There was Rhinebeck

And here is my haul:


Not that I actually went to Rhinebeck. Anne was nice enough to do some shopping for me via texts and with some help from Cookie. I’ve been coveting Into the Whirled batts for a while and this year, the stars aligned.

I was doing this local dye day thing instead. I only have two things to say about it. 1) Stop touching my yarn! and 2) Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I KNOW how to dye yarn.


Maybe I do have a little more to say. Most of the ladies were nice and the hostess has an amazing collection of fiber tools. Also, my husband geek bonded with the hostess’ husband. What? You think I was going in alone? Hells no!

Then there was gay Halloween. Not as fun as last year because someone had a crappy attitude, but it still had it’s moments.


What are you doing for Halloween?


Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE (x3)

The white Indian Runners are Divine, Sabrina and CiCi, the brown Kahki’s are Johnny and June and the geese (goslings?) are Forrest, Melvis and Turtle. They love their “pond” and both Texas and I spend a few hours (after all the mucking and watering and cleaning) each day just watching them (and the chickens).

I’m up to at least two showers a day with all the hard work and East Texas heat. We’re thinking we may hold off on the livestock until we have a good routine down with these guys. Besides, Texas has a TON of fence to build.

Last Saturday, Texas drove me to Nacogdoches to hang out with the Knotty Girls. He and Boudreaux (the new pup) hung out on the porch while all us chicks played with color. I tried a new to me dye (Country Colors) and mostly hand painted. I’m not sure if it was the nuking or the dye but the yarn is what I can best describe as “crispy”.

Other than all of that, we’ve just been busy with land stuff and dyeing and trying to get him playing with the wood lathe again. Oh, and lots of napping. Even most of my knitting has been mindless stuff I can work on as I fall asleep and is easy to fix when I drop a bazillion stitches.

What have you been doing?

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Mindless Monday

It is Monday, right?

We finally got to a point where I have a room all to myself. It is a work in progress.

Texas is at a job interview thing and hopefully remembers to pick up my citric acid so I can dye.

We were given quilts that his grandmother and great aunt made. Sadly, not all are salvageable. Some people’s obsessive need to hoard things, while saving a handful of quilts, also destroyed twice as many. Argh

You do realize that it isn’t even April and the weather dogs have “blessed” us with almost a whole month of high 70’s and low 80’s? This does not bode well for summer.

Can you hear it growing too?

I’m off to weigh out  bumps of roving.  I will be dyeing tomorrow and no one can stop me.

Happy Monday y’all!