Missing Utah

It was cold this morning. Like windchills below 20F cold. For Texas in November, that isn’t so usual. I heard it was snowing on the farm earlier. Let me just say, I am so glad we don’t live there anymore.

Anyway, the point is, I had to dig into the hand knit bin for the first time this year.

I grabbed my Forest Canopy Shawl which made me think of the Utah Girls. Susan the designer (also the designer of the blue cowl in the picture) and Margene who hand dyed and gifted me the yarn that it was knit with.

I pulled out my extra long floppy warmers. They go all the way to mid bicep which helps keep my elbow (and the metal inside) from getting cold. They were inspired by Cheryl and her gauntlet mitts. Yes, I steal ideas from my friends. This one happened to be a good idea.

Not all of them are.

Luckily, I’m still in contact with Cheryl, but I miss the voices and stories of the Utah Girls. Laurie from AlarmingFemale, Anna from TangoGnat, Margene, Susan. I guess time marches on.

All that post diving for information had me finding this picture:

12 years ago I had the surgery that saved the use of my arm. I was also told that I’d need an elbow replacement in 8 – 10 years, but here I am with the original Humpty Dumpty hardware.

Take that!

::: side bar :::

Forest Canopy was the first lace shawl I knit way back in 2006. It wasn’t the orange version above, but a lovely chocolate cherry that I still wear. I finished it a week before I broke my arm.

::: end side bar :::

I almost sang “Circle of Life” there. Ok, caught me, I was singing it in my head.

There’s a pot roast cooking and I’m curled up knitting on the couch and probably will be until it warms up. I may have considered stealing Texas’ electric blanket, but don’t tell him.

What are you doing today?

Apparently I’m Channeling Cookie and Other Random Shit.

Or so Carrie tells me so.

≈  ≈  ≈

Hey, look!  An Effin-O.

random crap 032

  • Pattern: Simple Yet Effective Shawl
  • Start: 15 Sept 09 just after WI vacay
  • Finish: 27 Oct 09 on way to see doc in Dallas
  • Yarn: 3 skeins Mini Mochi bought at the Sow’s Ear in WI
  • Needles: US 5 Addi Lace, also bought at the Sow’s Ear
  • Por: me

Easy, mindless pattern.  Yarn was knotted in several places and very loose spun in others.  Not a sock yarn for sure.  Also stained my fingers.  Soaked in vinegar and euclan.

≈  ≈  ≈

Just to prove I’m not all about the roid rage.  This is for my baby.

That is all.

≈  ≈  ≈

I’m going to relax with Icarus since I have the damn iv outta my arm now.  Yeah.  You heard me.  Icarus.

Happy Wednesday Bitches!

Random Holiday Monday Schtuff

Fun quote I read this morning:

Be the fruit loop in a world full of cheerios

Only 2 more days!  WOOOT!

I haz big brown thing on my massage table but y’all don’t get to see it until after it’s photo shoot in WI.

Maybe I should get it it’s own name tag:  Knit by the Kind and Wonderful Cookie.  AKA The Stoopid Shawl.

I saw this yesterday and thought of Angie:

phone 029

I was going to do this week’s UM’s but I didn’t want to go there this early in the week.

I sent Texas back on the road yesterday.  I haz sad.

I also still have a list of things that needed to be done.

I may have corrupted him a tiny bit this trip home.   Mr. Self Sufficient himself – was forced into experiencing the joys of hiring someone to do “crap that needs to be done, but there’s never enough time when you’re only home one week a month”

And then, I found this for Cookie:



I’m going to sit back with Grey’s and start at season 1 so I can catch up.  Skinny Porkchop has them all and I’ve got nothin’ better to do.  Well, I could watch Saving Grace or Dexter, but Texas hasn’t seen them yet and we’re kind of watching them together.

I hope Angie has HBO because the season finale of TrueBlood is on NEXT Sunday.  /sigh

I’ve washed and blocked almost all of my shawls.  I know I’m taking the Stoopid Shawl and the Knit with Nora Forest Canopy (so it can meet the person who made it happen).  I think I’m going to take my favorite one ( I think that’s the right link) and possibly my SUKYCC flower basket. But I’m not sure.   It’s a debate because I love my blue shawl of comfort so much and I don’t want to leave home without it.  But I am trying to fly with only carry on luggage.  I guess I could pack less clothing.  O.o

Just because I can:


Happy Monday y’all!

UM, it’s Sunday & I have no knitting to show, again


Chicken livers, $1.25; vintage knife, $14.99; Bait and tackle, $10; lunch at the Purple Pig, $20; day of fun at the love shack with SSCLD, priceless.

The pistol I bought didn’t hurt either.  It’s cleaned, the magazines are loaded and we’re heading to the land to fire it today.  WOOT!

Who needs candy and flowers and icky squishy romance when you have bait, guns and ammo. I mean really!

Pretty much, no knitting occurred this week… and after that burst of knitting mojo, I’m kind of surprised.  I did however wash and block last week’s FO and plan to sew the buttons on … sometime.

Angie and I have agreed to change our date for the Icarus –  seeing as life is happening to both of us. I completely take the blame as I asked a few weeks ago.

Moving + knitting lace = disaster.  You could go send her some love and hugs too… and possibly booze.

And now for something completely different:

  1. Be mine :: valentine yes
  2. Ecstatic :: me overjoyed
  3. Orderly :: obsessive and compulsive function
  4. Sebastian :: Bach (the heavy metal dude, not the J.S. Bach) Bach
  5. Sore :: floppy paw back
  6. Don’t need ::no education no satisfaction
  7. Rockstar ::I’m still a  rockstar, I got my rock moves I’m still a rockstar, I got my rock moves
  8. Tinfoil :: hat aliens
  9. Addiction :: Intervention addicted to love
  10. Where? :: in the world is Carmen SanDiego where does my heart beat now

Apparently, I snore a little

An average of 640 times an hour.


Combine that with the talking and it’s no wonder I don’t sleep well.  Actually, doing the math, I’m kind of surprised I sleep at all.  They think it may have something to do with my adenoids.  (Which were left in place when they took my tonsils)

“What about the knitting?” you ask.

Well.  Ummmm.  Hehe.  Yeah.

I’ll pick it up today?

After the fishing and bike riding?

Too bad it stopped raining and I can’t fish from my lane/driveway anymore. Yeah.  Fish.  In the driveway.  From the pond.  The water was that deep.

Plus there is the whole agreement that Angie and I made to get to Chart 2 of Icarus by Valentine’s Day.

Yes Angie, I put it out there.  Now we have to stick to it.  Maybe.  If we don’t get distracted.  That may seem some way off, but other people playing along finished theirs long ago.  (In case you missed it Angie, right there in Joan’s post, the secret to the repeats.)

Happy Hump Day y’all!

All this living is making me lose time

Or maybe it’s the holidays… or maybe I’m just misplacing brain cells again.


I took this picture for my Saturday Sky post and woke up this morning realizing it was Sunday.

Texas 004

After two days of 80 degree weather, I’m ready for the cold front that moved in this morning.  Kind of.  The arm, not so ready.

Maybe it was the knitting.

Texas 008

Despite appearances, the thing has grown.  I finished off going through chart one for the first time and am over half way through the first repeat.    I took notes when everyone was doing the KAL as to how many repeats I need to do.  And then I went back through their blogs and took notes again when I couldn’t find my first set.

I’ll be cruising archives again today.


Texas 014

Along with cruising on my bike.  Yes, I got a new seat (looks kind of like a hornet’s head) and I rode on Friday.  No new butt chaffing.  YEAH!  I can’t ride every day because of the daily shot I have to do. (the sites rotate and it gets irritated if I work out the area the next day. I found this out because of the floppy)

Have a great Sunday y’all!

UM, someone said it was Wednesday.

Texas 003

Nothing to see here. Again.

Unless you want to hear about the cold front that moved in or the rain or how bored I am without my tractor.  Or how, despite all the things I have on the needles and am busy ignoring, I am considering casting on for  Hemlock Ring thing with Nora.  (if anyone even mentions Icarus, I may have to smack you)

See what not having a tractor does to you?

Now I just have to find the perfect yarn to do it.  I briefly considered some Silky Wool, but I would have to treat that thing too carefully for a blanket.

The indecision has even found me leaving the LYS twice in the past week with nothing.

Yes, nothing.

The theme of the month.

Happy Wednesday UM’s!

  1. Love affair :: Warren Beatty and Annette Bening
  2. Bubble :: wrap
  3. Pimple :: pop
  4. Knocks :: hard
  5. Persistent :: Illusion
  6. Infected ::wound
  7. Yay! :: finished object
  8. Repaint :: refresh
  9. Daily :: Show with Jon Stewart
  10. Quickly! :: I said MOVE IT!