Just another day on the farm



I used to want sunny days so I could play on the lake. Now I pray for rainy ones so I can get a break.*

So far today, I’ve bought yarn and drank coffee. Don’t let the excitement overwhelm you.


Knitting!  It’s a WIP, but it’s all I’ve got.  I was actually able to cast on for something over my birthday weekend break. Between decoupage, winding sock yarn, dyeing and avoiding psycho, manic, drunk, rebel yelling neighbor dude. Thankfully, he is Nacogdoches’ neighbor and not mine.

I told her to grab her gun if he ever tells her that he has some nice chianti chilling. I almost did it myself when he started talking about doing shots of some 190 proof stuff he had stashed.

He reminded me of my former Harbor neighbors. Kind of. At least they stayed on their own property. Well, and they never left gifts on my porch in the middle of the night.  O.o

I can honestly say I will never forget my 40th birthday.

What are y’all doing today?

* I didn’t mean to rhyme that. Swears. I do what I can, when I can, but it is always exhausting. And fun.

We are not amused


The first time it snowed on Christmas Day since 1975.  Luckily, we had sleet between the waves of snow, so it wasn’t as deep as it could have been.

THIS! This is why I wanted to live somewhere warmer. Too bad someone is stuck on not living outside of Texas.


Hats! One for mom, one for Texas. Luckily I only had 2 decrease rounds left when the dog whapped my arm.

General details:

  • Pattern: Faked it
  • Yarn: Ella Rae Classic Merino
  • Needle: US 6

Dates are a little fuzzy. I don’t think I’ve raveled them either.

That would require turning on the computer.

Hope you all are warm and dry.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

I get it where I can


Sometimes, play-doh is the answer.

There is an FO in that pile. It’s not what it started as.

Trippy eyesight and reading charts do not always go together.

Neither does knitting you actually have to look at.

There is only so long you can knit with one eye closed.


I wasn’t kidding about the teenage ducks. Ozzy and Kitten could have stayed out, but they wouldn’t have had enough combined heat.

There’s the whole math/ square foot per duck / temperature thing.

I didn’t want to take a chance. I mean, how would you explain to a pregnant woman that you killed her duck?

I’m really hoping Texas moves my computer tonight. I really don’t want to wait until the weekend to check my email.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

I’m working on knitting I don’t have to look at. What are you doing?

I’m staging a protest


Since we aren’t at the lake and I don’t have my beautiful 9 foot tree, Imma gonna have fun this year.

Yes, those are shotgun shell lights. Because I can. Because if you could see the farm, you’d understand. This! This is my rebellion. Or the loss of my mind.

I guess we’ll see as the month goes on.

Happy Monday y’all!

p.s. This all may be hastened by the fact we have the 8 teenage ducks in the house overnight for the next few nights because of the cold.

Duck eggs for sale

Apparently there is a large Asain community in the Tyler area and we have found an outlet for all the duck eggs. Because really, when you’re getting between 8 and 15 a day, you need to sell them. O.o

I will not encourage talk of a large incubator until Texas builds me a brooding house. (nor llamas, more chickens, and guineas) oh, and we get a trailer to travel and sell babies.

Although the Buff ducks have the cutest little chocolate chip cookie colored babies. I named the first one Peanut Butter. Well, the first one born since I got out of the hospital.

I’m not ignoring my comments, I’m just waiting for Texas to move my computer to a more accessable area. Maybe today when we get back from the lake?

Happy Saturday y’all! Make something wonderful happen!

A pre-Thanksgiving miracle

Many of you have already seen our bundles of joy, but other than this, I only have a hat. Meet Cranberry and Giblet.


Sweet, no?

They were a welcome surprise after a long day in Dallas. More details on that after I get more information.


A hat! This may be a Thanksgiving Day miracle. I’ve finally rounded out the autumn orange collection that matches my Squishy Cowl and the elbow warmer mitts I made earlier this year. What can I say? Who wants to knit warm weather knits when it’s over 100?

Pattern: fudged one up

Yarn: Silky Wool XL

Needles: US 7 bamboo circulars

Start: 11/07/12

Finish: 11/22/12

We went to the lake for Thanksgiving. My mom and I mostly sat around while Texas made his famous sweet ‘tater pies and heated up the precooked meal. Easiest Thanksgiving ever! I grabbed most of the Christmas stuff so I could go all redneck out here on the farm while he’s gone today.

I’m thinking Griswold Family Christmas. Or something resembling a small landing strip. I want pilots to say “Bank right at that blazing mass of tackiness in the middle of nowhere.”

It’s wet t-shirt day on the farm

Someone said I should do a blog post, so prepare to be b.o.r.e.d.

Texas is in Dallas (still working on the Cobra), with the dog, so I have been a busy little beaver.

Ozzy and Kitten are old enough and it’s warmed up enough that they were allowed to go back outside. They ran around, fluffed their hay and squeaked at the older ducks. I’m starting to wonder if Ozzy wasn’t a weird creation of that odd, tiny crane that was visiting all summer.

This allowed for some animal rearranging, no more Dexterizing, less mess, and easier cleaning. Oh, and better on the allergies. Apparently, I have a limit to how many baby ducks we can have in the brooding room at one time.

Did I mention that the bunnahs will be living in the yarn room over the winter? Appropriate, no? I figured they may as well because the chocolate angora will be living there once I find one.

Uh, yeah. NO! The bunnies are a little too messy to be near the yarnz. I’m still getting a chocolate angora when I find one.

What?!? At least I’m not the one trying to bring home a llama. Just call me Dr. Dolittle. (Although I’m more Eliza Doolittle than the Dr., don’t you think? Except, I’ll never have manners.)

Anyone else hating the Target Black Friday commercial? I refuse to shop there this year because of it. Yes, I am that persnickety.

Besides, Vaa-aan just got a new store, All That Bling. Ooh yeah! I can not only support a small business, but I can horrify everyone this year. Between Vandal Nation Station, The Dollar Store, the feed store, and the Chinese restaurant that sells stuff like that above, I got it covered.

Except booze for me.

Random question: If you were hit in the head with a 600 pound gear box, would you go get it checked out? Yeah, me too. But, what do I know? He’s alive and I can’t tell if there is any new brain damage. The systemic testosterone poisoning makes it hard to tell.

You wonder why I want a drink?

Happy Sunday y’all!