Sunday Sock – Squishy Edition

Look! Knitting. Here. Really.

SoS1 004

Being modeled last week at the relaxing pool in Fresno. Yes Cookie, I was wearing sunscreen. (If you can call Omen a sunscreen *ahem*)

  • Pattern: CCSR
  • Needles: Addi Turbo US2
  • Yarn: Claudia Hand Paint in Pink Ice or Pink Cloud or something that I’m too lazy to look up.
  • Time: June 21, 2008 – July 24, 2008 They would have been done sooner had I not gone out and lived a little.

Actual conversation from yesterday:

Big Dave: (gives big bear hug) Hey there.
Stoopid Girl: (starts crying)
Big Dave: It’s ok
Stoopid Girl: (sniffles)
Big Dave: Do we need to hurt someone?
Stoopid Girl: (sniffles some more) I.. I… I think I have a boyfriend
<edit out personal stuff>
Big Dave: Oh my god, you do have a heart.
Stoopid Girl: (giggles)
Big Dave: Hey guys, our Stacey *is* a girl!

I’ve known these guys for 3 years (well, except CougarBait… wait for that story), met their wives and kids and never really talked to them about anything but work and bullshit. Guess it’s a side effect of the icky squishy stuff. Dave had a really sweet story about how he and his wife met. Barry had a freaky one involving a “specialty” store that I think I hurt myself laughing at.

And CougarBait ™. Hmmmm. Well, I didn’t know he was going to be there. He’s a little butt hurt, but I think he finally figured out that I never did like him that way. (hence the HELL NO and the reason he was no longer fun to play with) He got a little snippy and whiny and said some mean things. But Dave put him in his place.

I swear I’m really not that cruel.


This may be coming home with me sometime in the future. After perusing the gun store and talking about what I wanted in a gun, the guy recommended the Glock 30. Can you say suuuuh-weeeeet! They didn’t have one in stock, but he ordered it and started the paperwork for me to own it. When it gets in, if I don’t like it’s feel or how it shoots, I don’t have to take it. But he does have a nice little Ruger for me for target shooting as a backup.

I believe I remember someone saying “One .45 is good, two are better”. 😀 So maybe I’ll have my first one soon.

And for those inquiring minds… I only did two hours at the gym yesterday. I don’t think you’ll need to send the men in the little white coats.

2 months later…

Apparently, I don’t know how to blog in a timely manner. So, this is the last of the Angie visit.

Besides going to the embroidery shop:

bday 004

doing some yarn shopping (stolen from Angie):

me pink

having a fabulous lunch:

bday 005

Shopping at Trader Joes:

bday 011

and eating some wonderfully grilled venison:

bday 012

We also stopped at The Weaver’s Cottage:

there is sky

Angie admired the handyed silk yarn:

bday 009


bday 010

I admired the frame looms:

bday 007

And Angie admired the big ones:

bday 006

She may have also tried to (along with the owner) talk me into an 8 harness. EVIL! See! I told you she was evil. Here is my haul from the store:

bbq 002

  • Yak
  • Some silk hankies – that I made Angie take half of. Because she needed to spin some.
  • Tofutsies (to weave with)
  • Wildfoote sock yarn (they only had one skein, but it was pretty)
  • A HUGE skein of hand dyed silk/poly yarn from The Drop Spindle.

Happy Mother’s Day!

sunday shawl 006

I’ll be treating mine to a JetHawks game (and then dinner). Since I was invited by one of the guys on the team.

Don’t ask.

I’m not quite sure what happened either.

But I’ll have good seats.

The CoG* had something to do with it I’m sure. I think Cookie would agree. I guess when someone said there was something about me… he was right.

sunday shawl 004

Ala the voice of sanity, I may be ripping my Icarus. I think I need to go up a needle size or two. I’m using a 6, but the solid part just seems too solid. Did that make sense?

Dinner was nice. He brought over everything and grilled salmon and veggies. Yum. He brought a movie too – The Kingdom. (LOVED IT! And this was the second time I’ve seen it.) He even filled my grill tank.

Erm. That sounded kind of dirty. 😀

>^;^< MEOW >^;^< Or whatever sound a cougar makes.

*Catalyst of the Gods.

p.s. My comments aren’t coming through right… but I’m checking on you guys!

Saturday Sky – for Joan

fc fo 005

I can’t explain the freakishly large hollyhock either. That is a 6 foot fence back there.

fc fo 013

I canceled the Saturday date with the “gouge my ear out” guy… using my limited talking as an excuse. He may have redeemed himself by showing up with (a can of) chicken soup. Ahhhh. Life in a small town. Everyone knows someone who knows where you live.

The Universe however, decided to smack me down for trying to weasel out of the date by giving me what is probably strep throat.

So, he took pity and offered to come over and cook dinner for me tomorrow.

The official date is back on for next week. FINE! Whatever! I’ll admit it. I can be a sap sometimes. He could have just been nervous on the phone.

Pain doc may be attempting to induce a comatose state. o.O If you don’t hear from me, I’m probably in a corner drooling.

That whole little ER incident last week… do you think losing 15 pounds might have something to do with it? (yes, doc adjusted things)

:::: doin’ the happy dance :::::

Have a happy weekend ya’ll. I’ll be kicked back trying to figure out when I’m taking what pill and trying not to accidentally overdose.

Desert Rats Going Ninja

So much for going to the beach today. It is only going to be 61 down there today. ICK! I’m staying in the desert and the high 80’s. Crap. I think I’ve officially become a Desert Rat.

park 021

Apparently, we have a hobo duck problem in the desert. Who knew?!?

park 002

Ladies that Lunch – Desert Rat style

park 039


park 042

I swear officer, I did not attempt to lure this child into my car. o.O

I can’t get this song out of my head. I think it’s time to go dancing again. I blame thank the Catalyst of the Gods.

TMI is a little risque this week. But there is a surprise picture at the end if you play along.

Click here if you want to read TMI

Weekend Wrap-Up

fc nora 003

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, WOW !!!! What a ride!


The NRA dinner was fun. A LOT of fun. I didn’t win a gun – there was a Kimber .45 that I really (REALLY) wanted. I may have fondled gone back to look at it several times. I did however get a knife. Now I have one for my car and one for my purse. (Hmmmm. Maybe I should knit a knife cozy.) I think my co-workers may have a WHOLE NEW image of me. That’s all I’m going to say about that. *ahem*

Ok, maybe one more thing… I now have shooting buddies. How cool is that? I’m the only girl in the group, but I’m going to go shooting twice a month. 😀

I totally have to wear that shirt out again.


fc nora 008 fc nora 006

Two rows and a bind off away from completion.

I’m going to come clean here. While I may have been inspired by the Catalyst of the Gods to not spend time at home, that is not the only reason there has not been much knitting going on. There is a trade off for everything you do. Yin and yang do exist. I can have more range of motion with more pain or I can settle into less movement and less pain. I see a pain specialist this Friday to see if I can have everything.

Because I believe I can have everything I want.

Good relations with the Wookiees, I have.

out 004 out 001

Righteous Republican vs. Drrrrrty Democrat

Look good? Yesterday and today I’m working on getting rid of tan lines so I look even in the shirt. Don’t ask how. I have a fenced in back yard. Mmmmkay? I’m also getting my hair did this afternoon. So, for going out dancing after the banquet, all I have to do is drop the jacket and switch the kitten heels to f@%k me pumps (if the toes can handle it). Presto – chango!

I found out today that there are going to be four tables full of people from my town (which could equal half the population – really) and two tables full of co-workers (small work environment) You can be sure I’m going to be good at the dinner. DAMN IT! *ahem* But again with the whole mature, responsible and professional adult thing. I’m kind of glad that something I was working fell through because I don’t usually mix personal and professional lives. One co-worker… fine. Two table fulls… no.

1. Two of my favorite ingredients in a drink are vodka and ice! Really. You don’t need anything else.
2. Cookie often amazes me.
3. You can keep doing that forever, the dog is watching A Shot At Love 2.
4. Bailey’s, Kahlua and a little bit of Goldenschlager, mix it all together and voila! You have a pumpkin pie ! Actually, just layer it in that order, set on fire and sprinkle with nutmeg. (You have no idea the bad and dirty things I wanted to put in here)
5. If I had a yard with a garden, I would love to grow bougainvillea. I think I need to move to the other side of the mountain to grow it.
6. Moi Venison is best au naturel.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a quiet night at home – with electricity , tomorrow my plans include Desert Tortoise Days in the a.m., NRA Banquet in the evening and dancing at the Purple Martini all.night.long and Sunday, I want to sleep in (or shoot one of the guns I’m going to win)!

Since you stuck around, here’s a little eye-candy:

duck duck 006


duck duck 012

Wookie! Baby Duckies!

Random Wednesday

santa monica 019

01. This guy was actually pretty good.

02. Last Friday, I have to admit there was a little bit of an incident involving (kind of) cops. Liz invited some SF’s down from the base and when I ran into someone I knew and disappeared for a little bit, they got worried. Apparently they offered to go find me. (Don’t go awwwww yet)

03. I didn’t find this out until dinner last night. But, um, do I really look that naive?

04. Obviously (see #5)

05. When did buying a girl dinner mean you were going to get lucky? Because my math in that situation never added up quite like that. I’m not even sure that should buy you a handshake. (Yes, the “concerned” guy)

06. We may have been a little scandalous in Santa Monica yesterday. It may or may not have involved code names (Hi! I’m Amanda) and a cowboy hat. Which I now have possession of. (This had nothing to do with #5)

santa monica 014

07. Liz and I should not be allowed to go out together alone.

08. We’re probably going clubbing in Hollywood this weekend anyway.

09. If things work out as planned, I’m going to PUERTO RICO! for a week. Aye! Papi! Maybe I should have paid more attention this semester. But then again, maybe I know all I really need to know… right Angie? 😀

10. I think I’m still finding sand in places there shouldn’t be sand.

11. It may be payback for texting people “I’m at the beach! How’s work?” Luckily, I did not do that to La. I may be dead right now if I had.

santa monica 058

12. Sometimes you find the weirdest stuff written in the sand at the beach.

13. Does anyone out there understand man-speak? Because I am totally out of practice.

14. Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard.

15. Shhhh… I’m hunting wabbits knitting today.

santa monica 021

16. The Hoff totally dissed me yesterday. /sob

17. Have you wished Nora a happy birthday? GO DO IT! Oh, and don’t mention butt crack and sex in the same sentence around her. 😀


I did not take any time to rest today. I forgot it was Vince’s birthday, spent some time catching up with a friend and ran around town. I’m sure I’ll figure out how I can blame Angie for this day too. 😀

silver saddle 002

I’m heading to Santa Monica tomorrow. Just because I can. Yes Cookie, I’m taking a hat so I don’t end up looking like a handbag. I figure that if those idiots at the insurance company and the doctor’s office can’t get their shit straight, I’m having some fun for the next six weeks. There may be a trip to an American territory in the future because 1.) you don’t need a passport, 2.) I found an awesome deal on airfare and 3.) some people have good ideas. *ahem* I just have to make sure I have someone to check in on the old one so she doesn’t burn the house down.

silver saddle 011 silver saddle 007 silver saddle 013 silver saddle 014 silver saddle 016

Not only does this town have one lake… but it has two… and a zoo and a miniature golf course and a fancy schamancy restaurant. Who knew! I thought it was a private club, but it’s not. (When I say this town, I mean about 15 miles outside of town in the middle of the desert)

silver saddle 026 silver saddle 019

It even has tee-pees you can camp in. There may have been an incident of unintentional vandalism to a picnic table with a certain white car. *ahem*

silver saddle 021 silver saddle 022

I think this needs to be investigated.

What? 😀


Sunday Sock – I Need a Nap

sun sock 015

Too busy for a sky shot and the 70’s paneling was a little too retro.

As Nora so astutely noticed, I did not need to call her for a referral for legal counsel. And if I had needed bail? There was a bail bonds place about 3 doors down from the club.

Convenient, eh?

It was an interesting night. One I wouldn’t mind repeating.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

However, I have never been so happy to see my bed. And I hate that thing. Seriously. It was the first thing I bought when I moved out here – cheap is too nice of a word.

One of the things about being a mature and responsible adult is that you mean what you say and you say what you mean. I promised a friend that I would work out with them Saturday. Morning. At 6 a.m.

I didn’t want to be mature and responsible. I was really liking my nice cuddly and warm bed. I may have been a little whiny.

I’m still not over it.

I did have a relaxing afternoon by the lake – without my knitting. Yeah. But I was tired and couldn’t think. Apparently we do have a lake out here. (In Pennsylvania terms, it’s a pond, but we’ll let the town have it’s delusions)

duck 007 duck 008

Apparently there is a type of duck in there that is real good eating.


The little man who delivers for the rib joint told us so. After he scared the crap out of us by sneaking up. I’ll get pictures the next time I’m out there.