But!  It matches my Harbor Housewives Cowl.

06. A good and decent and honest man.

Happy Thursday y’all!

Love Thursday

01.  I love lists
02.  I love the two faced knit socks I’m wearing
03.  I love that Worthington jeans make me a size smaller than Lee
04.  I love that I learned how to knit backwards yesterday
05.  I love sitting around a table with creative people doing creative things
06.  I love the smell and warmth of laundry when it’s fresh out of the dryer
07.  I love the smell of mushrooms, peppers and garlic cooking on the stove
08.  I love my ninja cat Maggie
09.  I love a piping hot cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the lake
10.  I love hearing his ring tone on my phone
11.  I love the smell of gear grease
12.  I love waking up at 4 a.m. just to spend an extra hour with him
13. I love the sound of his car in the driveway
14. I love a warm day after a string of cold ones.
15. I love the prospect of wearing a pair of shorts tomorrow because it is supposed to be that warm

Happy Thursday y’all!

Random Love Thursday

01. The contest has it’s own page now.  I’ve extended the drawing date to 12/31 because this is just snowballing.  I’ll be adding more prizes tonight and there are going to be more winners.  (oh, and I added more ways to get entries for the drawings) The generosity of people in East Texas is amazing!

02. I want to give a big special thank-you to the newest yarn shop in Tyler for giving me the yarn for the give away at a 40% discount.  Those of us who have sold yarn all know, that’s just their cost… so THANK YOU!  If you happen to be in the East Texas area, go see them and tell them I sent you.

Knotty Girls Stitchery (rav link)
322 E SE Loop 323 #156
Tyler, TX
903-509-YARN (9276)

03. Oh, and they do more than just knitting.  They have spinning and embroidery stuff too.

04. Yes, I’m heading there right now to get my embroidery fix on.

05. In other news, I’m actually knitting something.  Yeah!  I’ve found the perfect balance of medical machinery, drugs and yarn size to do something.  But I’m being sidetracked by that embroidery stuff.

06. Yeah, I know, I promised an FO, I’m getting there.  Swearz!

07. I’m making pierogies this weekend.  YUM!  Janna has already requested about 90 dozen, but we’ll see about that.  If anyone wants to fly in to help, just holler.

08.  While talking about Cookie to someone, Texas described her as a machine!  I think that’s a compliment.  It just sounded so strange coming out of his mouth.

09. I kind of cleaned up my home page (just  It’s not fancy, but since Texas is taking the information about the contest to work, I thought I’d make it as simple as possible.

10.  I forgot what 10 was for, but I didn’t just want to stop the list at 9.  That just seems so out of balance.

Happy Thursday y’all!

Apparently, I’m a good little fundimentalist.

Carol has resurrected Thankful Thursday and I’m playing along.  This week anyway.  😀

So, this first week of November 2010, I am thankful for:

1.  Hoarders

2. Weird deliveries from fed-ex

3. Sasquatch

4. Weird emails and the weird friends who send them

5. New tires and a rear-end alignment

6.  Twenty-three shots.  At least that’s the point I got nauseaus and stopped counting.

What are you thankful for?

Yes, those are my Halloween leaf bags all lined up by the fire-pit and looking at the lake.  WHAT!?!?


Thursday Love!

With lots of SQUISH!

ZOMG! Hescominghometodayafterfourweeksbeinggone!!!!!

::::::: bounce, bounce :::::::


♥  ♥  ♥

Can I just say that Skinny PC loves this fact so she can kick my arse on Facebook games?

Theivin’ neighbors.


♥  ♥  ♥

I found a great video on NMO.   While it’s not awesome that someone has been affected by it, it is great that there is stuff like this being done. (yeah,  can’t embed the video, but it’s totally worth going to see)

Reese Witherspoon on NMO

Oh, and while you’re there… if you watch the other video?  The one with Dustin Hoffman showing in the preview? My Dr. House is in it several times. He’s the 17th little person clip (not even half way through) Just after the pictures of the rivers and just before Reese Witherspoon talks.

♥  ♥  ♥

Catch y’all on the flipside!!!!!

Love Thursday – Friendz Edition

01.  I love that I have a friend who can rationalize bacon ranch pasta salad as an appropriate after workout meal.

02.  I love that I have a friend who is knowledgeable in stooopid mortgage stuff.

03.  I love that I have a friend who is a knitting monkey and sends me the best.links.ever.  (is this picture better?)

Romi shawl cookie 3

04.  I love that I have a friend who inspires and motivates me to be healthier.

05.  I love that I have a group of friends who are amazing, talented, funny, snarky, loving and crazy. (yeah, I copped out on this one, but I got tired of the linkity)

06. I love that I have a gym not even 5 miles from my house.  And maybe, just maybe I might actually do the walk/bike thing there.  Maybe.  When I can make it up the kill without wanting to DIE!

07.  In the meantime, I love that I get to drive his Mustang because not only is it loud and fun and fast, but I feel like one bad mofo when I drive it. (as opposed to feeling cute and sporty when I drive mine)

08.  I’ve been doing zumba classes and I love them.  No, really.  LOVE!  But I need to be aware of my limits as I triggered a little eyesight loss thingy. (don’t worry, it’s Utoff’s Phenomenon – it happens. It’s like bad electrical wiring getting over heated)  It might pay to have a session or two with a personal trainer or a physical therapist who can help me find a good, balanced routine that will help me get back into shape and feel healthier without pissing off the NMO or the arm.  (all the neuro said was “low weights, high reps”  Dooode, that sooo doesn’t help)

09.  Found on Facebook (despite your political views, this is funny so get the stick outta your… )

The IOC stunned the world this morning when they awarded U.S. President Barack Obama a gold medal for Men’s Skiing. Even though he’s never skied an IOC spokesman said “Barack Obama is going downhill faster than anyone this year.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Ok.  All outta love.

So you get some random crap too.  WOO!  Bonus!

01.  The train started moving again, so he’s back on the 3 gone/1 home schedule.  EXCEPT!  The Northeast had tons of stooopid weather and he’s not coming home this weekend, but next Thursday.  Yet another reason to hate snow.

02.  The doc tried me on Ambien again … this time, the new CR.  It still totally doesn’t work.   I was on a pill that worked except when it didn’t (hahahahahah ahem) Fine, some nights I just could not fall asleep.  The past two nights I’ve been taking an ambien and one of the other pill (instead of two of the other) and I have had the worst sleep I’ve had in a year.  The stuff must trigger nighttime ADD or something.

Swearz I sit up and scream “squirrel!”


03.  I have options today and I really don’t know what to do.

  • I can sit and knit and watch BBC shows
  • I can try a cardio kickboxing class (except for the whole eyesight loss thingy)
  • I can go workout on the machines and then do a PIYO class – they combine pilates and yoga
  • I can go to the aqua class, but I’d have to leave in about an hour a half hour and I don’t think I’ve had enough coffee
  • I can work on some yard stuff that HAS to be done and I know I shouldn’t do it,  but a.) I can’t find a yard guy that isn’t addicted to something and can show up and b.) Texas just doesn’t have the time when he’s home.  This stuff needs to be chopped before it turns green and starts growing again.

04.  While I shared some facebook love above, I’m about to share some hate too.  Can y’all stop with the stupid hoax postings?  I reported someone this week because they clicked on some link and I kept getting tagged in weird photos that aren’t even me.

Yes, I’m one of those people that play the stoopid games, but what I’m amending my wanton ways and trying to stop posting the game stuff by 7 so my friends don’t have to see all that crap.  I wish they would find an easy way that I could just post to the people who are just in my games list.

And people’s ignorance is all the more obvious over there.  I seriously have to bite my fingers some days to keep from calling them idiots and showing them where to find the facts from reliable sources. Or the “if you’re really my friend you’ll repost this”.  WTF is that?

♥ ♥ ♥

And now that I’ve crapped all over Love Thursday, I leave you with some love again.  Skinny Porkchop and her new baby Murdoc.  I’ll have to get better pics later.  This was his first day home.  He’s now 6 weeks old, they’re hand feeding him (the mother’s milk dried up  – she had 11 puppies – and the vet recommended sending the puppies to their homes so they could be fed properly).  He’s all head and legs and is a Great Dane.

new baby

Happy Thursday y’all!

Love Thursday – show some

You’ll notice the header change.  Rare disease day is Sunday.  I’m sure we all know someone with a rare disease.  Hell, if you’re here on this page then you do know someone.  Let me tell you why this day is so important.

Rare Disease Day is the perfect occasion to inform or remind people that rare diseases need to be paid special attention to, because:

Rare diseases are life-threatening or chronically debilitating diseases with a low prevalence and a high level of complexity. Patients with very rare diseases and their families are particularly isolated and vulnerable. The life expectancy of rare disease patients is significantly reduced and many have disabilities that become a source of discrimination and reduce or destroy educational, professional or social opportunities.

The rare disease patient is the orphan of health systems, often without diagnosis, without treatment, without research, therefore without reason to hope.

The lack of specific health policies and the scarcity of expertise translate into delayed appropriate diagnosis and difficulty of access to care. The national healthcare services for diagnosis, treatment and care of rare disease patients differ significantly in terms of their availability and quality. European citizens have unequal access to healthcare services and to orphan drugs.

Research on rare diseases is scarce
~ info “stolen” from here

So, while you’re contemplating all of that, why not consider donating to NORD, or one of the partners in your country.  Or to a research organization that is working on a rare disease that affects someone you know.  Maybe even … say a foundation that supports Devic’s Disease research (now, that’s just my personal favorite).

Happy Thursday y’all