OWM – Time Flies?



On a stick!

Did you all realize that Thursday is Valentine’s Day?

Where did the time go?

I have things to finish.

And mail.

By Thursday.

Send elves! Quick!

p.s. My comments aren’t getting mailed to me (in a timely manner), so if you think I ignored you? I didn’t and I’m trying like heck to make sure I get back to everyone.

OWM – or not

whopper-002.JPGThis was going to be a OWM, but then Norma posted what she did and I don’t have to work, so I can get a philosophical on your asses.  (Just wait, it can only get worse over the next month or so)

Mindless blather and possible knitting content to return sometime in the future.


The blog world is certainly a unique place.  I think people sometimes try to put  well read bloggers/ quasi-celebrities on some sort of screwed up pedestal.   If we were face-to-face and these posts were conversations, would “they” act the way they do?  Imagine, you have a friend and sometimes they say something you don’t agree with… do you just let it be or do you round up the posse and attack them?     


I have friends I spend a lot of time with, some a little and others that are now former friends.  It’s like that with blogs.  Do I open your site, only read through a feed reader or do I unsub (or never sub at all)? 


I know she’s one of the most popular bloggers out there and I may get backlash for it, but I don’t read the Harlot’s blog.  She has wonderful projects and a unique voice, but it doesn’t float my boat, so I’m not subbed.  Do you like everyone you meet?  I don’t.  (If you say you do, then you’re a liar.)  Do I openly shit on people I don’t like?  No.  (Ok, I have been known to call people pompous asses on a regular basis)

Then why is it ok if it’s on a blog?


It’s like a bad drunk all hyped up with liquid courage.  You sit behind a computer screen and possibly a false or anonymous identity and you can write whatever you want. 


Sometimes I imagine it’s like the kids who got picked on in high school now have a chance to relive it and “get back” at the jock that threw you into a locker or the cheerleader that started a rumor about you. 


Grow up already and use that red “x” up there in the corner.

OWM – New Year’s Eve, bloglines?


Hell no.  It’s the last day of the year.  While I’m not going to wax poetic about the past year or post lofty goals for the next, I have some things I want to put into words.  Nope, no resolutions here.  Just one intention. Snarkiness to return tomorrow.  Unless bloglines pisses me off. (no, really bloglines – I mean it!)


2008 Intention

1.  Grow. 

  • Stress less. 
  • Live more. 
  • Focus and organize. 
  • Live healthy (er)
  • Experience more joy.  
  • Try new things.
  • Move outside my comfort zone.


Whether you do resolutions, goals or intentions… may your 2008 be filled with joy, gratitude and abundance.