Weaving away



Even though I was all “just out of the pool and air dried”, I had to take the picture. I’ve since woven in the ends. After taking a real weaving class (more on that later) instead of just winging it off the internet,I have been having fun.

This was my first time working from a pattern and using a swing machine to finish.

The kit was purchased from Spunky Eclectic and I ended up joining her weaving club. If you were ever on the edge about buying a weaving kit from her? DO IT!!!  More details can be found here.

Belle and Bowie

We spent Saturday exploring Fort Worth, celebrating SSCLD’s birthday. He hasn’t really been up to doing much besides working, Jiu Jitsu, and working out, so I kidnapped him. Literally. I picked out his clothes, told him to shower and dress, and get in the car.


We all know how I hate driving in traffic, and Saturdays around touristy stuff tested my limits. Of course we ended up at the zoo to see Belle and Bowie, the baby elephants. Texas found funnel cake and I found out that even without seeing everything there, you can get in about 5 miles of walking.


Next we stopped at the “must see” Log Cabin Village. Umm. Yeah. Interesting glimpses into Texas history, but it took about 20 minutes to see all of the cabins. This is where all the plans started to get derailed. We got stuck in traffic with a minor (MINOR!) car accident and two fire trucks and an ambulance coming towards me in my lane.

We tried to stop at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, but there was this thing called inner-city parking. Able to park six, long city blocks away and walk there did not seem so important after about 4 hours of traipsing around the zoo. I just needed coffee and to get away from people.

I’ll share a secret. Texas attracts weird people. Weird with a capital W. It is always a gamble going out in public with him. Saturday was no exception. There was the X-Files guy, the random facts about hippos guy (imagine that awkward Geico commercial times 50), and the lady who just pulled up to our table at Starbucks and would not go away.

It was a nice day and we spent Sunday recovering from bad eating and too much walking on uneven ground watching X-Files. (go figure)

How was your weekend?


I got tired

Having ALL the grass fed beef you want available to you became a kind of burden. I got tired of it.  I didn’t know what to do with it. I took a break. I started eating some weird foods the past few days. Nothing but roasted Brussel sprouts for dinner one night, smoked herring on wasa crackers for lunch. Last night, I ate peanut butter and celery for dinner. Hello?!?

So, I started surfing and pulling out cookbooks and came up with cheesesteak casserole. Done Berks County style. I had to make two batches because Texas likes mushrooms in his cheesesteak. I draw the line at bell peppers. That is not how we roll!

All the yumminess of a childhood cheesesteak memory without the carbs of the bread. Comfort food tweaked and twisted to fit a different way of eating.

≈ Zzzzzzzzz ≈

I’m tired of knitting on the sweater. While I love the fabric that Silky Wool makes, there is only so long I can knit with it. Does anyone else find that it dries your hands out? My fingers were hurting where it slides across them and I was using more lotion in one night than I probably use in a whole month.

I’m back to the mystery socks in the hopes that I can catch up before the final clue tomorrow.  Besides the peer pressure to work on the Sweater of Dryness ™, I had gotten tired of the heels. I alway mess up in some way, shape or form in picking up stitches for them. I suppose the cure for that is to knit more socks like that. However, I tried them on and they are a little loose around the heel. I might be a tried and true short row heel girl.

≈ Zzzzzzzzz ≈

Other things that are making me tired:

  • The plague that ended just in time for allergies to take over.
  • Jiu Bitsy™. In a good way. I’m sleeping much better too.
  • Roller coaster weather. Ice and maybe a high of 32 today, 60’s tomorrow and 70’s by the weekend.
  • Meditation. How do y’all do it without falling asleep?

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Two words, again.

≈ Mystery Socks

Apparently, I knit. Socks even. I think it was Margene that favorited the TTL Mystery Sock and made me fall down that rabbit hole.  So far I am keeping up. Of course, it is only week one.

≈ Calf Fries

Texas and I went to the Fort Worth Stockyards this past weekend. This guy looks amused, doesn’t he? You can pay five bucks and get your picture taken while sitting on one.  No, I didn’t do it.  Neither did Texas.

We did however, explore a little bit and had lunch at Riscky’s Steakhouse. (They also have a BBQ joint down the block, which we’ll hit another time) We ended up getting an order of calf fries for an appetizer. Yes, really.  Fun facts: Riscky’s is the oldest operating restaurant in our county and although they weren’t the first restaurant to make calf fries, they were the first to have it on the menu.  I can’t wait to go back and explore some more.

≈ Wash Day

Someone said it is a sign of my age that I’m excited about our new washer and dryer arriving today.  I’m thinking it might be a sign of the slight icky-ness I feel when using the laundry facilities at the apartment complex. (You don’t even want to know what I do to the treadmill.) It wasn’t in the plan to get new machines, but you know how life happens.

Happy Tuesday y’all!