Hello Beautiful New Year!

I finished exactly two fiber related projects last year. One a knit for someone else and one a woven scarf. I worked on a couple of knits, but frogged or forgot about most. I received my weaving club every two months and didn’t work on a single one. I did some cross stitch and embroidery. I spent time at the pool. I rode in the Sam’s Club Bike MS150. I did no Jiu Jitsu. I was sick for about half the year. I’m still down with the sickness and hope to have better answers next year. I broke a rib, my momma went septic on us. I almost gave up the blog and domain. It was an odd year. I think the word of the year was “apathetic”. It was like I just took a year off.

I’m not doing a whole “new year, new me” thing. I just need to get back on track.

Of course, January always means a month of CMMDI. Here’s a peek at everything I have laying around:

Yeah. I may also have a tiny addiction to JessaLu bags.

Happy New Year y’all!

It’s not stalking, it’s research

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

↔  ↔  ↔

lake 008

not fog

↔  ↔  ↔

I try to answer my e-mail from previous posts before making a new one, but today?  I’m not feeling the email love yet.

It may be that I’m recovering from my workout yesterday… or the fact my mom came over for lunch today and I ate a lot of junk food and now want to take a nap.  But we’ll go with blaming the workout.

The workout?  1000 meter swim and half hour of cardio.  Only 40 laps, but it took me a half hour.

::: putting on the granny voice :::

I remember when I was on swim team – that was just a warm up AND it didn’t take nearly as long.

How did I get so old without noticing?


↔  ↔  ↔

lake 010

now that’s better

Nice cloudy mornings and afternoon have been seen around here.  They’ve brought some awesome cooling rains, but it gets just a tad bit humid before those clouds crack open.  As seen by the first picture.  Yep, my lens fogged up just by walking outside with the camera.

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cranky bunny 1

Team Crankypants update:  I spun for two hours yesterday.  On my wheel of course.  I’ve come to an understanding between the process and the floppy and everything is moving smoothly.  Of course, I’m just trying to finish up this roving so that I can get it off the bobbins, pack it up and ship the starter wheel off to it’s next owner.

stash 001

This is about half of what I had, so I’m going to start a new bobbin and ply the schtuff.  No, I do not remember how much fiber I had or what it was… I just remember I bought it when Fairielady was still dying.  All of her stuff I bought was wonderful and I think I even gave some away when I thought spinning was done for me.  It’s a shame that rotten customers drove her to step away from the stress of dyeing for others.

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Soundtrack for today:

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I leave you with this parting wisdom:  Jesus wouldn’t steal poptarts

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Happy Wednesday y’all!

Saturday Sky – Now with less sky!

:::  insert really pretty lake sunrise here ::::

If I could have found my camera this morning, it would have been an amazing shot.

Where was it you ask?  On the desk.  Right.in.front.of.my.eyes.

Obviously, I had more important things on my mind.

Θ  Θ  Θ

cranky bunny 1

I will be spinning for the team tonight despite the reprieve I was given by Her Highness the Most Crankypants of them All. I feel all wonky and off and just need something all consuming to get lost in.  Today and tomorrow it’ll be fiber.

Θ  Θ  Θ

What am I doing Monday?

I done joined the gym and will start becoming a rat.

I lost 17 lbs with the Wii and simple food changes and think I’ll have fun there.  Actually, I’ve kind of missed going to the gym.  I like how I feel when I work out regularly.

Shut up.  I know. I’m weird.

And yeah, I still lost the weight even with the neighbor cracking her head open and the drama llama schtuff going on.

Θ  Θ  Θ

Happy Saturday y’all!

See you on the flip side!

cranky bunny 1

I took both cars to the car wash yesterday… and my spindle went along for a field trip.  No one looked at me funny.  Either time.

It’s the magic of his Mustang I tell you.  Really.  The first time I went there in my car, I got the standard service.  I came back that day with his car? It got free smell and free wax and free shiny wheels.  I was a little shocked.  They were practically fighting over who got to dry it (and thereby drive it).

Now?  The guys treat me well in both cars.  Free stuff all around.  AND!  There is actually someone there who likes my little zoom-zoom better than his car.

Fine.  I’ll admit, I do love his car, maybe more than mine.  But you have to know the history.  The first brand spanking new car I ever bought by myself was a ’96 Mustang in Pacific green, and I bought it right off the showroom floor.  That’s when I learned that the GT in a GT Mustang really stood for GOOD TIMES!


♥    ♥    ♥

Yeah, I don’t know where all that came from.  Awake too early and not enough sleep?  I was so excited last night that I didn’t fall asleep until well after 2 a.m. and was up at 4.

Shut up!

♥    ♥    ♥

Oh yeah!  I was talking about my spinning.  I’m taking it to the airport when I pick him up. Then I get a week and a few days off.  Unless I take it fishing with us.

stacey bunny

There! That was the Official Team Crankypants Squishy Edition update.

♥    ♥    ♥

Since I might not be seen for about a week, here’s some Friday Fill-Ins to keep ya busy.

1.  The last thing I ate was klondike 100 calorie ice cream sandwich for a late night snack and kashi for breakfast. ( I would have said coffee and kashi, but it did ask what I ate.)

2. A little hoochie skirt is something I recently bought.

3. When it rains, it … rain? What’s rain?

4. Texas was the first person I talked to today.

5. Hugs are wonderful and squishy and I can’t wait to have one of his.

6. I’m gonna need some extra comfort.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to um HELLO?!? Where have you been living, under a rock?, tomorrow my plans include uh, yea, same as Friday’s and Sunday, I want to well, what I want to do is different than what we are doing, but – his momma and step father are coming over for a cookout (on the new MANGRILL ™ and they’re delivering the washer! WOOT! No more laundromat for me!

♥    ♥    ♥

Happy Friday y’all!

Yippee Skippy!

It’s Thursday!  24 hours and 50 minutes until Texas arrives!

I still have to clean the bathroom and the kitchen, but after that it’s a cakewalk.  Ooops.  I forgot, I need to assemble his gift and I did want to wash both cars and crap, if I’m going out to do that, I have to get cat food. And since the idiot I was going to hire to clear the trees decided to go on a bender… I may have to look for someone else… who isn’t going to have it done by tomorrow like I’d hoped.

Fine.  Maybe not a cakewalk to you, but compared to last week and this… I’m on Easy Street!

Something to fill the space:

  1. Independence :: Well word gets a round in a small, small town, they said he was a dangerous man
  2. Meltdown :: me!  yesterday!
  3. Vulture :: turkey
  4. Hope :: floats
  5. Float :: pool
  6. Hole :: ass
  7. Trespass :: shoot to kill
  8. Moving :: target
  9. Extinct :: Pterodactyl
  10. Alligator :: boots

cranky bunny 1

Yeah. Um.  Spinning did not happen yesterday.  I’m afraid if I would have had it with me, someone would have gotten impaled with it.  And then I get a week off for good behavior.

Cookie said so.

Happy Thursday y’all!

ECF: Team Crankypants Buttons!

They’re here!  The Team Crankypants buttons.  Cookie has finally said I could release them upon you all.  Remember, no hotlinking!  Save to your own computer.

First, the blog button:

cranky bunny 1

And the Ravatar:


Important copyright schtuff: The bunny character was yanked from The Bunny under this Creative Commons license thingy.

‡  ‡  ‡  ‡  ‡

Since y’all want me to post and I have no content, I went out on the lake Tuesday and snapped some pictures.  It’s been far too hot to do it since then.  Well, unless I went out at 6 a.m.  It’s 7 am and already 80 degrees (26.7 C ).

Anyway, the point!  I had one before I got sidetracked.  Really.

Eye Candy Friday: Bird Edition

‡  ‡  ‡  ‡  ‡

Anyone else having problems with the new WP upgrade and using flickr?  I hate companies that “improve” stuff.  /sigh

Like soda.  Have you noticed the stuff they’re making with real sugar right now – around here it’s Pepsi and Dr. Pepper… it has less calories than the stuff with high fructose corn syrup in it.

Must.stop.  Before I go into my whole rant about hfcs.

‡  ‡  ‡  ‡  ‡

Thank GOD it’s Friday.  Happy Weekend y’all!

Ummm… Hai?

::: blows off the dust ::::

Yeah, it’s been a few days. *ahem*

I actually had to go to the blog because I forgot what it looked like.


It’s much too cheery.  I think I’ll need to look into changing it again.

*   *   *   *   *

I’m here, I’m alive and I’m tired and cranky.

Call off the search parties, interventions and snipers.

*   *   *   *   *

Speaking of cranky… I’ve been told that I am joining Team Crankypants and so, I am.

I’d insert a blog button and ravatar here, but I’m waiting for the grand pooobah to get image approval from someone – who lives in another country, so I’m totally not blaming her.  Really.

Plus, she got stuck with that job since she’s really good at making boys do things she wants.


*   *   *   *   *

Random pictures from his week home:

turtle turtle2

Turtle, turtle… trying to get back to the lake after possibly laying her eggs. Or she decided she was going to take the shortcut walking ACROSS the point instead of swimming around it.

love shack 005

Heh.  No, that tree is not supposed to be  leaning on the other one like that.  And that other fresh cut at the bottom of the straight tree?  Obviously NOT the one that was holding the leaning one up.  Yeah.  I offered my support and adoration from up on the deck.  With a cool glass of ice water.


*   *   *   *   *

Happy whatever the hell day it is y’all!