What are you lookin’ at?

zoo 180

I’m slowly catching up.  Swears. I’m just taking a break from spot treating and shampooing carpets.

The thwacked yak is still drying.  Thanks to all who told me what I needed to do.  And Julie?  She is one amazing chickie.  She gave me a great suggestion for the yak and little bits of other schtuff I’m spinning up.

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While I’m thanking people.  Hilari had this on her blog today.  Awesome idea!

::: waves hi to Hilari! Yeah, I still read your blog :::

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Want some yum?  Check out the pumpkin recipes.

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Happy Tuesday y’all!  Oh, and go wish Carrie a Happy Birthday.

Take No Prisoners Tuesday

01.  Yes, it is TNP Tuesday.  But I don’t have a good rant worked up.  Do you?

02.  It’s also Trash Talk Tuesday, but I dont’ have any good gossip either.

03.  ZOMG!  I want to make this bread.

04.  L.A. trip this week.  Blech.  I seriously need to stay overnight next time.

05.  I want A Season’s Tale.  I lurve the sweters.

06.  I also want this little toy.  Talk about loading a mag fast.

07.  Yeah, it’s one of those days… I got nothing.

08.  I was checking out memes and found this one. Here is today’s quote to inspire:

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. — e e cummings

09.  I couldn’t agree more.

10.  I know, they probably want more of a statement than that, but I told you, I got NOTHING!

11.  Can I distract you with a picture?

lake 011

12.  Texas’ birthday is coming up (yes, we’re both Aries) and I get to pick up his first present this Friday!  WOOT!  I can’t say what it is yet because he does know about this place (not that he checks it, but just in case!) but I know he’s going to love it.  The second one is going to be more of a practical thing, but he needs it so he’s not working so hard on his week off and we can play more.

13.  Because I’m all about the playing.

14.  I can’t decide which project to take on the plane with me.  Any suggestions?

15.  Have I mentioned that I’m not looking forward to going?  I want to stay at the lake!

16.  I mean, REALLY!  How could you want to leave this:

lake 001

17.  Hey!  Look!  Maybe I did have something after all.

Off to pack.  Have a good midweek y’all!

I’ve Been Stranded in the Combat Zone *eta

Today is possibly my last PT appointment. This may sound odd, but I’d like more please. I’ve really made some gains and I’m somewhat afraid that if I stop now, I’ll lose again. Last year I had just gotten to this point when the evil empire said NO MORE PT! Back to work it was and over the course of a few months, I lost mobility and function. Which brought me to the point where the independent doc I was sent to said BACK TO PT! I find out what is going to happen this Friday when I see my doc.

pink maiden + this = crazy?


You may be right. I may be crazy. But it may just be a a lunatic you’re looking for. ~Billy Joel

***eta – this is the yarn. Handmaiden minimaiden

Mission Maybe

Fine!  Alright already.  I’ll do it.  BUT!  I’m not falling prey to the Wicked Witches of the East and West again.  I learned my lesson last year and I’m doing this on my own terms.

Mission Possible 2008 (rules and my mods are on this page)

01.  Cotton, cotton and more cotton.  Let’s just get this stash down a little. Maybe actually participate in the Monthly Dishcloth thing I belong to?  Who wants warshcloths for Christmas?  There will be no photos shared of this.  Let’s just say it has a bin of it’s own.

02.  Banana Lace – I love the dyer and the color of this yarn (I would link, but I’m unsure if his blog is public again).  Until I started to knit it up and realized how awful it was going to look next to my face.  I either have to suck it up, finish and gift or  rip and give away the yarn.


03.  Delicato and


04.  Branching out – These are to both be done with the same yarn as a gift for my step-mother.  The Delicatos are stalled and the Branching Out has been on my to-do list forever!

05.  KSH – Jacob.  I love these 3 balls of pure pleasure.  I need to suck it up and find a pattern and use them.  It has marinated long enough.  Of course, it was part of my “poor me with the floppy paw needs to indulge” shopping spree (here-into referred to FPSS) of a little over a year ago.  (sidebar:  What was I thinking?  At that point, the prognosis was that I may never knit again.  You all really have no idea how much of the stash was purchased during that period.)


06.  Ice Queen – I started this and ripped because I apparently have never learned how to count.  This is a three parter – Damn it’s such a pretty pattern, learning a new technique (beading) and I really need to start using the KSH instead of molesting it.  Oh!  This yarn was also part of the FPSS.  Some of the little yarn knitting issues may need to be addressed and I may have to use another FPSS yarn.

07.  Kae’s fiber – I think this was purchased just before the floppy paw accident.  I sold most of my fiber stash because I didn’t want it just sitting around until I was able to spin again.  I kept some favorites and this was one.


08.  Mocking Merino – also around forever.  This was some of the first wool I bought when I got my wheel – 100% Merino from Alpaca Direct.  Let’s finish this Bag o’ Mockery up and get it out of here.


09.  Cat’s Mobius – I’ve had her books since (I shocked myself with this one!) March of 2006 and have never made anything.  Nothing.  I will learn the cast on and make one item from this book with yarn in my stash.  Maybe the lovely Atacama(rav link) from La?

10.  Cat’s Socks – I’m not going to let this book sit for two years with nothing getting made from it.  I will make at least one pair of Cat’s socks.  I have started this item.  First Magic Cast On and hopefully my first finished toe up.  Bonus, the yarn is from my FPSS


11.  Mini Sampler – This has been in process for at least 6 years… maybe as long as 8.  Yeah.  I will finish this.  There really isn’t much to do.  It’s just that it is 1 over 1 on 32 count linen. It is only 40 stitches wide by 101 long.  I mean really.


12.  The Embroidery Project of DOOOOOOM! – I will not finish this in a year.  There are not enough hours for that.  It is the length of a queen size bed.  However!  I will work on it every month.  Even if it is just an hour, I will put something in on it.  It is beautiful and wonderful and challenging and I forget about it. 


Maybe it’s not apathy


Lobby table at the hotel – yeah, simple things for simple minds.

Maybe it’s boredom with my knitting – kind of like how you are getting bored with these stupid Long Beach pictures.  Maybe I need something more challenging.

Lace cropped cardigan – in pink merino?  Should be easy.  Well except for the math part since they’re not in my size.  If I can follow along, I think I can handle it.  Well and the fact that you’re supposed to change needle sizes several times after different balls of yarn – the suggested yarn is 91 yds/ball and the yarn I’m using is in 250yd hanks.  Maybe too much thinking for me.  This is also an option.  Also not in my size.

Logan River Wrap – in the Silk Garden?  (because I just don’t think it would look right in pink) It’s a beautiful pattern, but I wonder if it might get lost in the color changes.  I saw a version of it in Patons SWS and I didn’t like it.  Of course I didn’t like the color of the yarn.  And I’m having a fight with SWS right now.  Hmmm… maybe I could do a large version of Juno Regina with it. 

Speaking of SWS… what would you do with 4 balls of solid and 4 balls of a matching varigated?  Since the intarsia thing didn’t work out.

Luckily, I don’t have an evil cat holding me hostage while mutant toddler germs eat my brain.  Instead, I have a sock design eating it.  Anyone want to test knit – because I’m sooooo over it now. 

Back to our regularly scheduled snarkiness

Or something like that.

And just think, it only took a pair of finished socks, a kind gift and the demise of others. 

Is that bad?

The wild weather here helped put things into perspective … especially when there were several co-workers on the road and forced off the road by this and this.  Another co-worker flipped their car because of the wind late last night.  Of course, that means that I have to be in early to help with the reports.  But, these are co-workers that I like.  

Even the 3 inches of dust that blew into my open bathroom window didn’t really seem to matter.  ::: forehead slap :::

Check out the goodness that was in my mailbox yesterday (ignore the socks for one second).  Angie found a 4″ loom for me!  It was definately made before we became such a litigeous society.  I’ll have to get a close up of the “pin of death” later.  I’m thinking of nicknaming the loom Lockjaw.  I also get to try out some pretty pumpkiny Euroflax linen thanks to Angie.  WHOO!   Yeah.  I have a thing for autumn oranges, browns and reds. 


Pattern: Monkey

Needles: #2 Rosewood shorts

Yarn: Some funky stuff I got as part of a sock club last year.  I wasn’t happy with the sock club, so I won’t mention any names.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the splitty yarn either.  Despite it’s icky look in the skein and ball, the colors came out ok.

Mods: 4 repeats on the leg for my love of short socks. 

Start: I always forget this part

Finish: 17 October

Yes, I’d do them again.

Sunday is for…

Erm… absolutely nothing.  Knitting?  Napping?  Harassing other knit bloggers?  Anyone out there have a good “Sunday-along” I can use for a quick post? 

Funny how quickly I fell back into the “Is it Friday yet?” and the “Crap, crap, crap!  It’s Sunday!  Where did the weekend go?!” mentalities.   I followed Margene’slead and except for checking blogs with my coffee, (oh and this post)  I’ve stayed away from the computer yesterday and plan to do so today.  Refreshing! 

Ye ole floppy paw update.  While going back to work was rough and painful, I’ve decided that I am labeling this a “transitional period”.  I’ll be back in the swing of things soon.  Looking back at the week, it wasn’t that bad.   I mean, sure, I couldn’t do much of anything except ice it and sleep when I got home, but I did some cleaning and knit on Saturday.  

Speaking of cleaning… ARGH!!!  I have two vacuum cleaners.  That both suck – well actually, they don’t suck well enough.  I’m tired of buying vacuums that don’t work.  Does anyone out there have a vacuum they love?  That works? 

Cookie and I have been talking about doing a kew-along since January and now may be the time!  Does anyone out there want to join us?  I don’t think it’s going to be anything formal – I have to talk to her about logistics still, but if you are interested, let her or I know.  (Yes Satan and Beeazulbub, I have the yarn in my stash and won’t need to buy any)

Say good bye to the bunnies… new theme coming soon!

eta… here it is… Theme 56… per usual… if you can’t comment, please email me at thefluffyewe@gmail.com

I Actually Did What I Said

I went for a walk and got a few great pics that I can lay on you when I got nothin’! And I took a picture of my semi-FO’s.

sat walk 018

A loomed purse which was made up as I went and a box from the MasonDixon girls -made with the four balls of Patons SWS. Stash page has been updated.  Felting to occur sometime in the future.  Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday when I am BORED out of my mind.

Looky, looky what came in the mail today:

sat walk 019 A Weavette (waiting for another that is on backorder), a book of weavette patterns and an issue of Piecework all from Carolina Homespun.  I figure I needed another way to use up some of this yarn.  🙂

For your viewing pleasure, I present a random picture from my walk today.




Yes Virginia, a town with no supermarket can have gangs.  I still say it’s the Jackrabbits vs. the Tumbleweeds.

*ETA Freakin’ Bloglines… pick up the feed already


Moving On

Apparently everywhere.  PT is now moving on to function.    New movements that my muscles haven’t done in months.  Double ACK.

I love my new little Inferential machine.  It’s better than the vicodin.  Yeah, it’s that good.  I put that bad boy on for half an hour every 2 hours or so.  I even knit during the last 15 minutes of it. 

15 whole minutes of knitting at a time.  WHOOT!  I’ve had a project that I finished on the loom, but I’m waiting until the coordinating project I’m knitting is done.  So I can knock some more off of my KFYS list.

I recieved my Leaf Lace Shawl pattern and I’m not sure I like it.  It’s similar to the Forest Canopy Shawl – except LL has extra lace in the leaves – and I think the Forest Canopy is better written and easier to follow.  I think we need to convince Susan to write more patterns.  I personally will be supporting her and buying more of them.  She also sells the Mountain Stream Scarf and the Nantucket Basket.  If they’re anything like the Forest Canopy, they’ll be great.  I know that there are quite a few people out there who hate KnitPicks, but she also has quite a few nice sock patterns over there. (Just search for Susan Lawrence).

Joining this and that

Since February is fast approaching, I figured that I should get my projects in order.

psbutton2.jpg  Back when PS2.0 was announced I joined up.  Not to fear, I am knitting completely out of my stash and this will require no new yarn purchases.  I didn’t join this last year, but I thought it could help keep me entertained throughout the KFYS. 

I ended up taking out all of the Palatte I had and grouping it into PS2.0 colors.  I’m thinking I’ll either knit log cabins or mitered squares and make a nice wool afghan.  If it needs to be washed, so be it… I’ll have a felted blanket.  It gives me some way to get rid of 30 balls of crap yarn.

sukyourcabincove_button.png  Shuuuuut UP!  I’m gonna knit some of Dave’s yarn!  Yeah!  This is the knit along that I joined prior to the “Stick it to Stacey KFYS Rule Change of ’07” (it all happened in the comments).  I will be purchasing yarn for this KAL and I will gladly send the KnottyGods proof of when the invitation was extended and when I accepted.

I’m really excited to try some of this yarn.  I’ve seen it while cruising around blogland and then he went on haitus and wasn’t dyeing for a while. Plus, you have to love Dave’s mad photography skilz and the sweet Miss Lulu

I was thinking of making another Forest Canopy (depending on the colors he comes up with) or perhaps buying the Lace Leaf Shawl pattern and doing that.

PT Update: No measurements today, but I’ll be getting a set on Monday.  I LOVE the EMG(?) machine.  I had about one and a half hours with no pain or swelling.  WHOOT!  It took 3 hours for it to go back to where it was.  I wonder if they make home versions of that thing.