Sometimes I even confuse myself – Eye Candy

I know, it doesn’t take much, does it?

Since I did a Walk with me Wednesday post yesterday, I was ready to do  Love Thursday and then realized… it’s really Friday.

Which means I can show some of the coolest eye-candy ever! (well except if I was posting a picture of SSCLD.)

Texas 158

Yeah.  Knitting.  It was happening.  On a physical therapy day.  We won’t mention the use of drugs and the IF machine, but I needed to knit… and knit I did.  I also added about 8 rows after the picture.

I would have done some weaving, but just like I can’t throw away a yarn… SSCLD can’t throw away old toolboxes or tools and I’m awaiting the movement of about 5 toolboxes off what is going to be my warping table.

Sounds impressive.  A warping table.  Oooooh. Don’t get too excited.  It’s really two sawhorses and a piece of plywood.

Texas 146

My very awesome knitting spot in the morning light.  Of course this was taken about 7 a.m. and it is far too cold to be sitting out there.  But I do love how the morning sun lights up the leaves.

Yes, I take photos at 7 a.m.  When I doing my morning walk around the land with Katie.  Ooooh… I’m getting so healthy on y’all.  (not)  Texas leaves for work around that time and so I don’t hang onto the bumper of his car saying “don’t go” have a little quiet “change of pace” time, I go for a walk.

And take about eleven jillion photos.  Thankfully, someone invented the digital camera because I would be so broke if I had to use real film.  Seriously, I take about 200 a day.

Can anyone say “too much free time”?

Texas 099

This photo will really mean something tomorrow when I show you what I was doing yesterday and plan on doing all day today.

Did you follow that one? Because I got a little lost again.

Happy Friday y’all!

Walk with me Wednesday

Yeah, it’s Thursday and this post is going to be full of Thursday Love and squishy, but we’re just going to ignore all that squishy stuff… mmmmkay?

Since Carrie said I shouldn’t be complaining because I get to “roam around on acreage”, I thought I’d share a little more of it.

Texas 002

This is my spot. It’s not much. I park myself right next to the fire pit with my bag and the shawl o’the day. I usually come in the afternoon and sit in the shade of that beautiful oak tree. It’s the perfect amount of shade and little pockets of warm sun beams. I’d much rather be sitting in the full sun, but it makes the eye seem worse. (I think it’s the contrast of the bright sun and not it actually being worse – although I do look like I’m trying to be uber cool by wearing sunglasses all the time) In the bag I carry a book, some knitting, a notebook and some cross stitch. Usually I just sit there and don’t touch any of it.

Anywho! I have the usual cast of characters keeping me company: Texas 017 Texas 022 And yesterday, this little guy joined me Texas 005. He’s anxiously awaiting the addition of real live chickens and the donkey that should be here in the next week or so.

Yeah. Let that one sink in people.

Behind those trees is the pond. Sometimes I’m facing that way, sometimes out toward the other corner of the property. (when I catch a picture of the beautiful red tails flying, I’ll post a picture of that view) Yesterday, I was lucky enough to catch one of the pairs of cardinals playing. Texas 025 (click big, there should be a little red spot) Yeah. I totally need a better camera. The zoomed pictures didn’t work so well.

Texas 019

Since you’re not playing with the string today, can I help you ponder?

I took many, many pictures of me and my little helper there, but I’m back on a more intensive course of steroids (36 days this time) and my face looks like I was sucking on a tire pump and the not sleeping thing? Well, Halloween is over people. If you really must know what I look like right now… go here and look at the 4th picture down. Yeah. I was hanging out at Joan’s for a while.

The bestest part of the acreage thing? When you find out you have a weird icky thing going on? Super Sexy Cheese Lovin’ Dude ™ will take out the .40 and let you shoot things.

Texas 011

Happy Thursday y’all!

Walk With Me Wednesday – Work Edition (again)

I thought I’d share my drive to work this week.  Because this is knitting blog.  I think.  Or not. 

In my town:

drivesox 002drive to work 021

drivesox 022drivesox 012


drivesox 038drive to work 031

Last picture I can take on my way to work.

drive to work 037

Yes, I know… it all looks the same.  Admit it -if I hadn’t labeled which ones were freeway and in town, you would have never known.   I tried to take pictures on the way home.  Well, I tried to remember.  I just want outta there at the end of the day!  Maybe next week.  Same pictures, just going toward the sunset instead of the sunrise.

On Our Backs?

One of the two flowering trees in my yard. (Do you know how many times I typed yarn instead of yard?)

spring dozen 009spring dozen 010

My version of daffodils:

spring dozen 011  spring dozen 014

That second shot? That’s the closest you’re getting to artsy fartsy shots of daffodils from me.  Some people may get down on the ground and roll around to get a good shot, but let’s expand this picture a bit.

spring dozen 015

Yeah.  That’s a paver/concrete path right there.  If I got down on the ground to get a “special snowflake” shot – with the floppy paw – you’d find me, still there, next week like this:


Walk With Me 7 Feb

First up, an FO.


Do you notice the plethora of projects that need to be felted?  Yep.  But it’s knitting!  This is just something I was messing around with.  I had an idea for a pattern and then found out it’s similar to the Nantucket BasketAfter I had figured out how to knit a flat circle.  Isn’t that the way it usually works?  Stash page has been updated.

  • Pattern: my own
  • Needles: Denise 10.5
  • Yarn: Elann Peruvian Chunky

I’ve been going for a walk every day.  It’s been quite nice with the 70’s and 80’s we’ve been having.  I’ll have to expand my walks soon, because there isn’t much that is exciting in the desert.

a new job

Unless you need a mattress.

1 sat walk

Or a place to dump your trash

2 sat walk 012

I seriously want to know what made this.  It’s about 2 feet round with a hole that’s just under an inch.

3 sat walk 009

Walk With Me Wednesday

My surgeon only has office hours on Wed and Fri, so this was perfect for WWMW. It’s a long day since it is about 2.5 hours each way. Add waiting, doc time and food and there’s the whole day! La, I took some pictures for you 🙂

Chicken place info for all of you living out here or just visiting sunny L.A.

Zankou Chicken

It is the best chicken ever. I got one of the plates – the hummus is wonderful, the pita is fresh and warm, and the garlic spread – OMG!!!!! The garlic spread alone is worth the trip.

p.s. You know when you sleep the wrong way and you wake up with your arm all tingley? That’s what my bad arm feels like most of the time. You want to know what really sucks? When I sleep wrong and my good arm wakes up all tingley too. 🙂