Check In!


01. Life is happening.
02. It’s a wonderful thing.
03. Warm weather has returned.
04. I think I’m allergic to too much alpaca in an enclosed area.
05. Have I mentioned it’s warm?
06. The lake is rising!
07. Leaves will be burned.
08. We have Bald Eagles nesting nearby.
09. Phenergran is a beautiful thing.
10. So is organization.

Happy Sunday Monday y’all

How is Texas Colder Than Alaska?

Please ‘splain Lucy.

snow 2011

I’m staying in, by the fire, with some knitting.

Well, except for lobbing the occasional snowball at Skinny Porkchop.

Today, I am grateful  for:

01.  Texas making it to work – the details are a little fuzzy, but there may have been a wipeout or two.

02.  A heater cat that gave up her vent to help keep my lap warm.

03.  Knitting.  Oh, and a kind and wonderful local Knitting Guru who was able to answer my color work mitten question on facebook.

04. Neighbors that will stand at their window and laugh at you as you throw snowballs at them.

05.  My nook.  Oh, it has been a lifesaver this past week.

06.  Pittsburg Hot Links. Yeah, good.  Just don’t look at the ingredients.

07.  Grills.  As in bbq, not teeth.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Friday y’all!

Because e-mail is annoying me

Hi!  Thanks for all of the comments!  Sorry, I can’t email right now.  Ok, fine, I don’t want to email right now.  It’s not you.  It’s me.  Really.

Anywho, on to Love Thursday:

01. Phenergan.  I may be asleep for the rest of the day, but I won’t be nauseous.  Sounds like a win-win to me.  😀


02. Stranded whatever knitting.  Please ignore that I took a shot of the jog.

03. Heat, electricity and a fireplace.  Yeah, we’re breaking a 22 year old record of longest amount of time below freezing.  Plus, my electric company isn’t part of the co-op that has to do the rolling blackouts.

04. Braised short ribs.  Yum!  Oh, and making enough so I can have more for lunch today.

floppy cozy

05. A new floppy cozy. Almost completed sans the embroidery.  It’s made from the yak yarn Texas bought at Cookie’s yarn shop.  I love it so much I may make one for the other arm, so no details on it yet. But!  It matches my Harbor Housewives Cowl.

06. A good and decent and honest man.

Happy Thursday y’all!


Since Carrie asked for an update on Collin: he was back in the hospital and returned home yesterday.  However, today he has developed a fever and they are hoping it’s not the bacteria, but something normal.

chicken punch

Today, I am grateful for:

01.  Having met Lisa and other patients and caregivers of those with NMO.

02.  Blue skies, and warm weather.

03.  Choices. Every day, I have choices.

04.  While I’m sorry that they have a daughter with NMO, I am grateful that someone with the resources, drive and commitment is involved and creating change and hope for so many people.  (you’ll have to go here to watch the new videos with Kathy Najimy)

05.  Love.  Yes, I am grateful for love.  In all the ways it shows itself.

Happy Friday y’all!

Love Thursday

01.  I love lists
02.  I love the two faced knit socks I’m wearing
03.  I love that Worthington jeans make me a size smaller than Lee
04.  I love that I learned how to knit backwards yesterday
05.  I love sitting around a table with creative people doing creative things
06.  I love the smell and warmth of laundry when it’s fresh out of the dryer
07.  I love the smell of mushrooms, peppers and garlic cooking on the stove
08.  I love my ninja cat Maggie
09.  I love a piping hot cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the lake
10.  I love hearing his ring tone on my phone
11.  I love the smell of gear grease
12.  I love waking up at 4 a.m. just to spend an extra hour with him
13. I love the sound of his car in the driveway
14. I love a warm day after a string of cold ones.
15. I love the prospect of wearing a pair of shorts tomorrow because it is supposed to be that warm

Happy Thursday y’all!