Who put this blog in the middle of my day?

No, seriously. What is this thing?

Apparently, people also comment and those things go to my e-mail. Who knew?

I have been able to wear hand knits! My favorite sock head (not knit by me) and my favorite scarf has gotten quite a bit of use with the cold front (a real one) that just moved in. Part of me is ready to pull the a/c units and enjoy it. However, this is Texas. I’m assuming we’ll get a couple of hot days in the coming weeks.

Get ready for the whole NMO fundraising thing. I was trying to get it going by this past Monday, but it turns out I have things in my head. Kind of ironic that NMO acting up is holding back a fundraiser for NMO.

I will tell you that Maureen has agreed to donate a couple of patterns and a pair of handknit socks.  The prototype for a new pattern even.

In the meantime, why not go check out all of the wonderful patterns and buy one or two.

Happy whatever day it is y’all!

Cool & Breezy on a Sunday

And a Monday. Because I can start all the blog posts I want, I just don’t always finish them.


The weather is cold! (at least for Texas) We went right from Summer to Winter temps. 48 F this morning. I had to put on a pair of hand knit socks for the first time Saturday.  I don’t know how long this is going to last, they’re saying we’ll be back into fall weather (high 80’s during the day and high 60’s at night) by the end of the week. I’ve had all of the windows open and am taking full advantage of it.

Texas and I did an American Horror Story marathon and are ready for the new season. It took a while to get into season one. Season two was better and I’m excited for three to start this week.

Sadly, I’m not doing much of anything else. I broke 3 embroidery hoop things this week and the cold is not playing well with the floppy paw. I’m trying to finish off the two or three socks that I have on the needles, but it is slow going, only being able to do a few rows at a time.

Cookie says I need a sock machine, but being able to find one is not so easy. I’m guessing wool socks weren’t that popular in Texas.

BTW, tomorrow I’ll have been blogging for 9 years. Nine years. Where did the time go?

Happy Monday y’all!

Sunday sky and other unsavory things

It’s faux fall over here. I can wear my zip hoodie in the morning and am reduced to hiding from the mid- to upper 90’s during the day. Some lucky people have snow in their area. Or it’s cold enough to wear hand knits. While that sky may look like rain, they’re saying no more. At least those clouds might keep it cool today.

If someone (aka Texas) doesn’t stop playing “I Love It” I may have to repossess his laptop and iPod. Especially when he plays it at 6 a.m.


So far, I have failed at the super secret knitting thing. I have everything together, I just haven’t worked on it. The half finished, semi-disemboweled bunny is sitting on the coffee table mocking me every time I think about working on something else.

We may or may not be mentioning that whole CMMDI embroidery thing later in the week. Does anyone remember what October was for?

So, how is your weekend going?

A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon

Somewhere between 6.25 and 7.5 inches.

As I may have mentioned on twitter, bilateral gin and tonics are far better than bilateral tonic spasms. Just sayin’

Rabbit! Well, except for the ears. I’m using different yarn, different needles, and you know how I roll, switching up the pattern to suit my mood.

I have 20 lbs of freshly roasted coffee in my kitchen. Granted, half is for my mom, but still!  It may be his way of showing he loves me. Or that he’s concerned for his life.

Michael started the day almost being hit by a texting driver. (who also almost hit the gas pump he was parked next to) I was greeted by two large bulls having a snack in the front pasture. One was far taller than my princess car. I was going to say I win for the most fun morning, but then I found out his aunt is cruising by later.

I think I may be going to the Mexican market to pick up some candles. Don’t ask.  Texas may have me committed when he sees what is going on.

Happy Thursday y’all!

I think there is a conspiracy afoot*

I need to learn crochet enough to make one of these. I like the stained glass version too.  I think I’m going to end up at the lake for a few hours (or days) picking brains.

I’m running away to Dallas twice this week. Once to be a research subject and once for a luncheon with local NMO peeps and The Wizard. I’m still debating the luncheon. Something about denial and/or just wanting to rest.

Maybe I’ll pretend I’m going and have a day for me away from the farm. Maybe I’ll just meet my husband for lunch in town.

I didn’t get as far as I wanted in the past week, but I started one of these before I met Texas. I guess it’s a win?  I have a goal for next week, so bring on the bad daytime television!

Happy Monday y’all!

*to keep me busy and tired I mean, I started this post at 10 a.m.

And so this is Sunday

A sockless Sunday. During SoS13. Shouldn’t I be knitting one or something? I kind of feel guilty for not having one to show. I mean SoS ends next weekend.

By the way, where did the summer go?

Apparently, I’m having an attack of Catholic guilt today.

I feel the need to apologize for not replying to my blog comments. I read them, I just figure I’ll answer them later, and then later becomes a couple of days or a week. By then, I figure the relevance of my response is nil, nada, zip, zilch.

I’m also feeling guilty about leaving for Dallas for a few days. There are always a ton of things that need to be done here on the farm and although Texas is an adult and can do them, I feel a responsibility to get things done. Of course, no one could ever live up to my standards for cleaning or doing things the proper way. (aka my way)

Granted, I am going  for my infusion, but I’ll be thinking about what may or may not be getting done.

In other news, there is a Brangus heifer on the loose in my neighborhood. She escaped from one of the local vets and there are missing poster ALL OVER TOWN. I’m hoping Texas spots her and brings her home. Although I suspect, she has already been found and relocated, witness protection style, into someone else’s herd.

Happy Sunday y’all

Who sends a diabetic cookies?!?*

Hi! Busy! Farm! Summer! Things in mah head!

If I can’t do internet stuff on my phone while waiting or being driven, it isn’t getting done. I have about 2.5 minutes of awake/non-busy / non-sick time a day to peruse my email. If I hadn’t taken a tiny spill this morning, I wouldn’t be on the computer right now.

Bunnahs! I know they still look like snausages, but don’t all animals look like that at this age? Happy Cheryl and Carrie K? When they get bigger, I’ll get pictures where hopefully they will look like bunnies.

Random mysteries: Chainsaw noises, Mexican music bass pumping, why does a guido born in N.J. have Italian citizenship (I’mma thinking easy for evading arrest), and what is it with small town librarians (totally a story for another day)?

Happy Tuesday y’all.

*and recipes for lemon meringue waffles and iced coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans.

Sunday Sock: Silkwood Edition

aka trimming goat hooves by myself

Our original goats were awesome. They know it’s painless and they get a treat afterward. The six wild heathens that Texas got? Not so much.

Moo almost broke my leg, I was pooped on more than once, and I was gouged several times by too long nails. We won’t even talk about how many times I landed on the stall floor.

I’ve used half a gallon of bleach on the clothes I was wearing. O.o


I would insert a picture of sock progress, but, well… you know, there was no progress.

I figured out one of the reasons I was having problems with the crochet. However, we will not be admitting what it was in public.

Someone said the Tour de Fleece was going on. What?!? Who does that crazy stuff?


I briefly considered mowing once I got back from breakfast. And then, I realized how crazy that idea was.

Almost as crazy as hearing “Is Daddy coming in?” and realizing the waitress was asking if Texas would be joining me for breakfast.

I may become addicted to Devious Maids.

The “cold front” has moved in and they expect highs to be in the mid-to-high 90’s. It’s better than 105, but how do you call that a cold front?

Today will most likely involve season one of Saving Grace, knitting socks and crocheting.


Happy Canada Day y’all!