90 (ish) days

While Texas’ birthday isn’t until the 29th, because of work, we took some time last weekend to do little trips and enjoy ourselves. As much as I tried, he wouldn’t wear a birthday tiara for me. But, whatever.

He did buy me some fiber. Because apparently I spin.

After he charmed the ladies here:

I will be going back to Homestead Heritage Craft Village for some rigid heddle weaving classes. I got invited to sit and knit or spin with them on Saturdays, but 88 miles – one way – for a knitting circle may be a little much. (I still haven’t made it to the one down the road at La Madeline because, well, honestly, I am me and hate people, and do I really want to mix my yarn with faux ooofy food?) Also, the lady in the wheelchair showed me how to spin on my book charka. I wish I would have gotten it out that evening and tried it.

Our plans had to be scaled back a little because someone split his hamstring and couldn’t do a lot of walking. I also had to do all of the driving. In his truck. With no lumbar support.

It did force me to be all do-it-yourself chick and I finally fixed my passenger seatbelt. Which involved pulling out the back seat a little and basically ripping out the interior rear quarter panel.


So, yeah. Life, love, laughter, and squish.

Happy Zombie Day y’all! However you celebrate (or don’t).

p.s. If you want to help us ride in the MS 150, we each need to raise $300.

Michael’s MS 150 page

My MS 150 page

There was Rhinebeck

And here is my haul:


Not that I actually went to Rhinebeck. Anne was nice enough to do some shopping for me via texts and with some help from Cookie. I’ve been coveting Into the Whirled batts for a while and this year, the stars aligned.

I was doing this local dye day thing instead. I only have two things to say about it. 1) Stop touching my yarn! and 2) Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I KNOW how to dye yarn.


Maybe I do have a little more to say. Most of the ladies were nice and the hostess has an amazing collection of fiber tools. Also, my husband geek bonded with the hostess’ husband. What? You think I was going in alone? Hells no!

Then there was gay Halloween. Not as fun as last year because someone had a crappy attitude, but it still had it’s moments.


What are you doing for Halloween?

That would be me spinning

Please do not pass out.


  • Fiber: Superwash merino
  • Dyed by: me
  • 1.2 ounces and 176 yards
  • July 7 & 8, 2014

I left them as singles (because what the hell would I knit with half of that?) and tried a new blocking method. You leave you singles or over-twist yarns on the noddy noddy and steam iron it. Move it, iron it… etc.

If I had more patience, I’m sure it would have worked nicely. I have a tall iron, so I could only do little sections. About the 3rd time I had to shift the yarn, I called it good. You can definitely tell where it was ironed and not. I’ll wet finish it later.

It’s hot. Hot enough that I’m not excited about the tournament this weekend. Hot enough that I’m thinking of leaving my husband and showing up on Angie’s doorstep for the summer.  I may have mentioned to Texas that I was moving back to the lake house until October (it’s about 15 degrees cooler there) and he was o.k. with it. I figure 2.5 hours to the lake vs. 15 hours or so to Wisconsin… that’s about the same difference, right?

Besides, Angie has a creek, a new loom, a fiber room and precious kitties. You don’t think she’ll mind, do you?

Happy Wednesday y’all!

There was snowboarding!

Not by me of course. I fell in love with all the snowboarding stuff during the Olympics. I had no idea either. I will probably now become an X-Games watcher. Y’all might want to start planning that intervention now.

  • Current Reading:
    • Kindle – Banshee by Barry Fitzgerald
    • Nook-Kabbalah for Beginners by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD.
    • Physical book – Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques by Marcelo Garcia
  • Current Music: Timber by Pitbull and Kesha
  • Mood: Drained
  • Smells: Espresso
  • Sounds: The heater running
  • Sights: The mylar balloon that just won’t deflate!
  • Current Knitting: The sweater that just won’t end!
  • Current Spinning: Spinning? Who spins?
  • Current Weaving: Um, yeah, I saw a couple of loom things around here somewhere.

What are you doing today?

Happy Tuesday y’all!


Today, I am…

Stealing . . . this from Debbie, who in turn stole it from Margene

Reading . . . Plowing with Pigs. Umm, yeah. Crazy, party all the time, CA girl is all up in this farming schtuff. My nook library has gone from all leisure, all the time to farming and educational titles.  I may have to remedy that.

Knitting . . . socks. Been on the needle for almost a year and not even done with the first one, socks.

Spinning. . . I have a wheel? Or a spindle? Reeeeealy.

Listening to. . .  Merry Go ‘Round by Kacey Musgraves. Local (ish) girl done good. Plus who can resist an album named “Same trailer, different park”?

Thinking about . . . fencing. More and more and more fencing. ALL the fencing.

Dreading . . . making Cheddar a steer.

Planning . . . my next idea of course. Trying to figure out if I’ll be needing the bail fund.

Excited about . . . going to the lake this week!

Drinking . . . coffee.

Itching to . . . cast on with some yarn I just dyed.

Needing to . . . build the stalls for the goats and calf

Organizing . . . his tools. So the back room can become a room again and not a gathering place for wood and tools and hardware.

Happy Thursday y’all! What are you doing on the fine Pre-Friday?

Riding on the chuck wagon*


Wooly Wonka Fiber
50% bamboo – 50% merino
Jeans & Khaki’s
2 oz
91 yds (or 92) plied

First time spinning bamboo. We had a little learning curve. O.o It was way over spun and way over plied.  Yeah, and ignore the poorly lit, crappy cell phone picture.

The stuff also bled blue all over when I soaked and thwacked. I don’t know if it will be blue and tan when it dries. It was a really pretty color when I finished spinning.

I’m still hanging on the couch, in the a/c, watching season 6 of the Shield, sucking down pills.

There are still 36 days left. Luckily I have the complete Nip and Tuck to keep me busy.

I have some Spunky or some Woolen Rabbit that I’m thinking of spinning next.

Apparently there are people suggesting I should knit a tractor cozy. Even I am not that crazy. I think.

I like spinning batts and the mistress of cupcakes may be getting plenty of orders in the future.

Should I knit a tractor cozy?

Happy Friday y’all.

*that song is still there. Anyone?

Riding on the range*


I spun during the Tour de Fleece.  I know. Don’t drop over. I’ve joined every year, but this is the first time I actually did something.

I bought the batts at the 2009 WI Sheep and Wool with Angie. I spun the Romney/Rambouillet on my spindle and the plain Rambouillet on my wheel. Both were 1 oz batts.

I spun thicker and more consistent on my wheel and after plying both together, I had 3 inches shy of the same yardage left over of the spindle.


I finished a sock too. My second of my personal “need socks now campaign”. Yes, I’m knitting one sock of each pair at a time. I figure that should keep me interested and I should finish at least one of the pairs by the end of the year.

Hey! You!  Stop that snorting and giggling.

We’re getting a brush hog for our tractor this weekend. Oh yeah! I can play on the tractor.

I don’t think that we’ll be getting the goat pen built. However, the goose pen will be. The big male goose thinks that everything moving (and not) is his to do with what he wants. Adolescent males. What can you say?

Should I knit a tank top?

That’s all I got today.

Happy Thursday y’all!

*Random song lyric stuck in my head.  Do you know what it is?

My favorite color is…


So, umm, yeah.  I won’t be doing that 10 on Tuesday thing today.

Spinning!  During the Tour.  It’s the first time I actually spun during the tour and my first batt.  Bought back in ’09 with Angie.

 Yarn sale!  Please buy it.  Please share the link. Get it out of my house so I can start organizing my stash for a stash sale.

 My poor brain is having a need for clean and organized right now.  Clutter is driving me crazy. (I know, it’s a short trip. Blah, blah)

I also can not get “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” out of my head.

 I may need an intervention soon.

♥ This whole “cool down, rain, get muggy” cycle thingy happening 3 and 4 times a day is killin’ me homes! You never know what you’re going to get when  you walk out the door.

We may have come up with a name for the farm.  It is simple, but the logo is going to end up cute. The Pope Farm (heh, I keep thinking The Body Farm).  The logo would be rows of pope hats growing out of the ground. Thoughts? Ideas? Is it sacrilegious?

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Apparently, I’m a good little fundimentalist.

Carol has resurrected Thankful Thursday and I’m playing along.  This week anyway.  😀

So, this first week of November 2010, I am thankful for:

1.  Hoarders

2. Weird deliveries from fed-ex

3. Sasquatch

4. Weird emails and the weird friends who send them

5. New tires and a rear-end alignment

6.  Twenty-three shots.  At least that’s the point I got nauseaus and stopped counting.

What are you thankful for?

Yes, those are my Halloween leaf bags all lined up by the fire-pit and looking at the lake.  WHAT!?!?


Thwacked Yak

Because there is no negotiation with the force we call Cookie.

thwacked yak

About 30 yards of singles from two ounces.  I think I purchased it at the Weaver’s Cottage in Acton, CA when Angie and I first met. I need to pull off some of the fuzzies, but it’s knitable.

≈  ≈  ≈

Yesterday, I went to The Edom Festival of the Arts and had a ball.  I met a few new connections for fiber purchases and am going to look at some used looms Tuesday.  Yeah.  Me.  Floor loom.  We’ll see what shakes out.

The big purchase of the day?

life 001

I did buy an oil painting.  Now I have to re-arrange the fireplace stuff to fill in some of the white space.  What? You want a close up?  Ok.

life 004

≈  ≈  ≈

Happy Sunday y’all!