I forgot what Thursday was for

So I’m declaring it random. HA!

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Knits in the wild

¤ I knit. Who knew?

¤ For some reason, I can’t sleep past 530 am. This is starting to get annoying.

¤ Texas and I both had aggravating days yesterday, so I said I really wished I could have gone to Knotty Girls. He said he had such a bad day he needed to go to the yarn shop too. I think the ever growing stash fumes have finally permeated his brain.

¤ There is a stain on the deck that looks like old blood.  I’m tempted to draw a chalk outline and point out to people that this is what happens when I get pissy.

Froggy morning

¤ We’ve had cooler weather here and I’ve finally gotten my internal house temp down to 60F.  WOOT.  If this keeps up, I’m gonna build a fire in the fireplace.

¤ If you’re dealing with Texas’ mortgage company, you can’t get an address to send an insurance check to without “authorization”. An address.  Seriously.

¤ Despite the fact that I had one under my maiden name and I used the new name when I called them.  Which then voided out the old authorization. Apparently, being able to pronounce and spell that Polish disaster was not enough.

¤ Insurance check? Since you asked, we had a little leak. By little I may mean water pouring in the house. There are some hail damage issues with the roof. We’re thinking of going with metal.


¤ Veriz@n and I had another go-around too.  ARGH. I want to give you more business and money, can you make it easier? Please?

¤ I have Violent Femmes running through my head and can’t get rid of them.

¤ Did you know that if you wait until the day before someone is supposed to fly, that  you just might not be able to get tickets for them?  At least through your craptastic “business travel” site.  Funny how I can find flights to get Texas home tonight, but his company can’t. Instead of three days, he gets 40 hours.  Yep. 40 straight hours at home.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

I’m off to go sniff some fumes at Knotty Girls.

What are you doing today?

Thankful Thursday

I realized this morning that it was Thankful Thursday and my first thought was “Oh Crap! I haz cranky” .  And then Carrie texted me.

She said that I should tell you all that YOU should be  thankful you’re not around me so I don’t shoot you. O.o

1.  I am thankful for neighbors like this (and perhaps you should be thankful you don’t have them) Naked Rock Band (or perhaps it just looked that way).

Texas 017

2. The same neighbors that are watching the fur babies for me and made a totally fabulous dinner last night (including crab, steak and mushrooms) just in case I have to eat hospital food for a week.

3.  However, they are also the ones that have started putting up their Christmas lights… tell me, what do they look like to you?

Texas 016

3. The joy that is rewards points – which are giving me a free night in Dallas so I don’t have to get up and be out of the house by 4 a.m.

4. The love of a good and decent and kind man who sends me songs like this when he misses me*.

These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding

5.  Awesome friends – who totally understand if I’m not quick on the draw with returning emails or getting presents out on time.

6.  Coffee

Happy Thursday y’all

* and my response today


2 Things – Lessons learned, bloglines

2 things that kept me busy today:

  • Cleaning
  • Building

2 things that made me laugh:

  • Gigi and Jelly playing with their stuffies
  • Bad Mexican karaoke

2 things that made me smile:

  • All my Dave yarn in one basket where I can see it everyday
  • Arranging my furniture so I have a knitting corner in my bedroom

2 Things I can’t do anymore

  • Hammer
  • Saw

2 Things I have trouble doing

  • Screwing
  • Drilling

2 Things I made this weekend


  • My version of a large weavette – inspired by Jana
  • Simple loom frame

Have you tried Gorilla Glue yet?  This stuff ROCKS!  You can glue just about anything with it.  It doesn’t smell.  It expands so you don’t have to use much and it fills in spaces.  It doesn’t dry right away so you have some room to play and get things just right. 

 The only draw back?  It doesn’t dry right away. So say you touch it and then touch your hair, and then you don’t realize it right away, you may have to cut a chunk out of your hair.  



What Would You Take?

Yesterday around 5 p.m. there was a banging on my door.  It was my neighbor with tales of tornado watches.  Seriously.  Since I live in a double wide (yes, I live in a trailer)  my butt was out of there!  Luckily, I can get a little anal at times about organization.  Into a suitcase went a change of clothes for me and mom, medications, school books and ye ole bag o’cross stitch.  (cause you know… queen of follow through, I have a ton started)  I also grabbed my large Loopy Ewe bag and stuffed a bunch of the smaller project ones inside.  Mom grabbed her bag’o crochet and cross stitch too.  We loaded up the dogs and headed towards the mountains.  The storm passed and everything was ok.  It was neat to watch the storm move across the valley.  No, I did not take any pictures.  Although I did grab the laptop and camera – just in case there was anything to blog about. 

It’s an illness.

So, back to the question… What Would You Take? 

As I was making sure I had everything I realized that I wanted ALL my yarn!  Oh and that thing that I got here or this and don’t forget the other doo-higgie!   I mean, what would happen to it if something happened to the house?  I didn’t grab the yarn or anything else; partly because I would have never gotten it all and partly because common sense kicked in – but I did seriously consider it for a few seconds. 

I also realized that I am in no way organized enough for an emergency – like an earthquake.  So I downloaded some lists and have my mom organizing a 3-day survival kit.

Since it is still humid and we expect temps around 110 with it, I’m packing up my mom and heading to the air conditioning at the coffee shop.  (remember – swamp coolers suck) I warned her that she better find things to keep her entertained for a few hours while I work on school things and secret project things.  Sweet, sweet, glorious air conditioning.  Too bad I can’t take a nap there.

I’m a big gorilla! *

You say it’s your birthday
It’s my birthday too–yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Thank you for all of your Birthday wishes!  It was a good day.  As a matter of fact, it was a perfect day.  Everyone was sent home early – of course it was because of the wind, but today is all about me and therefore I prefer to believe it was in celebration of my special day.  So there!

I had a bit of a panic attack when there was a chance I wasn’t going to get home because of road closures.  I haven’t been taking knitting with since I rest my arm at lunch.  WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE?!?!!  Stuck at work with nothing to do.  No blogs to read.  No yarn.  No jammies to wear.  ACK.

I have had the best store bought cupcakes EVER!  Albertsons.  Go.  Buy.  Chocolate with caramel icing, a mini snickers on top and then… then it had caramel drizzled over it.  It smelled like a caramel frap.  Why, no… I don’t have a caramel fetish.  Why do you ask?

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you – go.  Now. Buy the mandarin chicken in the freezer section.  I have the teryaki in the freezer too and since the mandarin was so good I may make that for dinner tomorrow. 

Ok.. PSA’s done for today!  must.knit.lace.  🙂

*Anyone else grow up near a Major Magic’s?  Back in PA, it eventually became  ShowBiz.  It was an arcade with mechanical singing animals and was the place to have your birthday party.  The big gorilla played the keyboards and sang lead.  Except on the country songs.  Then it was a bear with a banjo.