Random Wednesday Stuff

01. Isn’t there a meme for Wednesday’s or something?

02. No, I did not go through my inbox and reply to anyone yet.  Yes, I’ll get there.

03. I napped yesterday and a bit today and may go do it again.

04. I’ve learned the importance of google-fooing until you reach the end of the internet thanks to a sweet woman who should have told me to take a hike and instead answered questions patiently.

05. I’ve found videos of talks given by the neuro treating my NMO and am amazed at what I didn’t know.  I’m trying not to get all boo-boo about it.

06. I now have a list of things to ask when I see him next and realize that I may need to be a little more proactive… like not ignoring the eye pain, even if it did eventually go away.

07.  Why does it seem like every time I turn around today, my coffee cup is empty?

08.  I’ve been wondering all day what Carrie is telling her family about Aunt Squishy.

09. Facebook is a time-suck

10.  I’m starving for a bag of cool ranch Doritos, but will probably have ahi tuna and kashi rice pilaf.

11.  Or maybe I’ll say screw it and just have a pizza.

12. I’m thinking this blog layout is way toooooo freakin’ cheery.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Ummm… Hai?

::: blows off the dust ::::

Yeah, it’s been a few days. *ahem*

I actually had to go to the blog because I forgot what it looked like.


It’s much too cheery.  I think I’ll need to look into changing it again.

*   *   *   *   *

I’m here, I’m alive and I’m tired and cranky.

Call off the search parties, interventions and snipers.

*   *   *   *   *

Speaking of cranky… I’ve been told that I am joining Team Crankypants and so, I am.

I’d insert a blog button and ravatar here, but I’m waiting for the grand pooobah to get image approval from someone – who lives in another country, so I’m totally not blaming her.  Really.

Plus, she got stuck with that job since she’s really good at making boys do things she wants.


*   *   *   *   *

Random pictures from his week home:

turtle turtle2

Turtle, turtle… trying to get back to the lake after possibly laying her eggs. Or she decided she was going to take the shortcut walking ACROSS the point instead of swimming around it.

love shack 005

Heh.  No, that tree is not supposed to be  leaning on the other one like that.  And that other fresh cut at the bottom of the straight tree?  Obviously NOT the one that was holding the leaning one up.  Yeah.  I offered my support and adoration from up on the deck.  With a cool glass of ice water.


*   *   *   *   *

Happy whatever the hell day it is y’all!

Sunday Socks – My Cheatin’ Heart

Busy… and I mean busy weekend. So, until I have some uninterrupted time and can warp the loom, you have to suffer with knitting content. Whee!!

sun sock 001

One sock done and the other languishing because I’m having fun trying two socks at once. Who knew toe-ups could be so much fun? Plus, for some reason I’m finding comfort during this craziness with wool. The bamboo and cotton projects? Not so much. The wool… just right. I ended up casting on last night for a project that was bought during the FPSS just because.    O.k., just because someone pointed me in the direction of a rigid heddle loom thing and I needed something I could knit and read with.  At least it’s safer than a yarn site?  Can I just say it’s also that person’s fault that I changed my layout?  Something about acid trips and ladybugs.  😀

WTF – Paradigm Shift Edition

First the freaky make-your-eye-bleed colors and crochet.  Then the formerly pink purlingdervish.  Now, Cookie’s blog is blue.  WTF is going on around here?  Is it the post holiday let down? 

Well, there is one more day coming up that EVERYONE should celebrate. 


I couldn’t take it anymore and had to slip the blog into something more comfortable.  Kind of like those holey jammies you wear when no one is looking.


You know you all own at least one pair.

No spinning last night because I stayed too long at the gym because I was having fun.


I don’t know what happened there either.

Theme 2008-02

The JenLa’s Made Me Do It

Or something like that.  I think I’m channelling Cookie here.  Replete with the happy pink and decaying flower.  Maybe I should give this theme to her.  It’s fair… she sent her clouds, I yanked her colors.


January One Sky

A day of Weeds, knitting, eating, sleeping and meetingsomeone’sfamilyeventhoughIdon’tthinkwe’rereadyforthatyet (I mean really, a month? I don’t even know if I like you.)

Ok, so I will make one resolution: To change my underwear more than my theme


Theme 08-01 

Very Merry Something**

You would think it was a holiday or something with the lack of blog posts out there.


(snuck a picture at JoAnne’s)

Despite my cold, black heart’s desire to inflict that yarn on someone, I didn’t do it.  Instead, I learned how to crochet granny squares this weekend and made a project for someone’s birthday.  It wasn’t that bad.  Except for the yarn I did use.   Pictures when the recipient recieves it.

Dinner was wonderful!  Potato-cheese-onion and kapusta pierogies and mushroom/kapusta soup.  YUM!  And… no pierogies boiled open.  Four dozen and none.boiled.open.  If you’ve ever made homemade pierogies, you might see the wonderfulness of that.  I also have eight dozen in the freezer to have throughout the year. 

I don’t have a problem with estimating amounts… why do you ask?

Today, it’s a hickory smoked ham glazed with O.J., brown sugar and crushed black cherries.  Don’t knock it until you try it.  The sides are going to be fried pierogi filling cakes followed by poppyseed rolls and nut rolls.  I said I was going traditional.  The only thing missing was the drunken fighting. 


Imported Russian poppy seeds soaking.  YUMMMM!

Last year on Christmas Eve, we were treated to the neighbor’s very loud Mexican musicuntil about 0330.  This year, it started about 1300.  Around 2215, a large SUV blaring rap music pulled up to the neighbor’s house, some shouting and threats ensued and it got QUIET!  Whoever that neighbor was, THANK YOU!  You worked better than the police.


Another huge THANK YOU!  A wonderful Swallowtail from a wonderful person.  It means all the more because it’s been on my list to knit, but the floppy paw doesn’t allow certain stitches.  It arrived a week ago and there has only been one day I didn’t have it on. 

**ETA – Theme 72

I have finally found sex in a box.


Well, Cookie discovered it and sent it to me.  Does that make her a Joe-Joe pimp?  An would that make me a Joe-Joe Ho-Ho?  I may have to buy a case or two and stock up.  I would post pictures of everything I got from her and Darcy, but I can’t find my camera cord.

I blame the cold.

I saw flurries at work today.  Really.  Ick.

Oh.  I have to work on Monday.  Even though an executive order was signed giving everyone the day off.   Our company won’t give us a paid holiday.  Which wouldn’t be so bad if every other contractor on the hill weren’t stepping up and giving them the holiday.  I guess I have 9 hours of knitting time.  Or I could study.

What?  Yes, the Fall term just ended.  (4.0 thankyouverymuch)  Yes, Spring starts in late January.  I’m a nerd.  I decided to go with Intro to Religious Studies and Spanish.

I blame the cold.

Theme 70

Freaky Eye Candy Friday Flower Power Bloglines


1.  A scarf pattern I’ve seen and now want.  Don’t ask. 

2.  My WAL pattern this week looks horribly wrong, but I guess I’ll finish the square before I pass final judgement.  Maybe two color weaving isn’t for me.

3.  Someone who accused me of being an enabler found a 4″ loom for me.  No, I haven’t forgotten.  See below  😀

4.  The new computer is a time suck.

5.  An even bigger time suck and evidence that the world is coming to an end… yes, I did sign up for Ravelry.  And yes, I got my invitation.  I don’t think we really need to document the stash again… do we?  (Of course, some people should probably post about their September UFOR that they didn’t do) 

6.  I love me some freaks!  Yes, she is knitting socks again.  Come on… we all knew she couldn’t last. 

7.  I needed some brightness on the blog again…. so  Theme 69