There’s a Squatch in these woods.

We visited Mineral Wells State Park yesterday.  This is the place we were supposed to camp back in August when the temps hit 110. It was beautiful and I can’t wait to actually camp there.


We hiked out, had lunch and hiked back.  It would have been something to see when all the creeks were full this past spring.  Oh, and on the way in, you drive across the spill way.  However, the lake is ABOVE where your car drives.  Next time we go, I’ll have to get a good picture.


Sunday sky and other unsavory things

It’s faux fall over here. I can wear my zip hoodie in the morning and am reduced to hiding from the mid- to upper 90’s during the day. Some lucky people have snow in their area. Or it’s cold enough to wear hand knits. While that sky may look like rain, they’re saying no more. At least those clouds might keep it cool today.

If someone (aka Texas) doesn’t stop playing “I Love It” I may have to repossess his laptop and iPod. Especially when he plays it at 6 a.m.


So far, I have failed at the super secret knitting thing. I have everything together, I just haven’t worked on it. The half finished, semi-disemboweled bunny is sitting on the coffee table mocking me every time I think about working on something else.

We may or may not be mentioning that whole CMMDI embroidery thing later in the week. Does anyone remember what October was for?

So, how is your weekend going?

Saturday Sky 04


Sunset while sitting with the chicks.

It’s raining today, so Texas gets duck and chicken duty. Sweet! Unless he accidentally let the teenage ducks out while feeding them.  How hard is it to deal with teenagers?!?

Yeah, took me about 2 minutes to get them herded and back into their pen.

Why did no one tell me about Carhartt clothing sooner?

One mitt down, next one cast on for.  Perhaps I can chase Texas away and get some more work done today.


This! This is another reason I love the farming stuff. And the geese. Don’t tell Texas, but I could handle another goose or five.

Happy Saturday y’all!

Saturday Sky 03


Good morning aka way too flipping early.

Thanks go to Ms. Forrest the Goose.  Do you know how much noise they can make? I thought the rooster was going to be the problem. I’m reconsidering. If this keeps up, we’ll be having goose for dinner.

We also seem to be awful parents who don’t come out by 6 a.m. every morning to feed them and release them.  Hey! Don’t blame us, blame the time change horror perpetuated on us twice a year.  I won’t let them out until it is at least bright enough to see my hand in front of my face.


  • CMMDI 02 Mittens!
  • Pattern: Home Mittens
  • Start: 1/13/13
  • Finish: 1/18/13
  • Yarn: Silky Wool XL

I changed this pair up by doing a garter stitch cuff. Yes, my first pair of CMMDI mitts were the same pattern. They however,  were hijacked by my mom. The pattern is pretty simple and I got the first mitten done the the first day. I completed most of the second yesterday.

I will be kicking Texas out of the house again today. Like I kicked the last two baby ducks out this morning. Peanut and Chips are finally old enough, and it is warm enough for them to join everyone else.  This is the first time since May or June that we haven’t had baby somethings in the house.

I should scour, dust and disinfect the duck room. Should. Just to get it done. However, I feel like knitting. I can get at least one more pair of mitts cranked out this month.

Which means I will spend hours on Ravelry looking at patterns and accomplish absolutely nothing.

Happy Saturday y’all!

Waco…um, I mean San Antonio Day One…erg Seven

Yeah, I don’t know what happened to the past couple of days week either. I know I have pictures to download. I just have to get there.

Texas ended up having to work for a bit on Sunday before we made our way to San Antonio. We shall not speak about the fubars that occurred at the hotel when we first got here. O.o

Today Monday, I swam, did a grocery run and bought tickets to SeaWorld and Six Flags. My friend Jenny is on a bus headed this way as I type arrived late Monday night. YEAH! It’s her birthday next Monday, so Texas is paying paid for her room and I’ll have I had some one to play with while he’s working he worked.

Because, really? There is only so much fun you can have by yourself.

In the four days she was here, we did SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Schlitterbahn and Riverwalk/ Alamo. We crammed about eight days of vacation into four. I had an awesome time, felt like a kid again and made some great memories. Now I need the next week to recover.


Happy Saturday y’all!

P.s. Carrie K! For some reason, your email addy is wrong in the comments and I can’t make it right when I try to respond. I am not ignoring you. Well, maybe a little cause Hez sez to.

Sat Sky: Wish you were here

sat sky 2 20 2010

Another beautiful day at the lake.  It’s about 64 and sunny and wonderful.

Bet you can’t guess what I’m doing.

cookie love

Cookie made me that out of Dave yarn that I used to help cushion the starter wheel bobbins.  Ask her about the other details.  She is a wonderful woman indeed.  It’s heavy and warm and wonderful.

Speaking of the wonderful Cookie and her mad knitting skillz, I wore the infamous honey bee for my divorce.  It matched my boots.


And yes, those are buds on the trees.  Ahhhhh spring.

Happy Saturday y’all!

Saturday Sky – the return of the dawn

sat sky 026

I love the way the sun rises in the autumn and winter here. I am happy and thankful for this time of year. It’ll be even better once all those leaves go away.

sat sky 019

While I was walking around yesterday, trying to find a sky picture I liked, I decided to take a different picture of the lake.  I’m always up on that deck looking down.  Later today, I may make a pile of leaves and lie in them and take more sky pictures.   Just because I can.

Happy Saturday y’all!