And no one died

Dinosaur Valley State Park was the destination for our experimental camping trip. It was close enough that if things went wrong, we could be home in short order. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.   I don’t have a lot of pictures because we were doing ALL the things.


27 miles of walking/ hiking, not including the time spent in the water walking to the Bluehole and dinosaur tracks. We were a half mile from the bathrooms. Our campsite was 1/3 mile from the parking area and park store. It was hot. Hot! So we spent a bunch of time actually in the water. Our hiking was done before 10 a.m.

It actually went so well that we’ll be doing another trip next month.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Take No Prisoners Tuesday: I think I’ll call it a draw

not going to jail food

Supplies.  I haz them.

01.  This may be the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge today. Srsly. (scroll over the picture to see the title muwahahah)

02.  I’ll be making the maple bacon cookies again and trying the pull apart bacon bread look about halfway down the page

03.  I may or may not share them with the Skinny PC and Large Meat Product when I go over for dinner tonight.

04.  Yeah, it’s that bad right now.

05.  But I have bacon and chocolate and weapons.

06.  Everyone, say hi to the really nice chicky from the Texas Tollways thing in Austin who was really helpful and nice yesterday.  And who is a knitter.  I forgot to ask if she had a blog or a Ravelry name.  She said she was stopping by.  Think I should have warned her we’re all a bunch of wierdoes?

07.  I have learned that 160 characters is not nearly enough room to express my anger and outrage and think that the cellphone companies need to give us more space to write texts.  Because sometimes? I don’t have to “suck it up, buttercup” and maybe

::: stopping thought right there before I stroke out ::::

08.  Zombies will eat your brains.  (oh, and the game is not on facebook /pout )

09. I love my little post office man.  He’s almost a male version of Cookie.  O.o

10.  Despite all of the stuff in the picture, I stopped by the gym on the way home to reactivate my membership since I was cleared to go. (well, with a billion restrictions, but still)


I spent most of the day yesterday playing with this:

the process

I don’t remember how I got to The Noble Pig, but I must have spent about half a day looking around.  I decided to try these cookies.


Yeah, you read that right.  Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. ZOMG!  They’re so good.  How can you go wrong putting bacon in anything.  Take her advice, do not put more than 6 on a pan.  They spread a lot and get nice and crispy. With my next batch, I think I’m going to try her suggestion of sprinkling a little extra bacon on top.

Today?  Pierogi fillings.  The actual pierogi will be assembled over the weekend.  Would you believe that Texas has never had a pierogi?  Really.  O.o

Happy Friday y’all

That’s right. I knit something.



  • Started: Nov 22, 2008
  • Finished: yesterday (Dec 13. 2009)
  • Pattern: Dashing
  • Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed
  • Needles: Bryspun 7’s

♥Love♥ the yarn, ♥love♥ the needles (really, everyone should own a set of their dpns),  ♥ love ♥ the mitts!  I learned from Fetching that I needed to make them a bit longer in the hand, so I added a couple of rows.  I also threw in a few extra on the thumbs.  I had some bad ladders which appear to have cleaned up a little with washing and blocking.

I would love to get a bunch of this yarn for knitting Nuss (which I already have the pattern for, but not the yarn).

I did most of the knitting on these when I was flying back and forth to Los Angeles and then it got warm and I didn’t think about them.  Now that I’m freeeeezing… it was time to finish them.

≈  ≈  ≈

Ms. Daisy?  Yeah, I think she’s settling in.


≈  ≈  ≈

I’m thinking of trying to make some of this today.  YUM!

Happy Sunday y’all!

Sunday Sock *snort*

Like y’all thought I was actually going to be able to finish a couple of rows of ribbing in one day?


You do know what blog you’re at right?

Most of yesterday was spent fighting stomach ickies and making a big batch of chicken and dumplings – they’re sitting in the fridge to get more yummy and to be devoured today.  I slow cooked some ribs for dinner and made some sweet potato fries.  I think Ghiardelli chocolate cupcakes are being made later.

And yes, I swear.  I’ll knit.


Since my attitude is improving:

Happy Sunday y’all

What are you lookin’ at?

zoo 180

I’m slowly catching up.  Swears. I’m just taking a break from spot treating and shampooing carpets.

The thwacked yak is still drying.  Thanks to all who told me what I needed to do.  And Julie?  She is one amazing chickie.  She gave me a great suggestion for the yak and little bits of other schtuff I’m spinning up.

≈  ≈  ≈  ≈  ≈

While I’m thanking people.  Hilari had this on her blog today.  Awesome idea!

::: waves hi to Hilari! Yeah, I still read your blog :::

≈  ≈  ≈  ≈  ≈

Want some yum?  Check out the pumpkin recipes.

≈  ≈  ≈  ≈  ≈

Happy Tuesday y’all!  Oh, and go wish Carrie a Happy Birthday.

Random Re-entry Thoughts

01. I either have extreme self restraint or am totally exhausted.

02. I’m unpacking in stages.  Last night was the dirty laundry and washing it.  And the hamper full of stuff I didn’t do before I left.

03. I might fold it today. Or not.

04. Cheese curds are good.  Fried cheese curds are better.


05. If I ever untangle all the cords (laptop, camera, phone) I might finish downloading pictures off my phone and move the ones from my laptop to my computer.

06 It rained here the week I was gone and it was colder in Dallas than Chicago yesterday. It’s still raining.

07. Allergy season.  In Texas.  Thinking of heading North again.

08. Angie and Dan showed me a fun way of cooking/eating.  Which makes me glad I cleaned out my fridge before I left because the grocery shopping today is going to be fun with a capital F.

09. I’m baking bread today.  Well, after I pick up some yeast that might actually be active.

10. Wisconsin TSA doesn’t even blink when they see a wedge shaped unidentified thing in your bags.  Chicago however will pull you aside and search your bags to determine it is just a piece of cheese.

11. Thank dog I cleaned before I left.  Although I’m trying to figure out how it got so damn dusty in a week.

12. I would prefer to stay in my jammies and play with yarn today, but I do need some basic supplies and have to get a box or two or five in the mail.

13.  I don’t like coming home to an empty house and it made missing Texas seem just a tad bit worse than normal.

14.  I think my dog missed me.  A lot.  She even made it onto the bed last night on her own.  Which says a bunch since she is almost 12 and has bad hips.

15.  I’m trying to sort through my email and figure out who I responded to and didn’t while in WI.  Web mail was nice, but I didn’t delete it and it all downloaded to my mail program last night.  I think I’m just going to start fresh with yesterday’s email.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

But the red ones have the best flavor!

What I’m allowed to eat on Monday:

lake 007

I asked if vodka counted as a clear liquid and Doogie (the doctor) thought I was kidding.

So I’m making up for it today:

lake 008

Ok. Fine.  I’m not really going to eat it all.

I was voluntold that I was baking for DeathWatch 09*, so I spent the morning playing in the kitchen.  One of each went to the neighbor, the other pie went to my mom and I’m saving the other pan of brownies for a faceplant later.

Y’all have no idea how hard it was to give away that other pan of brownies.

Happy Weekend y’all!

*The crazy little neighbor that has been in a coma for almost three weeks was taken to hospice earlier in the week.  Believe me, she’d be the first to be joking about all of this.

Notes from the edge

The edge of what?

I still haven’t figured that one out.

Any ideas?

Bueller?  Bueller?

01.  Love… LOVE… the new neurologist. He’s not a kook!  I have a better understanding of EVERYTHING in just one visit as compared to a total of 6 visits with two other neurologists.  I’m glad I didn’t settle.

02. Is it odd that when I saw a book titled Knits for Bears to Wear, I didn’t immediately think of teddy bears?

03.  More on the neurologist love… he is the first doctor in 12 years that has addressed the fatigue issue.  This pill ROCKS!  Yesterday I started with just a half (as per his instruction) … today, I’m trying the whole thing.

04.  I had some downtime between doctor appointments on Tuesday and decided to review a book while sitting at the B&N.  I’ll get it coherent one day and post it for you.

05.  YUM!!!

life 012

06.  I am so tired of winding off 2296 yards of embroidery floss.  No, I’m not even half way through.  But I will finish the cone if it kills me.

07.  If you got what I meant on #2, I really love you.

08.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed today because my schedule was so thrown off the first three days of this week.  And I may have overdone it a little on one of those days and not really recovered yet.

09.  Knitting is happening!  I try to sit outside every morning with my coffee and get a little done.

10.  It thunder stormed last evening and rained all night.  I love me some fresh rain smell.

Happy thursday y’all!