Or something like that.

  • La’s Sassy is on the mend
  • Cookie is less stressed – but still the same moody bitch I love ūüôā
  • I’m off work until next Monday¬† – post office, here I come!
  • The KFYS is OVER!

That last fact should mean the start of a yarn bender that would clear out the Loopy Ewe in less than¬†an hour.¬† However, I’m feeling much like La is.¬† Meh.¬† This challenge caused me to really focus on what I have in my stash and why I’m buying.¬†

I also had a huge soul searching week with my knitting.¬† And it’s all Breeze’s¬†fault.¬† I started noticing how much my arm was swelling and hurting while knitting these.¬† I didn’t know if it was the cables or the yarn, so I gave some things a try.¬† I can’t knit with lace weight yarn anymore.¬† I just can’t control the tiny yarn.¬† Someone suggested holding it double, but eh… I can just buy a heavier yarn.¬† I also have a problem with tiny needles.¬† I love socks on 2’s, but I just don’t know about using them.¬† As the needle gets larger, the knitting gets easier.¬†¬†¬† I will definitely be purging my lace weight, but I’m hoping with time I can knit socks with less issues.¬† Either that or I’ll have to quit working so I can knit full time.¬† ūüôā

On a side note, has anyone else noticed that a lot blog posts are starting to look very similar and repetitive. Everyone seems to hop on to latest bandwagon.¬† (haha not you Cookie – please don’t delete your blog) Most posts are nothing more than regurgitated, rehashed or paraphrased versions of the original post or the latest drama.¬†¬†¬† I want to see originality people!¬† I’ve started un-subbing like a mad-woman.¬† The upside?¬† Far fewer insipid blogs clogging up my time.

Lost in the Crematorium

mnorning pics 013 

Just under the wire – my six of 12.¬† It’s not the best picture, but it certainly says June to me.¬† The hollyhocks were going to to town and the honeysuckle got a second wind.¬† That little strip of garden amuses the hell out of me.¬† The only picture that would have been more perfect would be of me on the back porch, in the lounger, a huge glass of sun tea and surrounded by school books and knitting.¬† Possibly napping.¬† It’s hot, must nap too!

I did not forget my contest winners.¬† First, for my past winners Nicole and Laura – now that I have a functioning washer and have caught up on my 90 million loads of wash, I can felt the items that I knit for your prize packs.¬† I will have them out to you in the next week!¬† WHOO!¬† As for the contest that ended this past Tuesday, the winner is…

a bracelet 

Congratulations Cheryl!   Watch your email for a gift certificate from The Loopy Ewe!  Whoo! 

Yes, that is a version of the wonderful and talented Isela’s knit Arellis bracelet in the background. Well, mine’s an anklet because when have I ever followed instructions?¬† The beading took But it turned out great and was fun!

KFYS is done today.¬† Here’s a round up for the Lori and Dori of blogging:

  • 315.5 balls/5 cones to start
  • 38.5 balls knit
  • 52 balls given away

Of course I didn’t use any of the cones, well unless you count the Cozythat’s resting in a basket somewhere.¬† I’ve kind of lost the urge to buy yarn.¬† :::gasp:::¬† I’ve been looking and looking, but I don’t want to clutter up with yarn unless I’m going to use it.¬† There’s a big purge coming on soon.¬† Mostly lionbrand and lace that I’ll never knit with.¬†

Back to finishing up my term paper and studying for midterms.¬† Why yes, I am a nerd and less than half way through the term I have pretty much finished my term paper.¬† Have a great weekend ya’ll!

Sundays are for cramming, bloglines

june HHS 001 

Two washcloths, a pair of 28’s and a llama.

I have reached my 10%.¬† Even with the birthday giftage and the La sabotage, I have hit the goal.¬†¬†Did you know¬†La wasn’t ever going to ask me to do because of the floppy paw.¬† But I took it on and I REACHED IT!¬† How are you doing La? ::: poke, poke :::

Here are the stats:

With all of the additions, (part of some funky math deal La agreed to) my inventory maxed out at 320.5 balls/skanks/cones.  I knit 33.5 and gave away 45.  Oh, and I still have a month to knit.

I cast on and ripped and cast on and ripped ad nauseum for several different projects from VLT.  I checked the errata.  I cursed and bemoaned.  Is it the yarn, the user or just the book? 

Do you ever wake up on a Sunday morning and start thinking about how you completely wasted your weekend?  Like you have to cram every.last.second. full of fun, relaxation or that one last thing you had to do?  For some reason, that was my thought at 430 this morning. 

Saturday Sky – Memorial Day


may 26 07 015

This is from underneath my wisteria.¬† Too bad it’s not blooming.¬† Hopefully, I’m going to spend all weekend relaxing under similar views.¬† I don’t EVER travel on holiday weekends (ooh… another random fact!¬†¬† BONUS!)¬† If it’s in my town, ok.¬† Highways?¬† With the weekend warriors?¬†And the increased police presence?¬† Hells no.¬† I live in an area that people travel to with their 5th wheels and such and ride dirtbikes all weekend.¬† Guess it’s all the open space.¬† It’s also along the way to some major CA recreation areas, so it’s lines and lines of campers.¬† UGH.¬† I’ll get some pics today (I hope) of some of the lineups.¬† It’s crazy.

 may 26 07 003

I obviously have a thing for Morning Glories.¬†¬† I did before I moved here and it’s even more appropriate now.¬† I even have a section of the garden just for them (and some early blooming CA poppies) But I think we have a problem.¬† Yeah, it’s packed full.¬† Maybe I shouldn’t let the seeds fall where they may this year.

 may 26 07 004

Please go over and encourage La in knitting her kitty pi.  Really.  She needs to knit 10% of her stash.  REALLY!

Have a great (and safe) weekend!

Sushi and Poppies and Satan… OH MY!

I had plans of finishing my second sock while getting my oil changed and having knitting content on a knitting blog.  Instead, you get a retelling of my day.

Have I mentioned how much I like sushi?¬† No?¬† Well I do.¬† But I hate going alone and most people I know don’t like it.¬† So, I have an annual sushi dinner at Big Tuna with my mom.¬† Which I conned out of her this year for my birthday.¬† She ate a roll!¬† Of course it was a CA roll with a cheesy shrimp/ crab¬†mixture spooned over top.¬† Everything in it was cooked – but she ate it!

I went a bit nutty later at the Poppy Festival.¬† Soaps(you too may be recieveing some) earrings, crap I don’t need¬†and new discoveries.¬† The last one does vinegars, oils, dressings and marinades – and he lets you taste them.¬† I walked out of there with the fig balsamic, the cassis balsamic and the blood orange sauvignon splash.¬† I ran out of cash or I would have walked out of there with all of the dressings too.¬†¬†

I got to meet Oma La!¬† (who is WAY TOO YOUNG to be an Oma)¬† I snuck up on her because you never know… she could have been a 90 year old man named Bubba.¬† It was a quick hit and run at the Poppy Festival and I only got a few crappy pictures.¬† She is nice (really, she is!) and smart and funny!¬†

Or so I thought… until about half an hour after I left her and realized she really is Satan.¬† I had arranged a trade with her months ago involving some tiny yarn I could never knit with… so she brought the trade… and three extra balls of yarn.¬† My two balls went out and I ended up going home with a total of 6.¬† Which totally messes up my proclamation of “I think I’ll be able to use up 10% of my stash” proclamation from the other day.¬†

It was further confirmed when I got home last night and was flipping through my pictures.¬† The general viewing public may think this is a blurry, fuzzy picture of her being nice to her husband – but please… don’t be so naive.¬†¬†

A la La

I remembered that she had¬†mumbled something about fixing the pin that holds the robe on.¬† Yeah right… that thing was sharp like an ice pick.¬†(How I wish I had taken a picture of it!)¬†It’s probably some Roman version of the pinch collar.¬† Remember, she is Satan… her dog is Satan’s minion and she is best friends with Bezaulbub.¬†¬†¬†

The answer is blowing in the wind


This Saturday Sky brought to you by the wind. (certainly not bloglines)

First up, from afar.

bday drive 005

And driving through the dust

bday drive 019

On to *BBE The Sequel

bday drive 034 bday drive 036

I would¬†apologize for awful pictures, but you’ve heard all of the excuses already.¬† Check out those hand knit socks.¬† They are the perfect size!¬† I think I scared my neighbors with my hyena like laughing as I opened the package on the left.¬† I got “pinked”!¬† I see a pink purse in my future!¬† Because sometimes you need¬†a quick knit and the perfect purse.¬† I refuse to confirm nor deny if there happened to be any chocolate in that box.¬†

The box on the right, had some of the most beautiful Koolaid dyed yarn I’ve ever seen.¬† It makes me want to attempt it again.¬† Yes, the chocolate is still safe.¬† I’ve tucked it away for what promises to be a stressful week.¬† I know I didn’t include the card, but even it was handmade.¬† I don’t know how some people do it all.¬† (Perhaps if I wasn’t sitting here for over an hour writing a blog post… I could be knitting or crafting or something)

Thank you!¬† Both of you wonderful, funny, and talented women!¬† The birthday continues today as I am going to my first ever Poppy Festival where I will not only drop a load of birthday moolah on stuff I don’t need, but I will get to meet Oma La!!!¬† WHOOT!¬† Then it is on to my annual sushi dinner.¬† I do believe that I like this month long birthday pampering.¬†

Yes, I have updated the spreadsheet.  I also realized something while calculating what I now need to use in the 10% challenge.  You can add quite a bit of yarn before you have to go up a ball.  Now, I rounded up and made mine 31 balls, but I could have been ubertechnical and kept it at 30. 

**Best Birthday Ever

Sunday is for…

Erm… absolutely nothing.¬† Knitting?¬† Napping?¬† Harassing other knit bloggers?¬† Anyone out there have a good “Sunday-along” I can use for a quick post?¬†

Funny how quickly I fell back into the “Is it Friday yet?” and the “Crap, crap, crap!¬† It’s Sunday!¬† Where did the weekend go?!” mentalities.¬†¬† I followed Margene’slead and except for checking blogs with my coffee, (oh and this post)¬† I’ve stayed away from the computer yesterday and plan to do so today.¬† Refreshing!¬†

Ye ole floppy paw update.¬† While going back to work was rough and painful, I’ve decided that I am labeling this a “transitional period”.¬† I’ll be back in the swing of things soon.¬† Looking back at the week, it wasn’t that bad.¬†¬† I mean, sure, I couldn’t do much of anything except ice it and sleep when I got home, but I¬†did some cleaning¬†and knit on Saturday.¬†¬†

Speaking of cleaning… ARGH!!!¬† I have two vacuum cleaners.¬† That both suck – well actually, they don’t suck well enough.¬† I’m tired of buying vacuums that don’t work.¬† Does anyone out there have a vacuum they love?¬† That works?¬†

Cookie and I have been talking about doing a kew-along since January and now may be the time!¬† Does anyone out there want to join us?¬† I don’t think it’s going to be anything formal – I have to talk to her about logistics still, but if you are interested, let her or I know.¬† (Yes Satan and Beeazulbub, I have the yarn in my stash and won’t need to buy any)

Say good bye to the bunnies… new theme coming soon!

eta… here it is… Theme 56… per usual… if you can’t comment, please email me at