Love Thursday… and a confession

01. I love the hair even more this morning. I walked by a mirror this morning on my way to get coffe and shocked myself.

02. I love that I’m going on a ghost hunt this weekend. It sounds like fun. But if I die from fright… Nora divides the stash.

03. I love that I get to see what may be my new gun tomorrow. WOO!

04. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning.

05. I love the thought of going and riding some quads on Sunday, but I’m not going to do it. I’m not sure I can handle it with the arm and I’m too afraid to hurt it. Maybe sometime in the future on ground that is something other then sand.

06. I love falling asleep curled up next to him.

07. I love that I have such a diverse group of friends. I mean, I’m pretty much covered for anything. Russians attacking? Yep. Going out and partying? Yes. Going shooting? Have it. Getting arrested after partying or shooting? That too. Riding horses? Check. Serious discussions? Covered. Knitting accident? Absolutely. Just being a general ankle loving freak? Yep.

08. I love the smell of puppy breath.

09. I love collapsing into bed after a hard day’s work. Showered and fresh again but totally and completely worn out. A bed never feels so good.

10. I love this new saying I found and even made it my tag line.

If youโ€™re waiting for a sign, this is it. Do it. It will be amazing.

O.k. then. You all want the confession. (Freaks) And of course I’m all about keeping it real here at Chez Evil.

:::donning asshat::::

A few weeks ago, I was having a little freak out and I bought a pack of cigarettes. And then another. And well, all that time not smoking went down the tubes. So yeah. Stooopid. But I did it. There you go.

Yes mom, I am quitting again. This weekend. I’m just throwing it out there. Luckily, it hasn’t been that long. And it helps that almost every time I light one, I think of Jen’s pain and how I’m being selfish and stupid. And I feel like a dumb ass.

Because we’re all a little tired of this shit

Hey Cookie:

ridgecrest 009

Blue sky.

In California. Yesterday. Really.

Fine, I had to drive up a mountain to get this picture and sure, there is still smoke in the view… but damn it, it’s blue sky.

And that counts.

I was wondering if maybe it had something to do with this magical compound:

ridgecrest 076

Looks all quiet and unassuming. Just sitting there in the middle of the desert on a lonely back road.

ridgecrest 078

And then you see this pyramid shape rising from next to the trailers and porta potty. (click big)

Yes, that is a human eye painted on one side.

But here is the money shot:

ridgecrest 081

The whole thing is gold. With a human eye on one side and an Egyptian one on another. (you can’t see the third side from the road)

I would have stopped to see, but every time you drive by, there is a group of people sitting underneath it. (I love y’all, but not that much)

Vortex? Alien landing site? Maybe an adventure for another day when I’m totally bored out of my mind?

ridgecrest 083

Like me buying this isn’t evidence that I could have become that bored already. Or maybe it’s just the beginning of some sort of mental breakdown.

Because nothing says sanity like biking with a floppy paw in 110 degrees and surrounded by smoke.

Random Wednesday

santa monica 019

01. This guy was actually pretty good.

02. Last Friday, I have to admit there was a little bit of an incident involving (kind of) cops. Liz invited some SF’s down from the base and when I ran into someone I knew and disappeared for a little bit, they got worried. Apparently they offered to go find me. (Don’t go awwwww yet)

03. I didn’t find this out until dinner last night. But, um, do I really look that naive?

04. Obviously (see #5)

05. When did buying a girl dinner mean you were going to get lucky? Because my math in that situation never added up quite like that. I’m not even sure that should buy you a handshake. (Yes, the “concerned” guy)

06. We may have been a little scandalous in Santa Monica yesterday. It may or may not have involved code names (Hi! I’m Amanda) and a cowboy hat. Which I now have possession of. (This had nothing to do with #5)

santa monica 014

07. Liz and I should not be allowed to go out together alone.

08. We’re probably going clubbing in Hollywood this weekend anyway.

09. If things work out as planned, I’m going to PUERTO RICO! for a week. Aye! Papi! Maybe I should have paid more attention this semester. But then again, maybe I know all I really need to know… right Angie? ๐Ÿ˜€

10. I think I’m still finding sand in places there shouldn’t be sand.

11. It may be payback for texting people “I’m at the beach! How’s work?” Luckily, I did not do that to La. I may be dead right now if I had.

santa monica 058

12. Sometimes you find the weirdest stuff written in the sand at the beach.

13. Does anyone out there understand man-speak? Because I am totally out of practice.

14. Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard.

15. Shhhh… I’m hunting wabbits knitting today.

santa monica 021

16. The Hoff totally dissed me yesterday. /sob

17. Have you wished Nora a happy birthday? GO DO IT! Oh, and don’t mention butt crack and sex in the same sentence around her. ๐Ÿ˜€