What a difference a couple of days make!


Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

What’s a girl do when she’s not supposed to knit?  Why, she buys a new guitar.  

Crazy doesn’t stay in the closet round about my house.

It’s my Christmas present to myself for when I get out of the contraption. 

I’m blaming the the pain killers. 

We all good with that excuse?

It Don’t Matter!

autumn-004-small.jpg Yes friends, it is that time of the year again.  I was itching for a change.  Even though the days are still hitting 100 (38 C), the nights are cooling into the 50’s (10 C) and I can feel autumn coming. 

This is my favorite time of the year and also the part that makes me the most homesick.  Luckily, I’m not too far away from some leaves changing and that special autumn air smell.

Schaefer Anne is becoming the bane of my existence. I cannot find a pattern that works with it. It is a beautiful colorway…until you knit it. I have set it aside once again. But I do have something else on the needles and once I get a bit past row 13, I might even take a picture.


I did however have to take a picture of this.  My beautiful and organized fridge.  It will never be this clean or organized again. I had to document it for posterity. 

Life is busier than ever, but it’s a good busy.  Did you know that you can knit and read a text book at the same time?  Me neither.  At least until I tried it.  Hardcovers work best.   I’m also working the side business… hard.  I really want have an income that allows me to leave my j-o-b by the end of December.  I’ve set my goals high, but it’s doable.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and remember “It don’t matter!”

Theme 68

HELLO!  Bloglines?  Where are you?!?! 

Vacation Wrap-Up

I took a couple of extra days off this week to study for midterms and spent a bunch of time studying here:

sunday orange sky 016

Except for when I went to go see these:

4 july pics 084

And last night when I went to open mic night at the cafe.

fri night 004

Can you believe she’s 77 ?  And was the best performer to boot!

I tried to put off taking the midterm doing this:

fri night 018

Until someone said I’d “better get it over with before my arm fell off”.  So I did.  Would you believe the test was only 33 questions.  33.  A whole week of sweating and studying and worrying.  The half a pot of coffee I just drank.  The instructor saying there may be essay questions and we had two hours to complete it.  And it was only 33 questions.


At least I aced it… and I don’t have to stress tomorrow.

Lost in the Crematorium

mnorning pics 013 

Just under the wire – my six of 12.  It’s not the best picture, but it certainly says June to me.  The hollyhocks were going to to town and the honeysuckle got a second wind.  That little strip of garden amuses the hell out of me.  The only picture that would have been more perfect would be of me on the back porch, in the lounger, a huge glass of sun tea and surrounded by school books and knitting.  Possibly napping.  It’s hot, must nap too!

I did not forget my contest winners.  First, for my past winners Nicole and Laura – now that I have a functioning washer and have caught up on my 90 million loads of wash, I can felt the items that I knit for your prize packs.  I will have them out to you in the next week!  WHOO!  As for the contest that ended this past Tuesday, the winner is…

a bracelet 

Congratulations Cheryl!   Watch your email for a gift certificate from The Loopy Ewe!  Whoo! 

Yes, that is a version of the wonderful and talented Isela’s knit Arellis bracelet in the background. Well, mine’s an anklet because when have I ever followed instructions?  The beading took all.day.long. But it turned out great and was fun!

KFYS is done today.  Here’s a round up for the Lori and Dori of blogging:

  • 315.5 balls/5 cones to start
  • 38.5 balls knit
  • 52 balls given away

Of course I didn’t use any of the cones, well unless you count the Cozythat’s resting in a basket somewhere.  I’ve kind of lost the urge to buy yarn.  :::gasp:::  I’ve been looking and looking, but I don’t want to clutter up with yarn unless I’m going to use it.  There’s a big purge coming on soon.  Mostly lionbrand and lace that I’ll never knit with. 

Back to finishing up my term paper and studying for midterms.  Why yes, I am a nerd and less than half way through the term I have pretty much finished my term paper.  Have a great weekend ya’ll!

An eerie orangeish glow

Hey Cookie!  Speaking of the devil, this one’s for you – well, I thought of you when I saw it.  Can you name this California weather phenomenon?

A SoCal Weather

The contest is still going!  It doesn’t end until Tuesday, 26 June!  Get your entries in!  The prize is a gift certificate from the Loopy Ewe! 

I’ve begun to receive reports from the field.  The Joho Liberation Front membership is growing. 

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home!

Pssssssssssssssst… AHHHHH!

That’s not the sound of a beer opening.  It’s the pressure releasing in my head.  Yesterday was beautiful and lazy and quiet and full and fat and wonderful.  Veggies in?  Check!

sunny sunday flowers 022

Lavendar and daisies?  Check

veggie 002

Weeds chopped back?  Check!  Oh, and I dug my own holes.  Thankyouverymuch!  It was not pretty, but I did it myself.  And then I sat in the yard and watched the ladybugs and the clouds floating by. 

 more flowers 007sunny sunday flowers 002

sunny sunday flowers 004veggie 019

veggie 031

I picked bellybutton lint (no pics of that – I thought I’d save you the horrors) knit, and watched Gigi attack her treat.

sunny sunday flowers 008sunny sunday flowers 009sunny sunday flowers 011sunny sunday flowers 012sunny sunday flowers 015sunny sunday flowers 016sunny sunday flowers 018sunny sunday flowers 021

I have two F.O’s and hope to finish up a third today.  Pics when I do.  Or during the week when I have nothing else.  Work sure is cutting into my knitting and blogging time.  🙂

Life is good!

Theme 61

01 May – Snap a Dozen Rewind

Whoops!  I never designated a picture as April’s Snap a Dozen.  Since the month was all about blogging the return to work and the craziness of it, I’m going with the following:

drive to work 037 

I can whine and complain, but there is nothing like the feeling I get as I’m driving to work.  You can see the distinctive outline of the ridge I work on pretty much the whole ride.  I’m reminded of how important what we do is.  The history.  The innovation.  With the craziness of day to day things, I sometimes lose sight of that.  But the ride to work gets me  every time.  I didn’t know when I moved out here that the path would lead me here, but I’m glad it did.

Today, the insanity officially begins. 

Theme 59

HehehEye Candy Friday

So, it’s really Thursday, but I feel like writing post after post tonight (thanks Cookie, for getting me wound up and dumping me like a dinner of sauerkraut) and I decided to give the post time-stamp feature a whirl.  I’m hoping this posts when I’m halfway through my day – just about the time I’m ready to stab myself in the eye with a letter opener while other parts of the country – and world have already started their weekend festivities.

I remember (from when I lived on the East Coast) the last “sneak up and smack you on the ass” snowstorm of the year.  I’m seeing pictures all over, so I thought I’d share a little love from my sunny and warm Southern California garden.

a new sky 006

Pink Lemonaid Honeysuckle – ready to bloom

a new sky 009

The “iris plant that did not bloom last year”

a new sky 010

Most of the iris bed.  I did not plant it. 

For all you OCD gardeners: Yes, I know it needs to be cleaned.  Yes, I know they need to be divided.  HELLO!!!  FLOPPY PAW!!! Happened when all that crap should have been done.  So back off.  I said I wanted to post.. not that I was going to be nice about it.

Before you get all jealous and stuff think about this… it was 92 on Wed and 93 today.   :::insert whiny voice::::   It’s hot.