Bloglines is no Soft Violets

The Lace Leaf Shawl that I did for the Shut Up and Knit Your Cabin Cove had some yarn left over.  I’m in the process of knitting a pair of socks on the fly.  They’re toe-up (I always want to add “from the flo up” when I type that) and I’m putting a basic eyelet on the top of the foot.  However… since the yarn is named “Soft Violets”, I’m looking for a violet lace pattern that I can use for the leg.  I’ve searched every book I have and on line.  Can anyone point me in the direction of a violet lace pattern?

Pretty please?  Don’t make me whine or beg.  It’s not pretty.

Oooh… and I’ll even give you some new (to me) sites to check out

And perhaps an FO tomorrow?  Please!

Theme 54

Alpha and Omega


There’s something about Margene’sposts that always make me think (and be verbose).   She has some great spring flower pictures up today.  Hyacinths are my indicator that spring is here.  Sure tulips and daffs are pretty, but the smell of hyacinths always gets me.  I buy a pot every year for the house (despite the allergies) and then pop the bulbs in the garden when they are done.  What is your “spring is here” moment?

Since I finished two projects, I was sifting through the stash to find the next great project.  I’ve loved Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style since I first saw it, but at the time had never done lace.  So I began casting on yesterday.  Began.  Because you know it’s about 375 stitches.  Cast on.  Really.  It will be ok once I start because the shawl will be getting smaller.  Right?   I was going to scrap the whole plan until reading Margene’s post.  Damn you!  🙂 She (yet again) reminded me that it is the process and not everything worth having is gotten immediately. 

spring starts 001

As you can see, I also cast on for socks out of the remaining yarn from the shawl.  I’m doing both at once since I’m not following a pattern… just throwing some eyelets in here and there.  I tried to do a slipped stitch pattern, but Dave’s yarn is pretty bossy and lets you know what it wants to be.  I also pulled out some STR sock candy I have and started some anklets.  In the desert, cotton socks are wonderful! 

After sticking around for all of that, I present the finished and blocked shawl.  Sorry, these are the best you are going to get. 

laceleaf blocked 002

laceleaf blocked 007

Pattern: Lace Leaf Shawl by Evelyn Clark for Fiber Trends

Yarn: Cabin Cove Mercantile Merino Nylon Sock Yarn in Soft Violets

Needles: KnitPicks Options

Started: 9 Feb 07

Finished: 18 Mar 07

The yarn was wonderful!  I love Dave’s yarn.  It’s soft and feels wonderful going through my fingers.  The colors are amazing – they flow into each other without getting muddy.  It also holds up WONDERFULLY to frogging and tinking and ripping.  Believe me.  The pattern is easy to read and includes charts.  However, I got bored, bored, bored with it towards the end.  It does go fast and is relatively easy to memorize.  I also like using the Options needles.  Despite my issues with the cords when I first ordered (and the crappy customer service) I did like them.  The points are great and the yarn doesn’t get stuck on the joins.  This was truly my breakout “I can still knit” project. 

Thanks to Cookie for hosting the knit along and for cheering me on through all the complaining.

Theme 45

Well, that didn’t work

Ummm, the shawl I was going to debut today?  Yeah.  Well, see, the pictures are crap.  Pure crap.  Although I do live in sunny California, it was an overcast, rainy, wintry day out here.  We only had a high of 65 with winds pretty much between 15 and 30 mph most of the day.  I don’t even want to know what that makes the windchill factor.  I had to put on sweats it was so cold.

 If it’s sunny tomorrow, I’ll try to get some quality shots.  I’m seriously considering sending it to Dave just so he can do the photo shoot.  I mean, come on, have you seen his pictures? AND!  After all, it is for the sukyourcabincove_button.png along

Why yes, I am avoiding the fact that I forgot my Trash Talk Tuesday and trying to drag out the whole knitting content thing.

Consummatum est!

Lace Leaf Unblocked

Yes, it is finished!  Blocking to occur tomorrow while I’m at PT.   It liked hanging out with the purple iris better than the yellow… maybe because they haven’t opened up yet and it doesn’t have to compete with their beauty.

Theme 43 – yes, I know, I’m late for V-day… but I need something to hold me over until closer to Easter for my special bunny look.

My apologies

If you received an email or a comment from me this morning… my sincerest apologies for my ..ummm… verboseness.  I have no idea what struck me.  I hadn’t even finished a whole cup of coffee. 

Moving on…



Everyone say AWWWWWW.  When in doubt, throw a cat picture up!   

I’m on the last scheduled repeat on the Lace Leaf Shawl.  I may do one more repeat before the edging.  I think I’m done with it.  I’m beginning to hate it.  Like the clap at the end.  It is definitely NOT the yarn… I will miss knitting with it, but the pattern is boring me to tears.  Now, if I had the mojo like some people, I would have finished this in two days.

I’m driving up to work today – BY MYSELF – and am going to have lunch with the gang from work.  Yes, by myself… it’s a test.  Really, I can’t wait to see everyone.  Sure, I’ve talked to them and emailed… but I get to HANG OUT with REAL LIVE PEOPLE… IN A PUBLIC PLACE!  🙂  Living on the edge of nowhere with a broken arm leads to a sheltered existence.  Seriously.  I have a draft of a manifesto book proposal blog post.  It’s almost like I’m 18 again – an adult – and I can do WHATEVER I WANT!

Theme 40

Shameless Self Promotion?


I seriously debated posting this… because I’m really not about self-promotion.  But… there’s a brand new online magazine for loom knitting – The Loom Knitter’s Circle.  And if you look in the article section, there is one by lil ole me.  Isela(and I’m sure Denise too) poured her heart and soul into this project and even if you aren’t a loom knitter… go look at the fabulous job they did.  And then head over to Isela’s and enter her 3000th comment contest.

I was going to spend the weekend hooked up to my magic little e-stim machine and just knit on my Shut UP & Cabin Cove Lace Leaf shawl until my hands fell off – because there is some seriously nice yarn that may be coming out at the Mercantile and I could purchase it under the whole KAL exception – but even I won’t do that until I finish what I have.  That’s pushing the rules a little too far.  Don’t worry girls… I’m still playing fair… for now.  Although mixin’ things up may distract y’all from the llama drama.  🙂  I’ll throw myself under the bus just for you.  You know, if you need me to.

Oh, you want the tie in to the self promotion. Well, first of all, it’s Eye Candy Friday and that mag certainly has plenty.  Secondly, I want to gnaw off my arm this morning so it’s the perfect day to sit with my rice bags and loom.  Damn cold and damp.  Or maybe it’s that I only had one PT this week.  Or maybe it’s the painting of the kitchen.. because you know that no one can do it just the way I want it done. 

WHAT exactly is going on here?

1 davalong

That chair?  Facing the corner?  With the bad child peeking over the back?  Do you really want to know?

2 davalong

It has been bad.  Very bad.  I spent all day knitting seven rows.  All freakin’ day.  Because of the floppy paw and all (yes, damnit, I’m going for the sympathy vote).  I count and recount… because it takes so much time for me to knit a row.  And the little snot decided that it didn’t want to work with me.  I had to rip back…luckily to a lifeline…seven rows.  Seven hard earned rows.


An Invader!

My normal morning routine consists mainly of supplying caffeine to my brain.  I let the pupsicles out, sit in the sun and let the liquid love course through my veins.  Today, however, I spotted something climbing the fence and had to run and get my camera.


At that point, I had no idea what it was. It had some type of ball-like tail that it would throw around.


It moved like lightening and was checking everything out.


It didn’t just jump, it FLEW through the air.


I finally realized it was looking for food and ran to get a broom.



Phew… all was safe and it was gone.  Or was it?


I found it hiding in my (poorly groomed) garden.  And then, it spotted Gigi!


Gigi knew she was no match for whatever it was and quickly gave in.


It dug in it’s long, silver talons and before my very eyes, my sweet girl was gone! 


It must have gotten it’s fill, because it jumped the fence, zipped off down the road and was gone.




*no knitting was harmed in the making of this post 🙂


Yo! Mama Jama!


A temple 

Another one of those things I found on my walk.  It’s much more impressive in real life.   It’s some type of shrine set up on a corner lot.  Yes, that is “The Last Supper” up there at the top.  And those flowers?  Yeah, not real. 


I can KNIT LACE! Size 6 needles and Dave’s wonderful stuff (go now…he’s selling out of the new stuff again!).  It is actually less painful then knitting with the huge honking yarn and broom handles.  I’ve found that I relax into it and am not so worried about holding on tight.  And let me tell you about the yarn.  The merino-nylon blend is soft.  Softer than soft.  I want to get 100 skeins and roll around naked in them. 

*ahem* Sorry about that.

I will be buying some to make socks (once the KFYS is over).  Dave also has an amazing eye for color.  Even his wonderful pictures don’t do them justice.  Trust me, go. Buy.  You won’t be disappointed.


I just had the best lunch ever.  As you may or may not know, I am diabetic and sometimes the cravings I have don’t go so well with that.  I got it in my head that I wanted pasta.  Not with marinara.  Not with pesto.  I wanted pasta salad.  But pasta by itself?  Not so good for the diabetic.  As my water was boiling, I started searching.  Sugar snap peas and olives? Yep!  Some broccoli rabb and finely chopped onions?  Check!  Roasted red peppers?  Of course. Chunks of salami (genoa- natch), cheese and ham? Hells yeah!  Ceaser dressing …here’s the part you may cringe at… with extra anchovy paste mixed in and then a few chopped and thrown on top.  Oh. OH YES!  OOOOOH!


Right now, it’s the only thing I want to eat.  Ever.  Really.

Still Nothin’

Again with the “nothing to post on a Tuesday”.  Personally, I think it’s just a case of just being in a funky mood.  Of course, that led to a “I’ll post if you will”  throw down and damn it if she didn’t post right away.  You would think that I’d have learned better by now.

So, yeah, the Dave yarn came in and it is beautiful.  My pictures are crap… I should have yoinked one of his while he had it up.  Sorry for the bad advertising here.

dave 009

So in sukyourcabincove_button.png news, I’m going to do either a Lace Leaf or a Forest Canopy.  I haven’t decided yet.  Which ever one I can do with a bigger needle and still have it look nice.  Perhaps I’d be more enthusiastic if it hasn’t been taking me for-freakin-ever to cast off 72 stitches.  (2 days so far – if you’re wondering)

Run on over and say congrats to Badda Bing (or Cha Ching or LaMa Mama or what ever she decided on) on being a new GRANDMA!!!! Grandma, Grandma, Grandma!  :devil:

Why yes, I would slap a sleeping lion with a steak.