2019 Recap

2019 was a shit show and awesome all at once. I grew and changed. I set boundaries. I gained new friends and learned a lot. I cleaned out the clutter, people and things. I knit and created through everything. My life is in no way perfect, but it is a bunch better. More good things are on their way!

Not a bad sampling of things I’ve done.

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all!

OWM – hat

I know the theory behind One Word Monday is one word, but there is too much to say!

Panthera Hat

Just released, this is my test knit. Quick, easy to read/follow pattern. Nice chart. Bonus? She has a sale on it since it is a new release.

It would have gone faster, but travel/medical/travel made for slow knitting. And a little ripping, since I apparently can’t fly and keep my eyes on the right line.

In other news, our Sarah won the Stitched by JessaLu bag from the anniversary contest I was running last month. I’m telling you, those bags are amazing!

Halloween – So Cold! Edition

I know, you guys in other parts of the country will scoff at me, but Y’ALL! Below freezing overnights and 25 degrees below normal is crazy! This came in a month early for us. I want my 70’s!

I finally was able to get my US 6 dpns so I can finish off the sleeves. I have eleven billion US7 and US5, but couldn’t find the size I needed. One sleeve is ready for the new needles, but I have to finish the decreasing on the other. This also means that I have to get serious about button band color choice. I don’t want to do all that work and hate my decision.

Lots of changes coming around chez Dervish. I’m hopefully going back to school in December (please send good thoughts/juju/prayers/spells that the student loan goes through). I need this. I really need this. I would have liked to start in November, but start day was the same as hernia day.

Halloween just doesn’t feel like Halloween this year, so I’m doing nothing but staying warm tonight.

What are you doing?

Monday Sock – Socktober

When you plan on doing your blog post in bed and you fall asleep instead, Sunday Sock comes on a Monday.

I turned the heel! Not shown, knitting for 1.5 hours in the movie theater and then ripping it all out. We’re still not speaking.

I’ve spent the weekend working on the #notatrhinebeckkal – and maybe I snuck down to Homestead Heritage to pick up my towel and washcloths. I also finished the 2 hand towels to make a set.

The ladies joked that my favorite person wasn’t there, but she showed up later. I don’t have a “favorite”, but Sunshine is just that. A bit of sunshine. We had a really great conversation about life and direction and purpose. Momma Bear may have convinced me to come down for the yearly festival.

The sorghum harvest was a few weeks ago, so I made sure to get myself a little treat of sorghum pecan ice cream.

Happy Monday y’all!

Sunday Sock – Socktoberfest 2019

Yeah, yeah. I’m posting. I’ve been inspired by Carol at Black Bunny Fibers. So, as my motivation, I’m using Socktoberfest. At least I should get a couple of posts out of it.

Speaking of Socktoberfest, anyone remember Lolly? Last thing I saw was her starting to do yoga. She really inspired my knitting choices for a while and I miss her voice.

Here are the socks currently on the needles:

Striped Socks on the left, inspired by the wonderful Manatee Mo. My Autumn Adventure Socks are on the right. They were cast on for a camping trip to Mineral Wells and worked on at the drag races, Mariposa Market, and walking the local parks.

Happy Sunday y’all!

1Q 2019

4 months since my last post. And now y’all know why I stopped paying to host my own website.

Life, it is still crazy and some days I wish I was an attention seeking drama queen, but I am not one of those people.

I’ve started therapy, which is has been awesome. I’m finding me again. One of the suggestions was meditation and so I’m using knitting. No thinking, stockinette. Just knitting. Sure, I have harder projects, but I save the easy stuff for meditation.

I’ve finished two sweaters for me, one for my mom’s dog (despite the cat modeling it), and a shawl.

I’ve also had adventures in Nacogdoches, at the zoo, and hanging with friends new and old. I have two sweaters, two pairs of socks, and a shawl on the needles.

I raised money for the WalkMS (which was cancelled due to rain) and I’m still raising money for the BikeMS. (Yes, you can still donate at the link) And if y’all want to do some good and in the meantime make someone suffer, you can donate to this link. (I have met my minimum, this person has not.)

I’m doing well health wise and have been fitted for an AFO for the beginning of foot drop. I wore high heels, probably for the last time. I had my infusion in my favorite zebra room. I’m looking at surgery this summer and am debating a go fund me for the hospital copay. $2k is a chunk of change. I’ll drop my PayPal here in the meantime if anyone feels like helping.

There you go, my first quarter summed up in a blog post.

How has your year been going?

Letting go.

I haven’t talked much about becoming Borg this past summer. This is my new pancreas. It works a whole bunch better than my old one. It was 6 years of doctors just saying I was fat and type 2 and just needed to eat better and exercise. All it took was one doctor, one who listened, who ordered one blood test that changed my life.

It may beep and fuss and alarm at me. I may have to watch my tubing and always be attached. But, I’ll take that over feeling like crap all the time – not just because of the out of control blood sugars, but because of the doctor’s guilt trips and the ones I self imposed. If I worked out more or ate less or cut out a whole food group, I could get better. I felt like a failure for years.

Not all doctors know everything. Question them. Question them again. If something doesn’t seem right, get a second opinion. Get a third. The first doctor may have been right, but if you’re not getting better, you have to advocate for yourself.

So, I’m learning to let go of years of guilt and working on changing my thinking that I was a failure.

And that my friends, is your PSA for the day.

Happy Saturday y’all!