Texas Adventures – Wichita Falls

So much fun! So cold! The first night anyway. It got down to 32 degrees. We purchased a sleeping bag that is rated to 10F and it worked fabulously!

I made the man make the fire and coffee that first morning – because I was busy staying warm in the sleeping bag. After warming up, I spent a few hours sitting by the lake “fishing”. By that I mean I had my pole out, but was really knitting and zoning out.

Morning two, (and my Saturday Sky) I made the fire and coffee. And did some more lake sitting. Just being out there alone for a few hours was amazing. We didn’t go out in the boat until Sunday, and that was fine. For such a popular fishing lake, there were no bites the whole 4 days. I think the cold front may have stunned the fish as much as it stunned us.

My stack of Stitched by JessaLu bags post washing. MAN! They all smelled like campfire! But the great thing is, they wash great and keep their shape. They kept me organized and kept everything inside smoke free.

And that brings me to my 15th Anniversary giveaway. I know there will be a Stitched by JessaLu bag and maybe something else depending upon the response.

  • Comment on a post get an entry
  • Make any donation to my Bike MS, get an entry. Any donation. Fifty cents? You’re in. $5? Yep!
  • Share any (or all) of the anniversary posts get an extra entry (just let me know where)

I even did an IG post about those fabulous bags that you can share for an entry.

Now, I’m off to pick up the fur balls and finish my 4th load of laundry. Socktoberfest update next week when I’m not busy being so chill that I forget I have a phone.

Happy Tuesday y’all! (and a belated Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!)

Farming fool

No, I never imagined when I was living in Los Angeles that my life would become feed stores, tractors and mud.

Stop asking me that.

Not that I don’t enjoy farm life. I do. Oh, I may complain from time to time. It’s a lot of hard work, we’re just starting out and know next to nothing.

Now, I wouldn’t want to give up my old blue tractor or the time I spend with the animals. I’m even looking forward to getting a couple of goats and we’re going to try raising a pig this year.


We shall not talk about my tiny garden plans that Texas keeps trying to turn into 2 acres of corn and 2 acres of watermelon.


I also can’t imagine that. How did my mom get to be 68?


Since I have nothing else, I’m going back to lake watching and knitting. Hey, even I need a day at the lake every once in a while.

Happy Friday y’all!

p.s. It may look cold, but it’s really a balmy 68

3 years and it seems like yesterday

Three years ago, in a small, hot and dusty Southern California desert town, a man walked into a cheese aisle and asked “Ma’am. do you know where I can find the guacamole?”. Happy anniversary baby!


It was a typical 4th in the Harbor. The fancy houses across the lake put on a firework show just for us white trash Harbor people. It was so big, they lasted longer then the 2 public shows in the area.


The new party barge spot that I can walk to because the lake is about 6 feet low.  I hope we get rain soon.


Praying Mantis and I floated over and swam back.  It was wonderfully refreshing seeing as we’ve been about 20 degrees above normal for over a month now.

I was really hoping to spend it with Texas, but the new job and all. Meh. We haven’t spent a 4th together since we met.


The haul from my garden.  It seems the tomatoes don’t like the heat and they’ve pretty much given up.  The jalapenos and Anaheim peppers are busting all out.  The bell peppers are nearly surviving.  I had help from my little friend Cadence picking all of these.  She’s quite the gardener.

Today?  I’ll be drying off food from the cooler to put back in the repaired fridge (considering one of the relays caught fire, we were very lucky) and hopefully attending a tatting class.

Happy Wednesday y’all!


And the blog shall live again

Yep, Texas is going back on the road. He left this morning in fact. That means I’ll be posting more often so he can keep up with my exciting life. *snort*

It’s doing the same thing as when we met. At least he’ll be in the same place for two weeks at a time so I can go visit him.  I might actually see him more than when he was working here.

This is the deck so far.  I have to finish the handrails before the picnic today.   I really did say that.  It was just one of the things he couldn’t get to before taking off.  16x 28.  Is huge.


I’m actually considering just going and jumping in the lake instead.  If the drunks fall off, well… they fall off.

I was shocked when I saw this in a window as groom/ groomsman wear


Yep, yellow pants, pale blue pinstriped shirt and the jacket is white with black pinstripes and a kelly green bow tie.I think Carrie should totally use it in her wedding.

I’ll let you know what happens with the deck.

Happy Sunday people!


Subtitle: Life may be trying to kill me

01. Busy week.  Verrrrry busy.  Which led to total exhaustion and a day of rest yesterday.

02. I should have totally listened to my horrorscope on Wednesday.  It was spot on.

You need a rest. The world is too much with you. The important parts can wait.

03.  Hey!  One person donated and no one shared the linky thingy on facebook, blog or ravelry.  You have until 6 p.m. tonight to do any of those 4 things for an entry into the wollmeise drawing.  It’s wollmeise.  I thought y’all were crazy for that stuff?

04.  I may have also gotten a touch of the crazy and tried to do this.  Yeah.  15 new projects in 15 days.  Yesterday, I gave up on the new and started picking up wips.  There aren’t 15 new projects I have a hankering to do and I was stressing myself out.  What’s with that?

06.  Have I mentioned the exhaustion?  No?  Part of it was my insurance wanting a pre-auth on a script I’ve been taking for two years.  Really?  I didn’t have it for a week.  Blargh.

07.  I love winter sunrises over the lake.  Such deep, intense colors.  Although it usually means it’s chilly and I still have to shrink my knitted arm warmer… or knit a new one.

08.  Hey!  It’s Friday!  I don’t know why I’m so excited about that, but I am.  Go figure.

Hope y’all have the perfect weekend for you!

2010 – Knitting Fail and the Year of Random

Subtitle: Oh what a ride!

01. That may have been the extent of my knitting FO’s for 2010, but that’s o.k.  I had a wild, wonderful and wacky year.

02. The best thing was Texas coming off the road.  Although I think I may have seen him more when he was on the choo-choo.  His new job promises they’re cutting back from 12 hour days, 6 days a week.

03.  Health wise, we both decided to be a little interesting.  While he may be The SSCLD (super sexy cheese lovin’ dude for you latecomers), the man should not work on home improvement projects alone.  I have never met anyone (besides me) so accident prone.  I think the tally for him was 11 staples, 19 stitches, 4 urgent care and one E.R. visit.

04.  No, I’m not posting the picture from the recovery room that I insisted he take.  He knows better now that if someone is coming out of anesthesia, do no listen to them.  Thankfully, he didn’t send it off to Cookie, Angie, Janna and Carrie like I was insisting.  Although Carrie did get a somewhat shady drugged up picture of me and my te-tahs on the way home that day.

05. We had crazy snow. Really?!?  Snow.  In East Texas.

06. We also had the accidental burning of the Fish Shack, along with meeting the Lake PoPo and discovering that if you do have a house fire, just figure it’s going to be a loss.

560 by 56007.  I hung out on the lake and Red Eye Island with friends.  There were contraband skunks, feisty neighbors stopping large construction equipment and squirrels messing with the electric.  I ate tons of skinny pork chops at Skinny Porkchop’s and Big Rock’s.  There may have been some tong wrestling and stealing of the dead neighbor’s daffodils.

07.  I choose to remain hazy on anything that happened in the Harbor.  I can blame my neurological problems.  Yep.  My story and I’m sticking to it. (see, I can’t even number a list correctly)

08.  Both of our Grandfathers passed away this year.  They were the same age.  I guess I still don’t really know what to say about it.

09. Texas came off the road and I started flying out every couple of weeks.  Besides friends and family, I also got to go to L.A. for a patient day sponsored by the Guthy Jackson Foundation. A-mazing!

10.  In the past 4 months, I not only helped my mom move, but also my grandmother and aunt.  Yeah.  The gang’s all here.

11. How could I forget the “house flood 2010”.  At least we got new carpet and laminate flooring out of the hassle. (Did I mention it happened 4 days after my arm surgery?)

12.  Carrie K and I joked around about me deciding to flex my Squishy superpowers and try to save the world and one nine-year old boy.  (less than 24 hours to donate – get the word out – please). The contest even has it’s own prize page now.

13.  Here’s where I issue a throw down to all you knitters.  If I get 10 more donations by 7 p.m. CST on the 31st,  I’ll throw my skein of Wollmeise into the knitter’s grand prize. Oh yeah, get the word out peeps.  You know you want it.

yarn nora 02214.  Like I said, crazy year, but I have the Squish

bear paw

15. Oh, and this is my back yard.

love shack 014

16.  2010 was interesting, but life is still good.  Let’s hope 2011 is way more mellow and less exciting.

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve.  😀

Family Faux Pas and other crap

01.  I have an FO, but no picture yet.  Four days of him being home, combined with a Bones marathon, makes for good crafty time.

02.  We’re in the middle of season three now. Yes, I am blogging while watching.

03.  The first Christmas present of the season.  Oh yeah, the new Nookcolor.  Excellent!  Internet, the ability to organize your books, a touch screen.  Well, except for the fact it doesn’t come with 3G, so you have to be near a hotspot when you’re out and about.  Yes, I will still be using my old one too, because you can now sync between devices – including if you have the Nook app on your phone.

04.  Whoooopsie!  Apparently Texas never told his dad’s side of the family he was married before. (It was short, very short) I may have not known that fact and let it slip in conversation. I’m hoping they just didn’t hear me right.

05.  In his defense, every time he wanted to take her to meet them, she refused and he didn’t want to say “Hey, I’m married, but she’s a snot and doesn’t want to meet you.” Plus, he was working on the road at the time and only had 4 days off a month.

06.  I really like his dad’s side of the family. They’re very much like some of mine without all of the crazy. There’s even a knitter in there.

07.  A quiet, beautiful and weekender free back yard. We shall not speak of the pumpkin, ghost and ghouly leaf bags that mysteriously formed a prayer circle the one night.

08.  I avoided a repeat of last Thanksgiving, and we’re both hoping we can maintain that.  I have a company Christmas party to attend.

Happy weekend of gluttony, greed and sloth y’all! Well, my U.S. readers anyway.