10 Things On My Mind

Thus week’s 10 on Tuesday, 10 Things on my mind. Only 10?

1) Why have my hat knitting skills left me?

2) It is cold. Verrrry cold.  I want to stay in the bathroom where the ducklings are.  It’s 85F  (29C) in there.

3) It seems like  a good morning for oatmeal.  And hand knits.

4) I’m quite jealous of JessaLu and her CSM. I keep trying to explain to Texas why I need one desperately.  I don’t think it will happen for Christmas, but I’m going to be 40 soon.  I think that surely deserves one.  Don’t you?

5) I had to rescue a hand knit hat from the laundry basket.  No, not yours.  One I knit. He thought I’d find it when I did wash.

6) I wish this new “overactive nerve” thing would just stop. I mean, really? Over a month of hypersensitivity?  I will start to gnaw my hands off eventually.

7) I have yarn. I want to knit. Nothing is calling me.

8) Baby ducks! Love the baby ducks.  Everyone need a baby duck!  Really!

9) Tractor!  I get to ride the tractor this week!  I love my tractor.

10) I want to find a cure for NMO. (or at least a treatment that works for everyone) I want to do more to raise awareness and money.  The conference was hard on me emotionally this year. Even if there is no official fundraiser going on here, donate anyway.

That was easy.  More of a free thought thing.  I swear I will tell stories from the conference.  I just need to come up with secret identities to protect the guilty.  Muwahhahah.

Happy Tuesday y’all!  Go vote!


We can’t talk about that.

This week’s 10 on Tuesday is 10 things you did this weekend. Of course, the biggest thing I did this weekend, I can’t talk about until Texas sees it, so I’m going to have to get creative here.

  1. Danced in the rain – yes, we had rain on Sunday
  2. Added tons to my Ravelry queue, thank to that troublemaker Cheryl
  3. Worked on Lazy Katy – still not through the stockinette
  4. Listened to a live band on Skinny Pork Chop’s deck
  5. Pimped my fundraiser
  6. Ran to the hardware store a gajillion times
  7. Tried to catch up on laundry
  8. Read abstracts of medical studies on NMO, I have a ton of questions for patient day
  9. Searched for Sneaky McSneak Maggie when she decided to slip out the door
  10. Slept. A lot.

Not overly exciting, not too boring. Just right-ish. I could have done without the leaky roof and the body stuff that prevented me from having a beer or ten with Mr. & Mrs Pork Chop. Overall, it was a win.

I think I’ve realized I need a cleaning lady organizer/ hoarding professional. Well, maybe not that last one. Between the travel, getting sick and now the construction, I am so lost in my house. I have a guest bed piled high with a closet organization that derailed, a love seat full of fundraising prizes, tools and hardware around every corner, laundry that is clean and folded, but not put away. That’s just the tip of the iceberg my house has smashed into.

In fundraising news… hop on board! Only one knitter has donated so far. There have been other donations, but they didn’t want yarn. Who doesn’t want yarn?!? Conceivably, one person could take it all. Tell your family members and friends… just think, they could get you some amazing yarn for you  for only $10 . Remember to put Stacey Pope in the message section

Happy Tuesday y’all.  Hope it’s the perfect day for you.

10 Things You Buy Every Week

Hey!  It’s Tuesday!  And almost half way through September.  Where is the time going?  FYI, the prize baskets are coming along nicely and I hope you’re ready to donate!

So… 10 things I buy every week

  1. At least one book.  I’m such a reading freak.
  2. Bait.
  3. Something from iTunes… either an app or a book or a song.
  4. Ammo… you never know when the Russians are coming. (hahahha… just kidding, I’m replenishing the supplies)
  5. A plant or flowers. I kill a lot of them.
  6. Iced green tea lemonade.  It is my latest addiction at Starbucks
  7. Prizes for the fundraiser. (ok, so that is only lately, but I’m running out of stuff here)
  8. Gas station pizza.  Sometimes a slice, sometimes a whole one.
  9. Propane.  Ok, so maybe it’s every 10 days or so, but during the summer, I try not to cook inside and slow cooking ribs and briskets takes a bunch of the stuff.
  10. Pens and/or pencils.  You have no idea the black hole that is my house for those things.

Happy Tuesday y’all.  Hopefully I’ll have some knitting to show you soon.


10 on Tuesday

Whoa!  I’m back.  This week’s topic is 10 Things I Want to Knit this Fall/Winter

  1. Socks… because I’m running low
  2. Finish Lazy Katy
  3. Fudge it and Forget it… a hacked together sweaterish thing.
  4. Clapo-Ktus
  5. My Smooshy Ulmus
  6. The 2 Ishbels I have on the needles
  7. Dragonfly Wings
  8. October Glory
  9. Texas Trippin’ Tank
  10. Finish the color work mitts I took a class on.

I’ll be taking bets on the chances of actually finishing any of those.

Happy Tuesday y’all!


10 on Tuesday

Ten Way to be More Organized

01. Don’t have a husband, wife, significant other, parents, pets or children living with you.  All mess makers.  Just sayin’.

02. If you use something, put it away when you’re done.  Don’t just toss it somewhere thinking you’ll get to it.  It takes a couple of seconds to avoid that big pile up.

03. Folders.  Every important paper should have a folder.  Insuranse EOB’s, bank statements, mortgage, car payments.  Oh, and actually file the stuff away.  I usually do it right away so I don’t have a pile of mail.  (bills get filed after being paid)

04. Use your computer.  Pay things online?  Use a pdf maker (like PrimoPDF – which is free) and print confirmations and such to pdf.  Save it in a file on your computer.

05. Toss old stuff.  All that folder and online stuff?  Get rid of it when it’s no longer needed. Every couple of months, when I’m filing stuff, I clear out the things I don’t need.  For example, car payment stuff from 2009?  Tossed at the beginning of this year.

06. Don’t count on anyone to be on board with the whole “get and stay organized”.  If you want to be organized, it’s your deal.  Do what you can and don’t expect help – even if they say they will.

07. Have a notepad and writing implement everywhere.  By the phone, on the fridge, whatever.  Makes it easy to centralize grocery lists, phone messages, etc.  I personally love little notebooks.

08. Don’t get sick.  You will not care about staying organized and huge piles will develop while you’re down.  Take your vitamins or airborne or whatever works for you.  Just don’t get sick.  It’s too much trouble.

09. Use the calendar on your phone or computer.  Set reminders.  Most phones will sync up with outlook or google.  It’s a lifesaver.

10. Just do it.  All the gizmos and gadgets won’t do a thing if you don’t use them.  Make a commitment and stick to it.

¤  ¤  ¤  ¤

Since we’re talking about organization and I’m not always on the ball, some of you are waiting to hear about the Wollmeise winner… Paula!  You won!  In addition, there was a late arrival on a prize (and donation) from the first contest, so there will be something extra in there from Knitting Pretty.

Oh and feel free to keep donating.  I’m revamping the page for just donations and trying to get the code for Proactiv so that a portion of sales goes to Collin’s fund.

Tomorrow, (or someday in the future) rants.  Lots of rants.  Or not.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

COLLIN WOKE UP!!  Tonight, Collin just suddenly decided it was time to get better!  He woke up, made eye contact, we talked to him & he let us know he is there!  I asked him to look at momma, he did, asked him to look at daddy, he did!  I asked him if he wanted Mario, he shook his head yes.  I picked Mario up, held it in front of him & asked him to get him, he did!  Then I asked him for a hug &  he gave us both the biggest hug!

01. Donate to Collin or the Guthy Jackson Foundation

02.  Donate anywhere

03.  Gift cards

04. Soaps, lotions, bubble bath, throw it in a basket and viola!

05.  That stash of hand-knit accessories we should all have lying around. (snort)

06.  Cookies, breads … whatever you made and made extra of in case of emergencies

07.  Make a movie out of pictures.  Most computers now come with a movie making software.

08.  Quickly knit a sweater

09.  Whatever looks good at the local truck stop/gas station

10.  And again… donate.  Anywhere.  This isn’t about who bought the best gift or how many presents someone gets or gives.  If you’re Christian, it’s about Jesus and the gift God gave.  If you’re not, well… it was a feast and celebration in many cultures.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

10 on Tues: Long Car Trips – kind of

Since I’m sitting in waiting room hell before I have to drive to Dallas and sit yet again in the same hell, I’m twisting this one up a little.  I’d linkity link to Carol, but I haven’t figured out how to do it from the phone yet.

01. Read. Love my nook. Love it!  Especially for the “potato chip” books that don’t need much of an attention span and don’t need to take up space on my bookshelves.

02. Write a blog post from your phone. (Only if you’re driving)

03.  Text wacky friends. Again, only if you’re not driving. Unless the freeway is empty or you’re being followed by a good looking police officer. What? We all have our little quirks. A man in uniform is mine. (Remind me to tell you sometime about the lake po-po I practically begged to search me)

04.  Take the back roads and find new sights.

05.  Discuss total world domination.

06.  Rip projects you’re never going to work on again.

07.  Cross stitch

08.  Sleep. Or try not to if you’re the one driving.

09.  Ummmmm. Yeah. All out of ideas

Happy Tuesday y’all

10 on Tuesday… Spawnlings! Wooooooo boy!

Oh yeah… Teh Squish is goin’ there.

10 Ways to Entertain a Child

1.  Television… the new babysitter.

2.  Teach them how to skin a catfish and make a pretty sparkly bedazzled purse for their momma with the skins.

3.  Give them lots of sugar and soda and let them do pretty much whatever they want and then hand them back to their parents.

4.  Manual labor… mow the lawn, clean the gutters, clear weeds from the flower beds.

5.  While we’re going there, vacuum, mop and do laundry too.

6.  Enroll them in every VBS you can find… doesn’t matter the church… just get em there.

7.  Let the oldest (11) take the 3 others (4,5 and 8) out alone on a paddle boat out of your sight and unsupervised. (but hey, they had life jackets)

8.  Take the community pool and fill it with dirt, so they can just hang out at the park and think of things to entertain themselves with… like stealing signs, trashcans and lighting small fires.

9.  Give them to your drunken mother-in-law to watch… she’ll keep them entertained.

10.  Do the things on this list… especially since you’ve gotten your 3rd DUI since Memorial Day.

← ¤  ¤  ¤  →

Before you get your panties in a wad, remember… I am the Squish and I’m just making some funnies, using sarcasm, and sharing Harbor Life observations.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Random Tuesday Schtuff

Subtitle: I musta been smokin’ crack

lake snow

01.  It’s snowing big, fat, wet flakes.  Yeah?  I think.  If I wasn’t in the area that’s supposed to get 4-6 inches instead of north about 30 miles where they’re only getting 1-2.

02.  Wow.  I’m getting old.

03.  Or just wildly out of shape since the whole head splody saga started about a year and a half ago.  I didn’t feel like taking the swim class this morning, so I was just going to do some low weight/high rep stuff like the doctor said.

04. Well… you know I have the attention span of a raccoon surrounded by shiny things.  There was something interesting going on and I popped in on the zumba class.

05.  ZOMG!  How the eff did I ever go out and party like a rock star when I lived it CA?

06.  Maybe I should try it without having done some of the weight machines first?

car snow

06.  When the sweet tiny baby hey-zeus heard my prayers and made the torture end class was finally over, this was on my windshield.

07.  I think I heard Carrie’s “squee” all the way from Arizona.

08.  Yeah, I know.  This is two posts in two days.  Don’t get used to it.

09.  Zombies are distracting me.  I want the golden sunflower and I only have to complete the survival mode to get it.

10. Plus, I’m knitting something.  Stop the snickers and jaw dropping.

Happy Tuesday y’all

Random 10 on Tuesday – again.

This week, they went renegade again and have the 10 Favorite Places To Knit … I think you have to leave the house to get 10, so I’m going to go even more renegade.

01. I like to knit on my couch.  With a good tv series on dvd or instant netflix.

02. Have I mentioned how much I love my new bluray with the wireless thing that lets me watch instantly on my tv?  No?  Well, I do.

03.  Right, knitting.  Um.  In the car, because when Texas is home he does all the driving.

04. On the deck.  I love the warm and sun and wildlife. (although I’m going to have to be careful this year)

05. On the dock whilst waiting for a catfish to bite.

06.  Lookies!  My own minion!!!


My very own minion!!  Yeah!!!

07.  But I can’t get him to knit for me… he’s lazy and keeps dropping stitches.

08.  OOH!  Another place, at my desk while Smokin’ Joe the Snail is hopped up on chocolate and taking care of my zen garden.

09. The gym kicked my arse last night.  Really, for real. Aqua moves. Perfect for seniors my ass. There were no seniors in the class and I’m sore today.

10.  The Universe was very wise today:

You might call it spiritual logistics, Stacey, but sometimes you have to move away, to get closer.

Or you might just call it weird.

Either way, it helps to remember it from time to time.


The Universe

Happy Tuesday y’all!