Freezing Farmgirl

A little over nine years ago, I came to Texas (the state) to visit Texas (the man) between his contracts. While here, I bought some yarn and started some mitts. It took me almost a year to finish them (because young love or something). From my notes, I apparently finished them while I was hospitalized for the first time for my NMO.

I’ve loved those mitts, and they show it. Felted in spots, holes in others. They’ve hauled wood, driven tractors, fed cows and chickens and ducks. They’ve been to CA and PA and Jersey. They’ve made long drives to Dallas and Nacogdoches. Tiny towns, metroplexes, camping, fishing, working, playing. They’ve done it all. They’ve been with me for my whole adventure here.

The time has come to replace them. I tried to make everyone knit some with me for CMMDI, but it didn’t work out. So here is the start of another pair that hopefully will last the next 9 years. I’m going with the same pattern because nostalgia and I like the simplicity. I do wish I had some appropriate red yarn, but I’ve had this Beaverslide for a while.

The yarn is far thicker than what I has before, and I will finish these, but I think I’ll be making another pair with lighter weight yarn. Hopefully I can whip out the second mitt before the next arctic front hits.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Just listen

Don’t think or judge, just listen.

I think, overthink, plan, and judge far too much. With everything. Knitting, jiu jitsu, people, life. Although I think I judge myself the hardest. (Texas may disagree with that last one from time to time.)

I keep getting told to stop overthinking and just do.

Not so easy when you “need” a plan for everything that could happen. I suppose it is a byproduct of my upbringing. I can tell you that it drives other people nuts sometimes. Hell, it even drives me a little batty.


I need to stop and listen more. To my thoughts, to others and to my body. I need to not judge myself (or others) so harshly.

I’m finding that the longer I do it, Jiu Jitsu is making me look at my character flaws rather than just my physical ones. I really thought it was just about challenging and changing my physical self. Ha! The joke is on me… in a good way.

Happy Thursday y’all! What do you have planned for the long weekend?

Just keep swimming

Texas. Hot! And I am not talking about my husband*. I’ve had to order a cooling vest and cut out my 11 a.m. class for a week or two until it gets here. The East gym is half windows. Throw in 3 hours of twenty, hot, sweaty students and it is a recipe for UGH! There is this thing called Uthoff’s where, when you get overheated, the damaged nerves (think of an exposed wire) start confusing the signals they’re transmitting. Not so much fun.

I usually end up passed out on the couch around 2 p.m. every day. Knitting stitches falling off the needles, cat on my head, the dulcet tones of bad television playing in the background. I talk about jiu jitsu and wanting to win, but the reason this all started was getting in shape. I always have that thought, at the back of my mind, that something could go horribly wonky with the NMO. I want to be as strong and prepared as I can possibly be.

Either that or I need to spend less time looking at the NMO support group stuff. Horrific stories! Probably not the best nighttime reading. Just saying.

I’m off to make my special beans for a team get together. What are you doing today?

*Although, if he would change his FB picture to a current one, some people might think so. That current one is him at his heaviest. He was working on the train at the time, it was about a year after the NMO diagnosis and he emotionally ate his way through that first year. He is about 80 lbs lighter now. He thinks seeing his fat picture will motivate him to lose more.

Hello Spring!


The first day of Spring was brought in with severe storms over night.  I suppose that 5 to 7 inches of rain is far better than the snow that the Salt Lake City girls have.

I thought we only had one creek, but all this rain has shown two. We really need to move some dirt around.

We won’t even mention the river that is the driveway. Did I mention that Texas found a catfish in it after the last rain? That means the current pond has fish in it! Now to clear a path to it.

Since we can’t get out of the yard, I see a day full of couch sitting, movie watching and knitting.

Happy Spring y’all!