Eye Candy – Pass me a hanky edition


Mini skeins from the wheel.  I took the purple off thinking I gave away the rest.  And then I found the other 8 ounces.   Yeah.  I can spin that forever and not be done.  At least I’m in love with my spindle again?  Maybe when I tire of the silk (yeah, like that’s going to happen) I’ll try some of the merino on it.


Taken prior to the additional hankies spun last night.  Total is now 10. 

Yes, I’m spinning it quite thin.  But it’s so easy to do!  I can have double ply handspun lace weight!  I am really excited to start plying.

Do not send the men in the little white coats.

It’s the Joe-joes.  They’re like CRACK!!  DAMN YOU COOKIE!!!  I’m jonesing all the time and my judgement is clouded.  Evidence of that tomorrow.


NaSpiMoMo- YO!

I have been able to spin every day except Saturday. (I was far too tired by the time I got back to my friend’s house.)  However,  I more than made up for it last night while listening in on a conference call by this guy – four hankies.  That brings the total up to 7 – and I’m not eve a quarter of the way through the bag.  I kept going too thin last night and was determined not to stop until I figured it out.  Turns out I may have been pre-drafting too much.


No pictures yet.  Do you really want to see a blob on a spindle?  Day after day… after day?  Didn’t think so.

I have decided to try to ply. Yeah.

Pictures when I get to that point.  I’m getting yarn that is quite thin, so I thought I’d give it a try.  No, I have not plied before.

I’m surprisingly not afraid.  I never wanted to do it before in case I “wrecked” my spinning.  Now… I can make more.

Is it the drugs or is this whole growth thing working?

Thanks to Norma for this.  I wonder if you can spin mansilk?

Tomorrow … a tip for the gym.

Saturday Sky – I’m Pleading the 5th Edition


Ahhh… the lovely gray winter sky.  Those in the know will recognize this charming little place aka The Weaver’s Cottage.


To the right.  First, let me say that they were recovering from inventory, so please excuse the disorder.  Shelves of yarn cover the walls, including the alcove  you can’t see behind the cones of yarn.  Right now in the middle they have a loom and a bunch of wheels.  In the back room (not seen) are more looms – set up for classes.  They even have a little kitchen and dye their own silk yarn in the most amazing colors. (left side of the picture just past the orange sweater and behind the baskets, on the white shelves – you can catch a tiny glimpse).  You’ll find out later why I couldn’t get a close up of the lusciousness.  While I don’t generally like yarn grouped by color, it does look nice.  Plus they had books tucked in the shelves with the yarn.  It was cute.


To the left we have fiber.  With VM, without.  Locks and prepped, batts and tops.  Everything from cotton to yak, wool (of course) to baby camel, llama to flax and guanaco to silk hankies.

And that’s were things start to get fuzzy.  Real fast.  I  only went to the fiber side to look for a gift for someone who needed some cheering up.  No, seriously.  WHAT?!?! 

I think it was all the fumes.  They induced some sort of frenzied manic state followed by amnesia.  YEAH.  That’s it!  Next thing I know, it’s an hour later and I’m walking out the door with a butt-load of silk hankies… AND knowing how to spin them. 


I’d like to blame Angie, but let’s be real here.  Carole and Margenecame up with the whole NaSpiMoMo thing.  I blame them!