Prizes! I have PRIZES!!!!

No, really.  Texas and I are riding in the Bike MS 150 in May of this year.  Well, Texas is,  I haven’t raised enough moolah yet.  So this is where I need your help.  Please donate.

Right here is where you can find my page.  I need to raise $300 to ride.  I need to raise this by April 7th so I can pick up our rider packets close to our house instead of an hour and a half away. (Yes, I want to avoid a 3 hour round trip. Call me crazy)

To try and bribe all y’all to donate, I’m going to give something away. For every $10 that is donated, you get an entry in a drawing.  The winner will have a choice between a Fire Stick, an Amazon Dot, or a Stitched By JessaLu regular wedge or box bag (you pick, I’ll pay). If I get to $500, I’ll pick two winners.

Since a bunch of you came through for Texas too, I’ll also enter anyone who donated to him.

So here is the breakdown:

  • Donate $10 = get an entry
  • Share the link on FB, Twitter and IG with #MakeSquishRide = get an entry
  • Share on your blog and let me know = get an entry

I know you all have come through in the past for helping raise money to find a cure, not only for MS, but for NMO. I am always grateful for your generosity.

Happy Tuesday y’all!


It went to eleven

Eleven years of blogging.  Woot?!?

Do you want to know what WordPress gave to me?  No comments. Yep. I am not being mean and not communicating.  I’m just not getting sent the comments. I tried several things to fix it and I can’t… soooooo


Besides my adorbs self, I’m going to give all y’all some stash to buy. Hahahah. *ahem* O.k. I’m really just downsizing and getting rid of a huge portion of my yarn and some looms and stuff.  Someone won’t let me sell my wheel.

In between packing and taking pictures of stash sale stuff, I’ll try to read and answer the best I can.

Happy Thursday y’all!

A Cat in a Hat


Not such a great picture, but the Maggie does not tolerate any interruptions to her sleep.


Sadly, the hat would have only fit Maggie. After all of the increases, I realized that it wasn’t going to work. On the other hand, I like doing color work, so I’ll start it again soon. I also think that I want to switch the colors and have a brown background.

Today, I’m casting on for something else and watching Gone With The Wind. We still don’t know if Texas is working tomorrow, so we’ve made no plans. Well, except 8 a.m. jiu bitsy. Yes, really. I’m thinking under caffeinated rolling will be cathartic.

Or I’ll need bail.

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Happy Wednesday y’all!

10 Years and all I got was this blog.

Who knew I’d be doing this 10 years later. I decided to take a look back at the past ten Octobers.

9 years ago, I had just gotten my job at Edwards and was moving to the desert.

8 years ago, I made the floppy.

7 years ago, there was some type of crazy weave along and 2 pairs of socks from Socktoberfest.

6 years ago this month, I made the decision to move to Texas. My head also went all splody around that time*.

5 years ago, I pretty much spent the whole month blogging about my trip to WI that took place the previous month, trying to avoid the reality of the official NMO diagnosis

4 years ago, I was traveling back and forth to Pennsylvania trying to help family.**

3 years ago, I took fundraising for NMO to the knitters.

2 years ago, there was another round of fundraising, a completed pair of socks and DUCKS!

1 year ago, yet again, more fundraising and no knitting at all.

I think I better get on making this October a little more interesting than the past three. They seem kind of boring compared to those first few.

I’m not doing a fundraiser this year because the things in my head decided to act up last month. If you still feel like donating, here are some options.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

*Hmmm. Anyone else wonder if there is a connection? Really there isn’t since we can now trace the NMO back to 2003, but it doesn’t hurt to josh with Texas about that.

**Yeah. Well, that was a waste of a month. Just saying.

Who sends a diabetic cookies?!?*

Hi! Busy! Farm! Summer! Things in mah head!

If I can’t do internet stuff on my phone while waiting or being driven, it isn’t getting done. I have about 2.5 minutes of awake/non-busy / non-sick time a day to peruse my email. If I hadn’t taken a tiny spill this morning, I wouldn’t be on the computer right now.

Bunnahs! I know they still look like snausages, but don’t all animals look like that at this age? Happy Cheryl and Carrie K? When they get bigger, I’ll get pictures where hopefully they will look like bunnies.

Random mysteries: Chainsaw noises, Mexican music bass pumping, why does a guido born in N.J. have Italian citizenship (I’mma thinking easy for evading arrest), and what is it with small town librarians (totally a story for another day)?

Happy Tuesday y’all.

*and recipes for lemon meringue waffles and iced coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans.

Annis and weird accents*

The fabulous Snicker-doodle struck again. She had time, I had yarn. We were originally going for a pair of socks each for Texas and I. However, the measurements for his feet threw her off at first. (we got it now since he tried on a pair she sent me)


I believe this is Annis (apparently I read it as another word that y’all will have to figure out on your own)


A hat for Texas that fits him nicely with a little flip, but covers almost my whole head. He saw the little tag she put on it a thought it was a store bought hat, it’s that good.  Then he read the instructions. 😀


Texas also got his very own Minion.  Very, very exclusive since it is the only time that she has ever used buttons for eyes.  Texas thought it needed to be our watchman and put it by the front door rifle.

What?!? Doesn’t everyone have a gun in every room?

Tomorrow, the prizes!!!!  Supercalifragilistic Sarah and Crack-a-lackin’ Cookie both made wonderful things.  Maybe even the socks that weren’t blogged and a minion of my own.

Happy Saturday y’all! I got tractor riding to do.

In other news

Bahia grass, if left to it’s own devices, will leave little black seed pods over everything it touches. Everything. It may be good for grazing and drought resistance, but I think I’m starting to hate the stuff.  Maybe once we get the finishing deck for the tractor, I will hate it less.


After over 6 months, The Maggies remembered what the big blue suitcase meant. Texas got it out to start packing on Friday and she refused to leave it. Even the dog got in the act and kept trying to take clothes out.


I’m contemplating a stash sale.  Cookie says to just get rid of it all and start over.  After looking at it all, I may just take her advice. (on the other hand, I could just randomly start sending it out to people… nah!)

I’m going to start with my dyed stuff since the heat of summer has killed local yarn sales.  I’ll clear it out and start dying again when fall hits.  It will also give me some space so I’m not so overwhelmed by all the yarn.

Yes, there can be too much yarn.


My options for today:

  • prep for painting bedroom
  • clean
  • start listing stash
  • run to junk yard with truck full of junk
  • nap

What to do, what to do?


Happy Monday bitches!