There was snowboarding!

Not by me of course. I fell in love with all the snowboarding stuff during the Olympics. I had no idea either. I will probably now become an X-Games watcher. Y’all might want to start planning that intervention now.

  • Current Reading:
    • Kindle – Banshee by Barry Fitzgerald
    • Nook-Kabbalah for Beginners by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD.
    • Physical book – Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques by Marcelo Garcia
  • Current Music: Timber by Pitbull and Kesha
  • Mood: Drained
  • Smells: Espresso
  • Sounds: The heater running
  • Sights: The mylar balloon that just won’t deflate!
  • Current Knitting: The sweater that just won’t end!
  • Current Spinning: Spinning? Who spins?
  • Current Weaving: Um, yeah, I saw a couple of loom things around here somewhere.

What are you doing today?

Happy Tuesday y’all!

There’s a blog post in there

Or that’s what Cookie tells me.*

She also says that I’m an epic fail as a lush. I guess I’m just not alcoholic material. No matter how hard I try. I had some awesome fun in Dallas at the bar with the pilots, the hipster insurance group and the lonely heart club. I however, did not have to be drunk to do so. Amazing, huh?

Despite taking yarn and needles with me, I also am an epic fail as a sock knitter. In my defense, I broke a circular and a couple of dpns a few days prior and had to order some. I could only work on a rather boring sock.

Someone insists that I need to drink more water and that coffee and tea don’t really count. So I tried and succeeded with the naturally flavored water. (Try the sage blackberry. Trust me) However, she’s the one who found the recipe and then had to walk me through the fruit department. Which apparently was entertaining.

Pickles are vegetables, right?

I’m still a little stunned by the pharmacist at the new store I tried. I think he’s prejudiced again people with funky hair.

Happy Pre-Friday y’all!

*this blog post brought to you by a week full of being on the phone and Cookie

made me



Who’s your daddy?!?

Apparently Texas is. A soon to be goose daddy anyway. I’ve taken to calling him the goose whisperer.


Perhaps Pip Daddy?

Someone reminded me that it wasn’t that many years ago I was getting all sick and sexified to go ride a mechanical bull. A portent perhaps? A warning to all you youngsters out there.

Oh, and chickens are a gateway drug. Remember that my friends.


The babies out for the day.

Then again, my mother keeps saying I’m only becoming my grandfather. The joke will be on her when I take a buttload of fresh produce and canning equipment to her house and force her to teach me. aka watching while she does the work.

It could be something in the water here.

Even my M-I-L is being nice. Besides the tractor seat (that is wonderful!) she bought for my birthday, she has offered to take Texas away for a day.  Do you know what I would do with all that free time?!?

Yeah, you’re right. I’d just clean and enjoy listening to nothing. But I’d sure enjoy it. If she’d hire a farm nanny and a housekeeper for the day, there’s no telling what trouble I could get into.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

p.s I was going to do a Take No Prisoners Tuesday post. However, a good night’s sleep has taken away my slash and burn attitude.  Along with avoiding ravelry and FB so far this morning.

New Yoga Poses!

I’m calling them Skinny Pork Chop and Big Rock. Go ahead.  Give them a try.

Yes, that is a hole in my wall.  No, I did not have another episode. Yes, we did that on purpose.  There are some lovely French doors there now.

There also may have been windows and an entry door taken out.  Oh and the bedroom door was moved from a living room entry to a hallway entry. Just those changes would have been enough for any mere mortal, but not your Squish!

Mr. Pork Chop is installing bead board on the wall that now has no doors on it or opening against it.  Ahhhh.  A solid wall. Open concept is great and all that, but really?  No snatch of wall big enough to put a t.v. on?  It all had to be redone.

SSCLD is, of course, on the road and missing the joy of construction. (hmmm.. maybe I should write a book about that) Right now I have windows open so I don’t get really high off the smell of liquid nails.

∞  ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞

Things are crazy at Chez Love Shack. (Yeah, yeah… so what’s new about that) I’m gearing up for the fundraiser, tearing up the house (see above), knitting (see below), trying to spend as much time at the LYS because there was a possibility they were going to close (they’re not), and driving back and forth to Tyler eleven billion times in the past week.  Hopefully, I’ll get a little down time this weekend with a new friend in Nacadoces Nacogdoches. (Did I spell that right? Crazy East Texas names. I don’t think you even pronounce that crazy g)

After that, maybe I’ll get a chance to respond to email. *coughCarrieKcough*

∞  ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞

Knitting.  Right.


This is the only thing that is easy enough to work on with all the mess/travel/waiting/gift begging going on.  Mindless!  Mindless I tell you!  But fun with the quick ten-stitch rows and crazy Noro colors.  I’m thinking super, awesome floor pillow.

∞  ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞

I was going to do 10 on Tuesday.  Then I realized it was Wednesday.  Maybe I have inhaled too many fumes.

Happy Wednesday y’all (or Thursday… whenever you read it)

Short and to the point. Or not.

Because Cookie said I should and I always listen to Cookie.

01.  All hell broke loose.

02.  Now that Texas is home, I’m doing the traveling.

Totally not right.

03.  He loves his job and they love him.

04.  Although it’s really not hard to love him.

Or hard not to love him.

Pick one that appeals to your grammar sensibilities.

05.  Heads split open and demons flew out.

06.  Angie isn’t coming here in October because I won’t be here.

I’ll be catching her in/around D.C.I hope.

07.  I’m apparently medically interesting enough for my neuro to make me a case study.

08.  If I get treated like I have no brain because I have a vajayjay…

I may lose it on these backwoods hicks

Or kidnap the Kitten and give her 5 minutes alone with them.

09.  The Anti-Christ lives.

And it’s not the wicked witch.

I have found worse.

10.  Sometimes, banging your head against a wall repeatedly does make it all feel better.

Or maybe that’s the brain damage setting in.

11.  On my last trip, I again packed knitting. Although I still can’t knit.

Right there is proof of the drain bamage.

12.  The four horsemen of the Apocolypse have been seen cruising the area

13.  I seriously need a night at Big Rock’s Tiki Bar and Grill

with a case or ten of Coronas

and tong wrestling

14.  Cookie is a saint and deserves the greatest of blessings for not ripping me a new one on the phone.

15.  Yeah, I’m still all squishy and shit.

16.  Anyone know how to knit a crawfish?

17. Catch you when I catch my breath again!

Until then, keep up the randomness

Happy weekend y’all!

TMI Tuesday

Because these were fun this week and Texas and I had some good discussions around it… we’re sharing TMI:

1. Marriage and children aside, what has been your greatest accomplishment in life?

My job. Or former job, since they did hire someone else for it. Getting my degree.

2. Aside from healthy and happy children, what is your greatest ambition for the future?

Total world domination. Have a race car again.

3. If we were to enter your real name in a search engine, what would we find?

Knitting stuff. Racing stuff.

4. Who is the most famous person you ever met (not just in the same room as, but actually spoke with)?

Robert Davi. Maybe Cheech and Chong? Who’s more famous?  Oh, and I did meet both BB King and Stevie Nicks.  Almost forgot Patti LaBelle too. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, John Force.

5. Parents aside, who is your biggest hero?

Well, I can’t tell you that, because then she would know… and that would be weird and strange and icky. John Force.

6. Someone once worked out the sexual version of Six Degrees of Separation – Celebrity A slept with B, who slept with C, who slept with D, making as sort of connection between A and D. Are you connected to anyone famous through six or fewer bonks?

Yes. No.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

17 March 2009

Don’t you wish that WP would make up names or numbers when you save a draft with no title? That would make it so much easier.  I can only be clever so many times a week and today isn’t it.


Go wish her a happy Saint’s Day.  It’s the out I used for being such a slacker on getting the birthday present delivered on time.  I just don’t do well under birthday pressure.  If it’s your birthday, don’t fret if you don’t get something from me.  You’ll probably get it about two months later.


lake 020

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

~Carl Sagan

Yeah.  I just liked the quote. It seemed to fit the picture of the lake.  I didn’t make it down the hill fast enough to get the beautiful picture of the sun before the fog moved in, but I was quite happy with what I got anyway.

Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

Go see this. I really don’t have a stash problem.  I can’t even keep two strands straight.

Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

TMI Tuesday wasn’t that bad this week, so here we go!  (I’m saving the UM’s for a day I have nothing)

1. Don’t tell us what it is, but do you have a sexual secret you have never told anyone? Yes
2. Do you have a nonsexual secret you have never told anyone?
3. Did you ever tell someone a secret only to have them spill it? What were the repercussions?
Yes, I never spoke to the person again.  Of course I was getting ready to move to CA, so it was a moot point.
4. Did you ever spill a secret someone told you? What were the repercussions?
Nope.  Well not intentionally.  Don’t call me when I’m half asleep.  Mmmmkay? Or talk to me in my sleep.  I seem to have good conversations if you get me going.
5. Tell us a secret someone told you, however along ago, that you’ve never told. (You can disguise name or details)
That they slept with their best friend’s woman.  Eventually it came out on it’s own, but I kept my mouth shut. I was not about to step into all of that lesbian drama.  And yes, they do do drama well.

Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

maggie 004

Carrie asked for pictures of the paws and all I got was the look of death.

Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

maggie 008

I like sleepy, not scary kitty best.

Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

Happy Tuesday y’all!