90 (ish) days

While Texas’ birthday isn’t until the 29th, because of work, we took some time last weekend to do little trips and enjoy ourselves. As much as I tried, he wouldn’t wear a birthday tiara for me. But, whatever.

He did buy me some fiber. Because apparently I spin.

After he charmed the ladies here:

I will be going back to Homestead Heritage Craft Village for some rigid heddle weaving classes. I got invited to sit and knit or spin with them on Saturdays, but 88 miles – one way – for a knitting circle may be a little much. (I still haven’t made it to the one down the road at La Madeline because, well, honestly, I am me and hate people, and do I really want to mix my yarn with faux ooofy food?) Also, the lady in the wheelchair showed me how to spin on my book charka. I wish I would have gotten it out that evening and tried it.

Our plans had to be scaled back a little because someone split his hamstring and couldn’t do a lot of walking. I also had to do all of the driving. In his truck. With no lumbar support.

It did force me to be all do-it-yourself chick and I finally fixed my passenger seatbelt. Which involved pulling out the back seat a little and basically ripping out the interior rear quarter panel.


So, yeah. Life, love, laughter, and squish.

Happy Zombie Day y’all! However you celebrate (or don’t).

p.s. If you want to help us ride in the MS 150, we each need to raise $300.

Michael’s MS 150 page

My MS 150 page

Two Words

→ Finished Object

→ Zipper Truck

Technically called a barrier transfer machine. It moves mini Jersey barriers to easily change lane patterns. (I don’t care where I live, those things will always be Jersey barriers) Finally saw one working. Dude! That was cool.  Either that or I’m easily entertained.

→ Knitting Loom

Since I’ve gotten the crafty stuff semi organized, (at least until I figure out the furniture that is going to go in the second bedroom) I decided to crack out one of my knitting looms and try knitting a sock on there.  Maybe it will go faster? Perhaps more manageable with the floppy? Way back when I broke my arm, Isela “made” me try them so I could still play with fiber. I haven’t picked them up in years.

→Well Used

Karen posted on her blog about what her go-to knits are during ALL the cold. I’m going with one of my Sockheads, my Duck Soup scarf, and (since I don’t have matching pink mitts) I use either my well worn Freezing Farmgirl Mitts or the extra long, keep the floppy warm at all cost mitts.

Sadly, the first pair of mitts I mentioned have been well loved and worn. I’ve made a repair or 5 to them over the years and I don’t know if they’ll make it through the winter. I was working on a replacement  pair with some shady yarn when I realized that life is too short to wear scratchy wool.

Happy Thursday y’all! What knits do you grab first?

The crazy train has left the station.

If she tells you something, you may as well listen to her. She is usually right.

2013-05-19 14.03.27

That poorly lit picture is one ball of crocheted chain. To give myself credit, I finished one. The thought of making 9 more made me want to give myself a lobotomy with the crochet hook.

Sooooo, I’ve done nothing since.  Not a stitch on anything. If I use the giant needles, there is still hope to get something else done for Mega May.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

made me

However, Summer of Socks is here! That is going to be the bulk of my CMMDI for the WHOLE summer. I like that there is no competition this year. It reminds me when it started and it was just a bunch of bloggers connecting through knitting socks together. I love relaxed, no pressure things.

We’re also going to blame her for any spinning done during the Tour de Fleece. If you do that kind of thing.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I chipped a tooth last night. On a piece of bacon.

Yeah. Think about that.

It was thick and over cooked (most likely reheated in the microwave). Actually, it was more like broke the filling and a little piece of tooth. Also, it is a tooth I had filled more than 20 years ago.  (am I really old enough to say 20 years ago?)

Someone offered to hold a prayer circle and perhaps sing Kumbaya.  *snort*

That is when I actually go to the dentist. I called 9 places today and they were either closed or closing early and couldn’t fit me in. Small towns and holiday weekends.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Here is something to think about for later in the summer/ early fall. I’ve been playing with my looms a bit  and we may need to blame her for some type of weave along. That is if I can pressure Angie (and anyone else who has one to play with).  I’m using the term loom loosely. Rigid heddle, inkle, weavette, knitting, loop, or just a piece of cardboard.

Today, I’m going to indulge myself with a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon.  It makes my life feel much less crazy. Hopefully, I’ll pick up some sticks and string and have something to show for it by Monday.

What are you doing this weekend?

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Happy weekend y’all!

Long overdue FO’s

As I was enjoying my lovely (and much needed) siesta yesterday, I was awoken by a pounding on the door. Since I didn’t hear anyone screaming “search warrant”, I thought it was o.k. to answer. Two boxes! YEAH! The first held this:

book front

And some things found inside. I can finally share these FO’s from last year. The wonderful Isela asked me to help her out with a little project and this is what happened:

book 028

Pattern: Cascading Shawl
Designer: Me (squeeeeee)
Book: Loom Knitting Pattern Book (please support Isela and her husband and buy it from them)
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden color 84
Loom: Regular gauge with at least 59 pegs. I used a Decor Accents Baby Afghan Loom.
Start and Finish: I took notes on this, but can’t find my notebook right now.

This was not the pattern I started with in my head, but after trying this and that, it’s what happened. Same goes with this:

book 037

Pattern: Hat and Scarf Set
Designer: Me (squeeeeee)
Book: Loom Knitting Pattern Book (please support Isela and her husband and buy it from them)
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky in Hot Blue, Hot Lime, True Yellow, Hot Pink and Too Purple
Loom: 60 peg regular gauge loom. I used a Decor Accents Adult Hat Loom.
Start and Finish: I took notes on this to, but can’t find my notebook right now.

This started out in pastel colors with Knit Picks Palette on a fine gauge Mini Wonder Loom, but quickly changed. I mean really… fingering weight and a tight deadline. Ick!

Yes, the hat and scarf are for children. No, I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. Contest? Auction on E-bay to donate to the Red Scarf Project? Right now I’m tossing ideas around. What do you think?

I’ll do a proper review on the book in the coming week. (Of course it’s wonderful)

The other box? That’ll have to wait too.

You can however head on over to Romancing the Yarn and enter the contest. (see the June 30th post) They’re giving away a prize a day to celebrate their two year blogging anniversary. And I won already. Go now!

Happy Sunday!

A book reviewed, an author interrogated, and a secret revealed.

Not that it gets much attention here on this blog, but I also do a little loom knitting on the side. The lovely Isela Phelps introduced it to me when I broke my arm and she was kind enough to send me her latest booklet, “Learn to Knit Cables on Looms” to review. Oh! I get to interview her too! (Either she is really brave, or I’m really nice under this gruff exterior – you decide) Even “I of short attention span” have cast on for a project or two out of the book and if they weren’t gifts, you’d get to see them now.


While the focus of the booklet is cables, and the projects are all marked for an intermediate skill level, Isela has also included the instructions for the basics such as casting on, creating knit and purl stitches and how to bind off. The booklet has full sized photos and clearly written step-by-step instructions for not only the basic stitches and cable techniques, but also for the 9 beautiful projects.

This booklet contains a little of everything; from the Classic Cables Scarf where you can hone your new found cable skills to the sophisticated and easy Aran Throw. You can get your sock on with the cozy Adestan Slipper Socks or make the cute Felted Backpack so your arms are empty for your next LYS shopping spree.

In her usual fashion, Isela has also has provided a series of tutorial videos on her website that work in tandem with this booklet. ( Video 1 Video 2) If you purchased the first edition, she has also provided an errata sheet that you can download. Go. Buy. Now.



Hi Isela! Thank you for “sitting down” with me. So, tell me, what’s on your loom right now?

On my loom: dust! LOL. I am terrible. Since I finished the last book, Loom Knitting Pattern book, you remember this one right? I hope you do since some of your patterns are in there. Anyways, since I finished it, I got burned out and I haven’t been looming much. I am taking a break.

Although you are a loom knitting maven, you also have a passion for needle knitting. So, what’s on your needles?

On my needles: I have the chevron scarf. I am working with Koigu and it is a delight to sit there for a few minutes and knit. The stitch pattern is so easy that I have memorized it and I can knit on the scarf when I am outside watching the kids.

Do you think your needle knitting has helped your looming or vice versa?

Absolutely. Without my needle knitting background, my looming would have stagnated. What am I saying? It was stagnated. I didn’t know where to go because I didn’t have the foundation needed and needle knitting provided me with that foundation. There is not much difference between loom knitting and needle knitting. In essence they are the same: creating fabric from live loops. The only difference is the tool used to create this fabric.

How many designs a year do you create?

I have never counted. I don’t think there are that many and my “designs” are so simple that I couldn’t really call them designs. But I do write down instructions to what I create on a constant basis.

What’s the best part of being a designer?

The best part I guess is the yarn that I get in the mail sometimes. I don’t request it or expect it but every so often I receive yarn to try out. It is not so much the free part but the part of trying out the new swag that excites me.

What inspires you?

In my loom knitting, I receive inspiration from my surroundings, my background.

Which design (from the booklet) came the easiest to you.

The scarf at the beginning was the easiest one to create. Not much to it. I just wanted 2 cables right next to each other.

Which one made your brain melt?

The Cion earflap hat. The cable at the crown shaping gave me some fits. I wanted them both the same (child and adult) but the decreases didn’t work out the same so I had to sit down and work out the differences.

Seriously, how long did the afghan take to actually loom?

Since I was on a tight deadline, I had to work fast. I took me about 2 days to knit it and 1 day to block and seam. We are talking full days of work though, not only afternoons.

Any more books in the works?

Right now, there are no books in the works, except for the upcoming sequel to Loom Knitting Primer, Loom Knitting Patternbook. I however do have a couple of needle knit designs coming out in a few publications

If you could only offer one tip to new loomers, what would you say? (or what is the most important thing new loomers should know).

One tip: learn to needle knit. If you want to expand on your loom knitting skills, learn the basics of needle knitting. You don’t necessarily need to become an expert at needle knitting but knowing the foundation: stitches, how stitch patterns are made (with the use of the two basic stitches), reading patterns/charts, knowing this information can become the greatest treasure in your loom knitting vault.

Finally, the infamous “how the heck do I answer THAT” question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years. I don’t know if I will be writing anything fiber specific. It was never my dream to write a book(s) on my hobby, so if I don’t write any more, I am okay with that part. However, I do have plans in other areas of my life: as you know, I am avid cyclist, part of my goals are to ride a few centuries and the biggest goal is to ride Lotoja. A bike ride that goes from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming, about 206 miles; all in one day. A marathon is also in the dreams, currently I am working on getting ready for two half marathons.

Thanks Stacey for having my booklet and myself over on your fab blog! One of my favorites to visit every day. I have to have my daily dose of Dervish ;).

Since I HAD to go out anyway

I never, never go out the day after Thanksgiving.  I think I’m still having flashbacks from the one time I did go – about 10 years ago.  People are c-r-a-z-y!  However, I had to go for some very important test things and since I really do live in the middle of nowhere, I have choices for places to get those things done. 

Really.  Nowhere

Being the smart cookie that I am (Shut up!  Sometimes those brain cells kick in), I picked a town with no mall.  Most importantly, it does have a Starbucks – a girl has to keep her priorities straight.  I went into wally world and there were no lines.  Let me say that again.  There were no lines.  The day after Thanksgiving.  AND!  The shelves were stocked.

Why did I venture into satan’s den, on black friday no less?  To get my mom an i-pod for that upcoming postal holiday and a little something for myself:


It just jumped into my cart!  I swear! 

Now to get some more secret project work done – since it does have to be done by Monday – and the DS has to charge.

Eye-Love Candy Friday!

While everyone is going off to SLC to visit the wonderful Margene, I’ll be hanging out here in the desert.  Yes Dave, click on that link.  You’ll understand why I asked for what I asked for.  😀

Brace yourself Cookie!  You are not crazy… well at least not about this:



Ok… things Eye-Love this Friday:

01. Day off!  Need I say more?

02.  I guess I do… how about 8 hours that are mine, mine, mine!  To work on things like secret projects and my own business.  Psssst… anyone wanna help create a logo for business two?

03.  Time to figure out how to fix my feed… cause whatever I’m doing isn’t working.

04.  I like your haaaaaaaaaair.  🙂 

05.  Pink is not evil 

06.  Neither are attorneys – let’s just say insurance companies are evil.  But not attorneys.

07.  Despite claims by certain people that I have been taken over by the body snatchers, I’m playing with this:


08.  I have socks on the needles!  So far, the Anne is behaving.  Of course I’ve only done 3 rows of 2×2. 

09.  I love Claudia handpainted for shawls. 

10.  Have I mentioned it’s Friday and my regularly scheduled three day weekend? 

A funny thing happened at the coffee shop

So, I started this Sit n’ Stitch group at the coffee shop on Wednesdays.  It was promptly overtaken and passed off as another’s idea and now hosts artists of all kinds.  Not a problem… it get people out and interacting and sharing some wonderful things.  Ok, so I am a little irked that he is passing it off as his idea, but I got my big girl panties.  It’s all good.  The owner of the coffee shop is an avid thrift store whore and when I stopped in yesterday between appointments, she gave me this:


Yep, a knitting board.  I think.  With all the looming I’ve been doing Wednesday nights, she saw it and thought of me.  Wasn’t that sweet? 

There is something that I’m SO SUPER EXCITED about and I can’t talk about it…yet.  But it’s good things all around.  I’ve been working crazy hard on it… not that I have to, but I’ve set a goal to be able to quit the j-o-b by January.  It is surprisingly not fiber related. 

Oh, and I’ll be in Tucson the 24th – 26th of August if anyone is interested in getting together. 

That’s What Friends are For.


There has not been much knitting (that I can show) going on around here because of arm issues and the supersecret stuff.   I have been writing a term paper, looming, cross stitching and have even pulled out the embroidery project better known as “biting off more than I can chew”.  

I don’t speak about it much, but I have diabetes and have recently made some radical lifestyle changes.  I can’t tell you what a difference it is making.  I purchased You On a Diet(which is totally not a diet – lots of good info and GREAT recipes).  Just by making some small changes, as of a month ago, I lost about 15 lbs.  Without going to the gym.  I didn’t even walk everyday like the book suggests.  One caveat… once you eat healthy for a while, don’t go out and have a bacon cheeseburger and fries from a diner.  I felt like a greeseball.  UGH.

Next door to my cafe is an Iyengar yoga studio. Yes, in my little town. Imagine that! Anyway, I figured I would give it a try today.  It was completely not what I thought yoga was.  The instructor has been teaching for 10 years and taught classes at the M.S. Society, so she was able to easily adapt the movements I had problems with because of my arm.  It was wonderful!  My arm hasn’t felt this good since I was in physical therapy.

*cough I also joined the gym cough* 


I figure putting it out there would help motivate me to actually go.  Regularly.  Since it is also next door to the coffee place.  I just have to figure out where to stick it in my crazy schedule.  You know the rationalizations… don’t wanna get up early, do it before dinner and it’s too late to eat after you’re done, do it after dinner and you feel icky, etc.

Shameless Self Promotion?


I seriously debated posting this… because I’m really not about self-promotion.  But… there’s a brand new online magazine for loom knitting – The Loom Knitter’s Circle.  And if you look in the article section, there is one by lil ole me.  Isela(and I’m sure Denise too) poured her heart and soul into this project and even if you aren’t a loom knitter… go look at the fabulous job they did.  And then head over to Isela’s and enter her 3000th comment contest.

I was going to spend the weekend hooked up to my magic little e-stim machine and just knit on my Shut UP & Cabin Cove Lace Leaf shawl until my hands fell off – because there is some seriously nice yarn that may be coming out at the Mercantile and I could purchase it under the whole KAL exception – but even I won’t do that until I finish what I have.  That’s pushing the rules a little too far.  Don’t worry girls… I’m still playing fair… for now.  Although mixin’ things up may distract y’all from the llama drama.  🙂  I’ll throw myself under the bus just for you.  You know, if you need me to.

Oh, you want the tie in to the self promotion. Well, first of all, it’s Eye Candy Friday and that mag certainly has plenty.  Secondly, I want to gnaw off my arm this morning so it’s the perfect day to sit with my rice bags and loom.  Damn cold and damp.  Or maybe it’s that I only had one PT this week.  Or maybe it’s the painting of the kitchen.. because you know that no one can do it just the way I want it done.