Thanksgiving Sock

That right there my friends, is a sock that is dead to me. Noro taiyo sock yarn that just pulled apart mid stitch. Tiny needles and tiny yarn are not my friend. I cast these on two days ago and I can only knit about 4 rows before the pain starts. I’ve been stopping after 6 and taking breaks.

I should have let the kitten keep the ball when she stole it. She obviously knew it was going to be trouble.

In better news, I cheated and got a Greenberg turkey this year. I did boxed stuffing yesterday and scooped it out into balls for baking today. All the crisp edges! I’m trying this mushroom recipe and doing some quick sautéed green beans. Such a lazy day!

As I’m making the plates, I’ll be throwing enchilada sauce, cream cheese, turkey, and chiles in the slow cooker for some enchilada soup later.

My husband is going to the farm for the weekend, so I’ll be tossing my stash and looking for a different project. While I contemplate burning that sock above.

For those of you that are new, that was code for I’ll look at patterns on Ravelry and take naps. Then I’ll run around for an hour straightening up my mess before he gets home.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

I forgot what Thursday was for

So I’m declaring it random. HA!

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Knits in the wild

¤ I knit. Who knew?

¤ For some reason, I can’t sleep past 530 am. This is starting to get annoying.

¤ Texas and I both had aggravating days yesterday, so I said I really wished I could have gone to Knotty Girls. He said he had such a bad day he needed to go to the yarn shop too. I think the ever growing stash fumes have finally permeated his brain.

¤ There is a stain on the deck that looks like old blood.  I’m tempted to draw a chalk outline and point out to people that this is what happens when I get pissy.

Froggy morning

¤ We’ve had cooler weather here and I’ve finally gotten my internal house temp down to 60F.  WOOT.  If this keeps up, I’m gonna build a fire in the fireplace.

¤ If you’re dealing with Texas’ mortgage company, you can’t get an address to send an insurance check to without “authorization”. An address.  Seriously.

¤ Despite the fact that I had one under my maiden name and I used the new name when I called them.  Which then voided out the old authorization. Apparently, being able to pronounce and spell that Polish disaster was not enough.

¤ Insurance check? Since you asked, we had a little leak. By little I may mean water pouring in the house. There are some hail damage issues with the roof. We’re thinking of going with metal.


¤ Veriz@n and I had another go-around too.  ARGH. I want to give you more business and money, can you make it easier? Please?

¤ I have Violent Femmes running through my head and can’t get rid of them.

¤ Did you know that if you wait until the day before someone is supposed to fly, that  you just might not be able to get tickets for them?  At least through your craptastic “business travel” site.  Funny how I can find flights to get Texas home tonight, but his company can’t. Instead of three days, he gets 40 hours.  Yep. 40 straight hours at home.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

I’m off to go sniff some fumes at Knotty Girls.

What are you doing today?

Fill- Ins and more random crap

It’s that day of the week and the only other thing I have is a wild rant which will involve swearing.

1. Why does the whole time change thing have to happen?

2. If I were on the space station, I could see the world.

3. Thank you for not pissing me off yet today.

4. Halloween is my favorite holiday because it’s fun to decorate for, spooky movies are awesome and there’s no family drama.

5. I am SO over it.

6. He just needs to make up our minds to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to an early night, tomorrow my plans include helping my  mom move and Sunday, I want have to finish the move!

∞  ∞  ∞

Warning! Explicit language ahead.

I have had it up to here with doctors.  I had some abnormal results come back on a blood test, so House asked that my PCP repeat the test.  It only took me a day of fighting with the ass bucket (the PCP)  to get it. I asked if they would work with House and was told “within reason”.  So they do the test, it still comes out wacky and I ask what’s next.  I was told “we don’t treat numbers, we treat people”, so nothing further.

I give the results to House and was told to see the PCP for an abnormal result work up… which isn’t going to happen because “they don’t treat numbers”.  I asked House (well his new inefficient assistant who is definitely no Sex Kitten) for help with my PCP given their attitude.  I explained exactly what was said.  I was thinking House could either order labs or communicate with them as to why this is important.  The response?  In my opinion sucked goat gonads.

There no other labs we are requesting. This is something that your PCP can evaluate your for or send you to a hematologist if necessary. We found an abnormal lab on routine bloodwork and we have alerted you and your PCP to further evaluate the abnormality.
All we ask is that you or your PCP keep us updated.

Ummm. Great. So House doesn’t want to step on someone else’s toes and Dr. “I got stuck in some freakin back water town doing family medicine instead of still being in a big city E.R. just because I had an unfortunate life event” doesn’t treat numbers.

I am so flipping angry right now because it seems like no one wants to do anything.  This blood work stuff could mean I need to come off my “keep you from going blind and being paralyzed” med for a little or, it could indicate I’m experiencing one of the very yucky side effects from the same med.

I mean, it’s partially my fault.  I should have switched family doctors the time Texas had to get staples in his head and when it came time to remove them, the didn’t have a kit to do it, so the lady tried a staple remover… as in the kind you find in offices.  She ended up wiggling them out with forceps.  Yeah.  Great doctor’s office.  Besides, I hate the hospital that they’re affiliated with so much I’ve said if the choice is dying or going there, let me die.

So, now I’m just hanging out.  Waiting.  The other office in the area is affiliated with the other major hospital in Tyler.  They are doing everything they can to get me on the schedule.  I can’t be put in as a sick appointment because I’m not an established patient, but the lady and her boss were wonderful.  And she recognized that I was one step from losing it and said she would fax the records request form instead of me taking it over.

*end rant*

Happy Friday bitches!

p.s. I was totally going to swear more, but I got to talk to Snarky Snark McCookie and let the anger go a little

FOAD Thursday – Health Edition

::::::: insert ranting, raving and maybe even a little whining here ::::::::::


 shrugh 001

Much better.

The highlight of my Thursday? I’m off to the dentist. Whooo? I could be really lucky and the new reeds could arrive while I’m there.

Due to the FOAD rant up there ^ , I didn’t get much of anything accomplished yesterday.   I do however have some waiting room knitting in my future, so I suspect we’ll see a bunch of FO’s around here in short order.


 I’m hoping to get this off the loom as soon as possible just in case.  I’m starting to be thankful for the FPSS* of last year.  The purple is from a cone of silk noil and the shiny stripe is a cone of rayon that I bought off of someone who was destashing.  Neither worked for anything I was knitting and there is so much that I don’t feel bad using it to play around with.

Have a  great Thursday!

*floppy paw shopping spree

FOAD – Small Town Living

Gym etiquette tip:  If a person is working out, avoiding eye contact and giving short, non-responsive answers…. they probably don’t want to talk to you.  Oh, and they probably don’t appreciate you standing there staring at them.  For 4 minutes.

Back-story: The “gym” is a workout room with a couple of machines and studio in a strip mall.  It is 24 hour access and usually no one is there. Of course, the person in question was the town nut (OK, one of the town nuts).  She followed me from the coffee shop.  Freaked me the fuck out.  She wasn’t in workout gear.  When she went into the studio and shut the door, I ran like a freak calmly walked back to the coffee shop before they closed. 

Wash. Rinse. Repeat the next night.  Last night, I took my 62 year old mother for protection.

In neeener-neeeener news… the medical report came in.  BOOYAH!  I got a very nice call from the awful insuranse adjuster.  Wanting to know what he could do to help me.  I know people take advantage of the worker’s comp system, but I am not one of those people.  Vindication is SCHWEEET!  

Spinning: another hankey down

Knitting: 3 rows

Growth: If stopping oneself from eating the whole box of Joe-Joe’s in one sitting counts as growth, then I am so there.