Now is the summer of our my (watermelon) discontent

Yeah, that’s what I got this year.  Well, besides two babies no bigger than an apple.  I have to be fair and let y’all know it was a hot (HOT!) summer.  71 days above 100, or some such nonsense. I’m still trying to recover.

I’d love to talk about what destruction I’m perpetuating now, but Texas has the weekend off and he might actually check the blog.  I’ll have pictures of the stuff he knows about as soon as I prime and paint the doors.  Oh, and Big Rock helps me move the cable since we now have a feature wall.  You would not believe how moving a few windows and doors and adding bead-board changes the look of a room. (ahem)

I’ve really enjoyed the cooler weather and the ability to open both french doors.  The airflow is AH-mazing.

Skinny Porkchop has commandeered my old sliding doors and windows.  I heard Mr. Skinny PC sawing well into the night last night and I can’t wait to see what she’s done.

In I don’t feel like knitting news, I’m bored. With a capital B. Lazy Katy has 25 more rows of mindless stockinette. Blargh.  It seems every other project I have on the needles is more of the same.  Well, except Ulmus and I started her January of 2010.  Don’t bother seeing what I have on Ravelry, because I think I have 10 projects started that aren’t on there. What I need is my LYS to reopen so I can hang out and actually get some knitting done. (They’re opening 10/18 – tooooooo long to wait!)

Happy Friday y’all, I’m off to wreak havoc.

P.S. Don’t forget to get the word out about the contest and earn an entry into the drawing (oh yeah, and donate too!)



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  • Current Reading: nothing (I know, shocking)
  • Current Music: Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies
  • Current Knitting: Nothing, see above 😀
  • Mood: exhausted
  • Sounds: hammering and sawing
  • Smells: liquid nails
  • Weather: sunny and mild-  780 degrees
  • Thoughts: when can we tear that down too?

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Yep, after seeing the first french door, Texas said to do the sliding door too.  It looks awesome.

¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤

In contest news, the East Texas prize is growing. R.D.Roberts Carpentry has donated 4 hours of carpentry labor (materials not included) and Brookshires Lake Palestine has donated a $20 gift certificate.

¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤

Happy Tuesday y’all!

New Yoga Poses!

I’m calling them Skinny Pork Chop and Big Rock. Go ahead.  Give them a try.

Yes, that is a hole in my wall.  No, I did not have another episode. Yes, we did that on purpose.  There are some lovely French doors there now.

There also may have been windows and an entry door taken out.  Oh and the bedroom door was moved from a living room entry to a hallway entry. Just those changes would have been enough for any mere mortal, but not your Squish!

Mr. Pork Chop is installing bead board on the wall that now has no doors on it or opening against it.  Ahhhh.  A solid wall. Open concept is great and all that, but really?  No snatch of wall big enough to put a t.v. on?  It all had to be redone.

SSCLD is, of course, on the road and missing the joy of construction. (hmmm.. maybe I should write a book about that) Right now I have windows open so I don’t get really high off the smell of liquid nails.

∞  ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞

Things are crazy at Chez Love Shack. (Yeah, yeah… so what’s new about that) I’m gearing up for the fundraiser, tearing up the house (see above), knitting (see below), trying to spend as much time at the LYS because there was a possibility they were going to close (they’re not), and driving back and forth to Tyler eleven billion times in the past week.  Hopefully, I’ll get a little down time this weekend with a new friend in Nacadoces Nacogdoches. (Did I spell that right? Crazy East Texas names. I don’t think you even pronounce that crazy g)

After that, maybe I’ll get a chance to respond to email. *coughCarrieKcough*

∞  ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞

Knitting.  Right.


This is the only thing that is easy enough to work on with all the mess/travel/waiting/gift begging going on.  Mindless!  Mindless I tell you!  But fun with the quick ten-stitch rows and crazy Noro colors.  I’m thinking super, awesome floor pillow.

∞  ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞

I was going to do 10 on Tuesday.  Then I realized it was Wednesday.  Maybe I have inhaled too many fumes.

Happy Wednesday y’all (or Thursday… whenever you read it)

And the blog shall live again

Yep, Texas is going back on the road. He left this morning in fact. That means I’ll be posting more often so he can keep up with my exciting life. *snort*

It’s doing the same thing as when we met. At least he’ll be in the same place for two weeks at a time so I can go visit him.  I might actually see him more than when he was working here.

This is the deck so far.  I have to finish the handrails before the picnic today.   I really did say that.  It was just one of the things he couldn’t get to before taking off.  16x 28.  Is huge.


I’m actually considering just going and jumping in the lake instead.  If the drunks fall off, well… they fall off.

I was shocked when I saw this in a window as groom/ groomsman wear


Yep, yellow pants, pale blue pinstriped shirt and the jacket is white with black pinstripes and a kelly green bow tie.I think Carrie should totally use it in her wedding.

I’ll let you know what happens with the deck.

Happy Sunday people!

Fear the Redneck Truck


Yeah, I may have totally drank the kool-aid. The locks don’t work, there’s no AC, heat or radio, you have to baby the driver’s side door (or climb in through the passenger side), the bed is plywood and she needs a lot of TLC.  But I see her potential.  She will be fabulous.  Dark blue with a hint of sparkle and a stained oak plank bed. Yes, she is a she.  No, she doesn’t have a name yet. She is just mine.

Oh, and people driving, don’t act so stupid when I’m in her.  I think they’re afraid I might not care if I wreck their fancy little cars with my big ‘ole beat up truck.

♥  ♥  ♥

This song is stuck in my brain. It’s just touches me for some reason. Even if it doesn’t sound like you might like it, just listen to the words.

♥  ♥  ♥

I have been out living and making new friends.  I got all  introspective after the First Annual Vatican West Memorial Day Blow Out. I’m thinking of renaming it next year as the Annual Pig in a Pope BBQ.

Anyway, friends and navel gazing.  I realized that I had let people into my life that didn’t belong there.  Prejudiced, hateful people.  People that wouldn’t come to the BBQ because of some of our new friends, and yet were texting  the next day to see if they could go out on the boat with Texas and I.

I don’t completely blame them, I blame myself for getting complacent.  For stopping speaking up because they were “mostly nice” and sometimes fun and they helped pass the time while Texas was on the road. (btw, we’re not talking Skinny PC and B. Rock)

Bad Squish! No treat for me. I have seen the error of my ways and doing a more thorough check of all my relationships.

♥  ♥  ♥

Other than trying to bring Texas back from a case of systemic testosterone poisoning (A deck! 16×32! In 3 days! HAHAHAHAHAH), all is well here.  No, the deck is not finished. It might be for the Saints and Sinners Party (aka the wedding reception).

I can’t make any promises. For some reason, the weather skipped summer and went right to the season I refer to as “Hell”.

♥  ♥  ♥

The floppy is staging a full on rebellion, and life has been wonderful, so I haven’t had much time to knit.  I’m not upset about it either.  I’m doing other fibery things and, in time,  I think knitting will find it’s place again.

♥  ♥  ♥

Happy Weekend y’all!

I don’t care if I pi$$ off the Pope!*

That was the resounding cry heard around the Harbor… oooooh… around April 29th.

Yep, kiddos, the Squish, she got married.  Just Texas and I followed by dinner.  The following night was the “reception” at Skinny Pork Chop’s place.  Shorts, tank tops, meat grilling, beer and an awesome bottle of moscoto.

No fuss, no muss, no stress.  (although if I do say, he looked stunning in his double breasted suit and tie and I looked smashing in my dress)

Love, fun and laughter.


Other than that, not much to report.  When we set the date for the Big Azz BBQ, I’ll let y’all know.

It’s warm and I’m usually outside instead of in front of the computer.

With Captain Jack or Jax as I like to call him.


I’m not doing much knitting … duh.  But I have a ton of other stuff going on.  Needle punching, painting, cross stitching and gardening… when the floppy allows.  Oh and working with a personal trainer who is quite educated and helping with said floppy.  Something had to be done when we realized that I couldn’t put the boat in gear.  I mean really.  How can I go out on it, if I can’t make it go?

Now I have this running around in my head: If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?

Why do I do that to myself?


I found a boot for you!  Or boots.  Or boots pretending to be a lamp.  I’m still a little traumatized.

Happy Friday y’all!  Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

*apparently that is a common saying around these parts and there is a funny story about Texas’ ex and that statement.


subtitle: I’m still here. I think.

Since I have a little down time. (Skinny P.C.’s father passed away and I’m baby sitting) I figured this would be the perfect time to do a post.  I haven’t looked at a blog in weeks.  Well, unless it links up to FB and looks interesting.  It’s not you, it’s me. Swears.

For those of you not on facebook, I found my wedding dress and Carrie found the cake. I’m searching for a shawl/wrap/capelet design for it. I have the yarn and an idea, but none of the patterns work for me.  I might just make one up.   With SSCLD’s wacky schedule, it looks like a quicky with a weekend honeymoon and a huge party after August.

♥  ♥

It’s just crazy that you have to video an 88 year old woman telling people what she wants just in case some lunatic gets a bug up their butt.

♥  ♥  ♥

The boat is running! The boat is running! Sadly, with the lake levels so low, I can’t get it out alone.  Buy stock in sunscreen and the chemicals in it. I got a smackdown from the dermatologist because of my one med causing skin cancer.  I’m not cutting back my boating and porch sitting, so we had to work vats of the stuff into our budget. O.o

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Hey all you East Texans, Knotty Girls is cutting back their Thursday nights because of lack of business.  Sure, we all come and sit, but how often do you buy something on a Thursday night?  The 31st is their last (except for the one Thursday a month when the machine knitters meet). Why not come out this Thursday and spend a little time and money?  Show them we like our Thursday nights.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

*the most common text I use to let people know I’m alive

How is Texas Colder Than Alaska?

Please ‘splain Lucy.

snow 2011

I’m staying in, by the fire, with some knitting.

Well, except for lobbing the occasional snowball at Skinny Porkchop.

Today, I am grateful  for:

01.  Texas making it to work – the details are a little fuzzy, but there may have been a wipeout or two.

02.  A heater cat that gave up her vent to help keep my lap warm.

03.  Knitting.  Oh, and a kind and wonderful local Knitting Guru who was able to answer my color work mitten question on facebook.

04. Neighbors that will stand at their window and laugh at you as you throw snowballs at them.

05.  My nook.  Oh, it has been a lifesaver this past week.

06.  Pittsburg Hot Links. Yeah, good.  Just don’t look at the ingredients.

07.  Grills.  As in bbq, not teeth.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Friday y’all!

2010 – Knitting Fail and the Year of Random

Subtitle: Oh what a ride!

01. That may have been the extent of my knitting FO’s for 2010, but that’s o.k.  I had a wild, wonderful and wacky year.

02. The best thing was Texas coming off the road.  Although I think I may have seen him more when he was on the choo-choo.  His new job promises they’re cutting back from 12 hour days, 6 days a week.

03.  Health wise, we both decided to be a little interesting.  While he may be The SSCLD (super sexy cheese lovin’ dude for you latecomers), the man should not work on home improvement projects alone.  I have never met anyone (besides me) so accident prone.  I think the tally for him was 11 staples, 19 stitches, 4 urgent care and one E.R. visit.

04.  No, I’m not posting the picture from the recovery room that I insisted he take.  He knows better now that if someone is coming out of anesthesia, do no listen to them.  Thankfully, he didn’t send it off to Cookie, Angie, Janna and Carrie like I was insisting.  Although Carrie did get a somewhat shady drugged up picture of me and my te-tahs on the way home that day.

05. We had crazy snow. Really?!?  Snow.  In East Texas.

06. We also had the accidental burning of the Fish Shack, along with meeting the Lake PoPo and discovering that if you do have a house fire, just figure it’s going to be a loss.

560 by 56007.  I hung out on the lake and Red Eye Island with friends.  There were contraband skunks, feisty neighbors stopping large construction equipment and squirrels messing with the electric.  I ate tons of skinny pork chops at Skinny Porkchop’s and Big Rock’s.  There may have been some tong wrestling and stealing of the dead neighbor’s daffodils.

07.  I choose to remain hazy on anything that happened in the Harbor.  I can blame my neurological problems.  Yep.  My story and I’m sticking to it. (see, I can’t even number a list correctly)

08.  Both of our Grandfathers passed away this year.  They were the same age.  I guess I still don’t really know what to say about it.

09. Texas came off the road and I started flying out every couple of weeks.  Besides friends and family, I also got to go to L.A. for a patient day sponsored by the Guthy Jackson Foundation. A-mazing!

10.  In the past 4 months, I not only helped my mom move, but also my grandmother and aunt.  Yeah.  The gang’s all here.

11. How could I forget the “house flood 2010”.  At least we got new carpet and laminate flooring out of the hassle. (Did I mention it happened 4 days after my arm surgery?)

12.  Carrie K and I joked around about me deciding to flex my Squishy superpowers and try to save the world and one nine-year old boy.  (less than 24 hours to donate – get the word out – please). The contest even has it’s own prize page now.

13.  Here’s where I issue a throw down to all you knitters.  If I get 10 more donations by 7 p.m. CST on the 31st,  I’ll throw my skein of Wollmeise into the knitter’s grand prize. Oh yeah, get the word out peeps.  You know you want it.

yarn nora 02214.  Like I said, crazy year, but I have the Squish

bear paw

15. Oh, and this is my back yard.

love shack 014

16.  2010 was interesting, but life is still good.  Let’s hope 2011 is way more mellow and less exciting.

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve.  😀

Care packages from PA

01. Yeah, um, I don’t even know what to say about this:

02.  But I have bunches of food and sweat shirts from my highschool.

03. The second care package is somewhere in TN and if they don’t get a move on it, I’m fixin’ to drive up there and steal my grandmother. Let the two others drive at their own speed.


04.  I’ve added a picture of the prizes to the contest page.

05.  Plus! I’m dipping into my own stash for the giveaway and adding the following:

  • 1 skein Kimmet Croft Fibers Fairy Hare in Lilac
  • 2 skeins KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Stream
  • 1 skein KnitPicks Gossamer in Blue Jeans
  • 1 skein All Things Heather from the 2008 Loopy Ewe Sock Club

06. I’m thinking about the Wollmeise I have.  I might put it in or maybe have a special drawing for it later.  It is a beautiful red, but if it could help someone else out.

07. Instead of real presents this year, I bought some token gifts and am donating the rest of the money.

08. Bacon maple cookies made, peanut butter dough chillin’ in the fridge.

09. I only got 9 dozen pieroghy made on Saturday.  I haven’t even gotten to the potato ones yet.

10.  I have a headache and I’m cranky.

11.  I love Skinny Porkchop.  LOVE!  I’ll let her tell the story of what’s happening this week.. or ask her permission.  But she is wonderful and smart and kind.

Happy Monday y’all!