Missing Utah

It was cold this morning. Like windchills below 20F cold. For Texas in November, that isn’t so usual. I heard it was snowing on the farm earlier. Let me just say, I am so glad we don’t live there anymore.

Anyway, the point is, I had to dig into the hand knit bin for the first time this year.

I grabbed my Forest Canopy Shawl which made me think of the Utah Girls. Susan the designer (also the designer of the blue cowl in the picture) and Margene who hand dyed and gifted me the yarn that it was knit with.

I pulled out my extra long floppy warmers. They go all the way to mid bicep which helps keep my elbow (and the metal inside) from getting cold. They were inspired by Cheryl and her gauntlet mitts. Yes, I steal ideas from my friends. This one happened to be a good idea.

Not all of them are.

Luckily, I’m still in contact with Cheryl, but I miss the voices and stories of the Utah Girls. Laurie from AlarmingFemale, Anna from TangoGnat, Margene, Susan. I guess time marches on.

All that post diving for information had me finding this picture:

12 years ago I had the surgery that saved the use of my arm. I was also told that I’d need an elbow replacement in 8 – 10 years, but here I am with the original Humpty Dumpty hardware.

Take that!

::: side bar :::

Forest Canopy was the first lace shawl I knit way back in 2006. It wasn’t the orange version above, but a lovely chocolate cherry that I still wear. I finished it a week before I broke my arm.

::: end side bar :::

I almost sang “Circle of Life” there. Ok, caught me, I was singing it in my head.

There’s a pot roast cooking and I’m curled up knitting on the couch and probably will be until it warms up. I may have considered stealing Texas’ electric blanket, but don’t tell him.

What are you doing today?

And then there was that.

Apparently, I am getting too old to party like it’s my birthday for a whole week. I barely survived 3 days. But what a fun three days it was! We tried restaraunts new to us and went to some favorites.  There was my semi-annual adult beverage, which…WOO!

I made it to the Botanical Gardens when stuff was in bloom. (There may have been a little too much blooming going on for ye old allergy meds to handle.) I would really like to cruise by during the summer and fall too. oh, and I almost walked out with the most adorable little Japanese Maple bonsai.

Can I just say, what a difference a few years and about 80 pounds makes? I was winded and done by the time we made it to the Japanese Garden last time. This time? We lapped that sucker a couple of times ( I think I finally saw it all) and then headed to a West 7th for lunch and more walking.


There also may have been some movie watching in the form of The Longest Ride. Thankfully, we saw it at a theater and there was no ugly crying. Because, well, we just don’t ugly cry in public.

On my actual birthday, he ran for fresh coffee and a blueberry muffin for me, but we ended up having steak for breakfast. I’ll have a nice treat tomorrow morning. Energy for Jiu jitsu. What!?! That’s my excuse!

I was going to knit for a few hours tonight, but got wrapped up in a book that was a present. It was a nice change from all of the going I did this weekend.

Did I mention that we also rode about 9 miles? We took it slow and adjusted  my bike as we went. Amazing what an extra inch will do for your ride.

Happy Monday y’all! Hope you had a great weekend!

ECF – I think we all know where this is headed…

love shack 019

What are you looking at?

Goood Morning! 7:33 853 a.m on Friday can only mean one thing… he’ll be home in 26 24.5 hours.

:::: happy dance :::

Yes, the little ladybug made me smile this morning too.


Friday Fill-Ins:

1. It’s time for me to finish cleaning the house and Texas to come home.
2. The dock; it’s not a bad place for sex relaxing. (not to mention the living room, the fish shack, the kitchen, the bathroom, the car, the desk, oh yeah… the bedroom)
3. I must be the luckiest girlie alive.
4. Texas is the best thing I have ever known.
5. My bleeeeep is simply bleeeeep. (edited to maintain my innocence)
6. The last time I laughed really loudly was yesterday, reading the knitvana stuff.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to not sleeping because I’m too excited, tomorrow my plans include picking him up at the airport and erm, well, you know and Sunday, I want to lay around the house with him, but we’re going to lunch and Sam’s and getting a dryer to match the new washer!


It’s been an interesting week and I’m glad it’s almost behind me. I hope the brain fog and inability to type coherent sentences leaves quickly too. (yeah, yeah Opal – I know it was bad and confusing)

I’m anxiously awaiting something and y’all know I have no patience and if it’s not here today, my head might ‘splode.  I’d have to say that was the only drawback to Texas being gone for only two weeks this time.  With the medical dramaz and coma-girl stuff (did I mention she finally passed away?), the time flew and I couldn’t work on a surprise for him.

Yes, I haz squishy and try to surprise him with something everytime he comes home.

Shut up.


Hope y’all have a relaxing weekend and catch you in a week!

Tuesday is for…

more random crap.

01. Guess who is opening another store over at Artfire?  Now, she hasn’t fully loaded it yet, but give her some lovin’.  Mmmkay?  And don’t buy the skull and crossbones markers… they’re mine next week.

02. Interesting weaving project.  See, weaving can be sexy.

03. I’m so glad the eye candy is back… YUM! (I’m ignoring the story line)


04. Angie inspired the new banner.  I figured I’d put some things I loved up there.  Random shots from California and Texas and the trips we took.

05. Yes, the squish is in full effect.

06. After going through my stash and deciding I had WAY too much, I figured I need to buckle down and knit some schtuff.  First up, finish the damn socks.  Two pair are on the needles right now.  Same thing with the three pairs of mitts I have.  I’m putting one back as a wip so I am reminded of my complete laziness.

07. Crap, that makes 8 wips and according to Ravelry, I have two snoozers.  But we won’t think about those.  I think it’s been long enough that they can be ripped.

08. I’m almost done playing organizing in the craft room. I need more storage since I don’t want big plastic bins lying around.  I think Texas might not like if I commandeered the guest room too.

The soundtrack for today:

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Friday Eye Candy – Love Shack Edition

Texas 288

Yep, that’s my new “good morning” view.  Awesome isn’t it? I think I’m the luckiest girl alive.  Texas the man, Texas the state and living on a lake.  Hello?!?  Plus I have awesome friends who send me stuff like this:

Texas 305

A hat and an neck warmer arm cozy for the floppy. It was perfect for the cold, icy weather we had.  The floppy definately appreciated it.

Well, and the fire Texas built in the fireplace.

Even they’re hanging out and enjoying the view.

Texas 304

More details sometime in the future.  When I’m done overdosing on the internet and stop playing long enough.

Happy Friday y’all!

I think I’m fighting a losing battle

First off, go wish this one a happy birthday.

ANGIE! 059

Now. I’d be afraid if you don’t!

Really, go.  I’ll wait.

This was not the post I originally intended… it was going to be a nice birthday wish and a little Saturday sky for our Sandy:

autumn 014 autumn 020

Autumn Sunset, towards the sun and away from it.

But there has been a plethora of these things popping up and being emailed to me:
ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

and this:
ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

and even this:



Fine.  I may be just a little squishy – icky-girlie right now.  Fine.  I’ll admit there is that slight possibility.  But it really does have an explanation and not really what you think.

I find it amazing how people come into our lives when we least expect and when we most need them.

This past year could have been craptastic.  I mean, let’s lay it out here… I’m taken off work for the floppy, the insurance company procrastinates so much that my company fills my position, I’m backstabbed by someone at work that I trusted and thought was a friend, I lose clarity in my right eye, am diagnosed with a chronic thing, I’m still being screwed left and right by the insurance company, I’ve dealt with coming off steroids and moving in the same week (some of you will know what that means), I’m coming to terms with family sh-stuff and I think at times I have one nerve left.

But it totally wasn’t craptastic.  I’ve had laughter and great conversations with great people.  Some that I’ve never met, but feel like I’ve known forever.  I’ve had the time to get to know who I was outside of what I do for a living. I’ve been able to stop and rest and reflect. I’ve been able to see the southwest… several times.  I saw some national parks I never would have on my own.  I rediscovered things I grew up doing, that I had put aside.  I’ve gotten to meet some crazy, gun wielding freaks… and they unlocked a part of me that I forgot… which left me open for the possibility when Texas walked into my cheese aisle.  Which was totally what I needed this past month or so.

There is a trust there that I’ve never had in my life.  And it’s hard at times to just let go… I mean come on, no matter how much therapy I’ve had, I’m still and adult child of alcoholic and abusive parents.

And it’s that letting go and just being able to be… no pretense, no facade, no having to pretend everything is perfect … having that someone to rely on and that relies on you… someone that’s ok with snot running down your face and shares the joys, the anger and the sorrow that life can throw at you.  It’s having friends, that even miles away set up code words and call in times, that keep track of doctor’s appointments and call to see if you’ve heard anything yet.  It’s the knitting and spinning and weaving together of people… that’s what the squishy is.

And a pretty darn near perfect year.  😀

Squishy enough?