Mondays are for KALs

Subtitle: My brain melted this weekend and I have nothing.

Look! Knitting!

sos 1 001

A sock.  Imagine that.  What with Summer of Socks having started on Saturday. I didn’t get that far, but I may have been a little distracted.

sos 1 013

I know, not knitting and not that impressive unless you have something to compare it to.  Trust me, I got a bunch done.

/ insert picture of cut fabric here

Oh, even more impressive, huh?  Because I love you all enough not to bore you with an actual picture of all but one fabric cut into strips and squares.

sos 1 011

I may have also been a little unfaithful to my first SoS sock.  Because the little yarn cake screamed “KNIT ME” every time I walked past it.

That part may have been a delusion.

I said it was hot.

Because I’m so good at multitasking, these socks fit SoS, MM08 AND my summer goals.

What about Knit w/Nora?  Nora who?  Huh?  I don’t recall having knitterly relations with that woman.  Fine.  Icarus may have packed it’s bags, changed it’s name and is hanging out with Mary.

Grace and Brenda are back the 14th of July (yeah!) and I can’t wait.  Combine those two with Mary and Nancy, and I have some good knitting time this summer.

Cookie does it again

I tell you, that girl finds all the good shit.

2008 Summer Knitting Goals:

01. Knit 5 pair of socks.

skinny dipping yarn nora 024

Llama mama 051 stash 002 jan one

02. Knit Icarus… again

fc nora 003

03. Make a new purse
04. Cast on (and seriously work on) a garment for myself
05. Delicato… how long can one mitt lanquish?

start delicato

Since I’m a multi-tasker at heart… these will help with both my MP08 and SoS.

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

Take me to your anchovy*

fo mp08 004

One Delicato down, one to go.  Despite the fact that I can’t seem to join without twisting.

Can you say “YUMMO!”?   Of course I have no cocoa in the house.  I mean, REALLY!?!?!??!  Who doesn’t have cocoa in their house?

I don’t think yesterday was my day.

Although I did resist the urge to gnaw body parts off.

That’s probably a good thing.

*I’ve been craving anchovies since Friday. I’m not sure why. Good thing I like them…and have them in my pantry.

WTF Wednesday – MP08

That cotton I gave to my mom as part of MP08?

fo 037

And you all need to wonder where I get my touch of crazy? Yeah. I’m buying her more this weekend. It’s keeping us both sane this round.

fo 041

  • Pattern: Cat’s Coriolis Master Pattern
  • Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in Vera
  • Needles: Addi Turbo in size 2
  • Lesson’s Learned: First completed toe up pair and knitting socks on two circs.

fo 044

  • Fiber: 100% Merino from Alpaca Direct
  • Time in stash: I don’t know? I looked, I bought it in August of 2005
  • Lessons learned: At first I was just spinning to get it done, but then I cracked open some of my Spin-Offs and worked on different techniques.

WTF Weds – OOH! Another List!

Deep Thought of the Day: Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.


01. Six hours is way too long to wait for something. I about died of boredom by the time classes posted at 11.

note to self: next time medicate better.

02. I tried to pass time by finishing the reading assignment. I wanted to gank my eyes out with a crochet hook.

03. I’m questioning my ability to last 16 weeks with this text book and not do anything rash. See # 2.

04. I have loaded all of my classical music onto my computer.

05. I am attempting to load all of my CD’s onto my computer.

06. I have a lot of CD’s.

07. I’m trying to pace myself.

08. So far I have re-organized the stash, the books, the needles, my work clothes, my underwear drawer and my office area.

09. I plan on doing my jammies today and workout gear tomorrow.

10. I think I broke the refresh button on my browser.

11. Special K protein water? How do I put this nicely? Yeah. Not so special.

12. Game on Mr. Insurance Guy!

13. Hang on! It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

I Love Lists! aka… I got nothing.

Deep Thought of the Day: Life is sexually transmitted.


01. I got another thing crossed of my MP08. My cotton is gone! Mom has decided to quit smoking too and has gone on a crochet binge. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) will have bath mitts, washcloths and back scrubbers for every upcoming holiday in the next year.

02. No, we have not killed each other yet.

03. Isela is taking bets on how long it takes me to crack and change my theme.

04. I have pink nails.

05. I finally switched to Firefox.

06. Is it 11 a.m. yet? That’s when the online classes open. I really need it to be 11. Please.

07. I haven’t knit anything since Thursday.

08. I also haven’t spun anything in over a week.

09. Yes, I am avoiding reading the chapter for the philosophy class.

10. Don’t you just love Intervention? People more dysfunctional than I! WOO!

11. Only 4 more weeks people! It can only go down hill from here.

Saturday Sky – Reflection and Growth


There will be no wild FPSS* this time around.  Thanks to the Wicked Witch of the West whom** you all lovingly refer to as La.  Last year’s KFYS was a soul-searching, eye-opening journey.  You may ask how yarn can be spiritual?  Umm…have you ever touched Mini Maiden or spun silk hankies?  *coughcookiecough* Hello!??!  Seriously, it made me look at not just my fiber stash, but also at everything I “collect”.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot of clutter in other areas – like 17 year old skirts and piles of old documents I’ll never, ever need.  I’ve given away and donated.  I’ve knit for charity for Pete’s sake!  And I hate people!


I am also fortunate that I have school.  I think.  I took some wacky courses this term and I think they’ll keep me busy.  Especially Intro to Religous Studies.  So far all I know is 6 movie reports and 2 huge books with tiny writting.  HELP!  Plus, a couple of the girls at PT speak Spanish and I’ll be able to get some practice time in.   

I can still knit and spin for now and this time I can drive.  At least until the torturous trio from PT get ahold of me.  (It’ s all ok.  It’s the not knowing what they mean by “agressive physical therapy” that’s driving me nuts.)

An update on Mission Maybe 08: Scarf frogged and one Crazy Cat sock completed.  I’ve put the yarn on time out and we’ll see what happens.

 *floppy paw shopping spree

 ** who, whom… whatever!  I don’t need no stinking grammer except at work and school!


Simple Things

“A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Nice sentiment, but who ever said I was rational?  One late night and about an hour today enabled this:


One MP2008 project done. WOO!

NaSpiMoMo news – two more hankies completed while at the coffee shop today.  I only got a few strange looks. 

Growth is good. ::: insert lots of stuff not suitable for blog:::  Isn’t that awesome?  It was a great week.