Nothing going on here

I may crack and have to post WIP pictures tomorrow.  Because I got n-o-t-h-i-n-g.  I’ve got so much nothing that I’ve been contemplating changing my blog template again. 

Hey!  It’s easier than moving furniture.  Which I’ve been resisting the urge to do. 

I almost stole this post title… because it’s freaking brilliant. (1/14 for the kiddies late to the game)

Go check out Nora’s quinoa recipe.  It actually sounds like it might work.  Ok, so this is really a bookmark for me to go back and check. By the way Nora, it is a disease. 

I know *everyone* already reads Norma, but make sure you watch her video.  Where the hell does she come up with this stuff?

I know that I’ve kind of flaked on the WAL, but look at how pretty this is! Makes you want to pick one up, doesn’t it? It hurts to weave, perhaps I’m wrapping the loom too tightly?   

For those who are on the verge of fiber insanity… doesn’t this look like fun?   

Back to our regularly scheduled snarkiness

Or something like that.

And just think, it only took a pair of finished socks, a kind gift and the demise of others. 

Is that bad?

The wild weather here helped put things into perspective … especially when there were several co-workers on the road and forced off the road by this and this.  Another co-worker flipped their car because of the wind late last night.  Of course, that means that I have to be in early to help with the reports.  But, these are co-workers that I like.  

Even the 3 inches of dust that blew into my open bathroom window didn’t really seem to matter.  ::: forehead slap :::

Check out the goodness that was in my mailbox yesterday (ignore the socks for one second).  Angie found a 4″ loom for me!  It was definately made before we became such a litigeous society.  I’ll have to get a close up of the “pin of death” later.  I’m thinking of nicknaming the loom Lockjaw.  I also get to try out some pretty pumpkiny Euroflax linen thanks to Angie.  WHOO!   Yeah.  I have a thing for autumn oranges, browns and reds. 


Pattern: Monkey

Needles: #2 Rosewood shorts

Yarn: Some funky stuff I got as part of a sock club last year.  I wasn’t happy with the sock club, so I won’t mention any names.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the splitty yarn either.  Despite it’s icky look in the skein and ball, the colors came out ok.

Mods: 4 repeats on the leg for my love of short socks. 

Start: I always forget this part

Finish: 17 October

Yes, I’d do them again.

2 Things – Lessons learned, bloglines

2 things that kept me busy today:

  • Cleaning
  • Building

2 things that made me laugh:

  • Gigi and Jelly playing with their stuffies
  • Bad Mexican karaoke

2 things that made me smile:

  • All my Dave yarn in one basket where I can see it everyday
  • Arranging my furniture so I have a knitting corner in my bedroom

2 Things I can’t do anymore

  • Hammer
  • Saw

2 Things I have trouble doing

  • Screwing
  • Drilling

2 Things I made this weekend


  • My version of a large weavette – inspired by Jana
  • Simple loom frame

Have you tried Gorilla Glue yet?  This stuff ROCKS!  You can glue just about anything with it.  It doesn’t smell.  It expands so you don’t have to use much and it fills in spaces.  It doesn’t dry right away so you have some room to play and get things just right. 

 The only draw back?  It doesn’t dry right away. So say you touch it and then touch your hair, and then you don’t realize it right away, you may have to cut a chunk out of your hair.  


Square Deal – Week 1


So, I joined an along and this time I swear to stick to it.  Unlike other people (UFoR anyone?)  Jana came up with a great idea for a weave-along.  (Go get your looms now – yes, you need another obsession.)  Oh… and don’t look at her stash… you might go blind.  She’s posting a pattern every Wednesday and we all weave along.  The first pattern was Windopane Lace.  Here are my squares.


As to what I’m going to do with them… well, I guess you’ll have to stop back later.

Because the logistics are making my brain hurt.

And we all know that isn’t good.