An Invader!

My normal morning routine consists mainly of supplying caffeine to my brain.  I let the pupsicles out, sit in the sun and let the liquid love course through my veins.  Today, however, I spotted something climbing the fence and had to run and get my camera.


At that point, I had no idea what it was. It had some type of ball-like tail that it would throw around.


It moved like lightening and was checking everything out.


It didn’t just jump, it FLEW through the air.


I finally realized it was looking for food and ran to get a broom.



Phew… all was safe and it was gone.  Or was it?


I found it hiding in my (poorly groomed) garden.  And then, it spotted Gigi!


Gigi knew she was no match for whatever it was and quickly gave in.


It dug in it’s long, silver talons and before my very eyes, my sweet girl was gone! 


It must have gotten it’s fill, because it jumped the fence, zipped off down the road and was gone.




*no knitting was harmed in the making of this post 🙂


May I Have It Back Please?



Sizeable cash reward for the return of my mind.

Unknown where and when last seen.

Need it back by return to work date.

Evidence it is missing: 

  1. Refilled wrong prescription.  While actually speaking to the pharmacist on the phone and holding the correct bottle.  Did not notice it until safely at home and ready to take a pill – that I now don’t have and they won’t have filled until tomorrow.
  2. I’m a stocker.  Sale at Bath and Body? I stock up on lotions and soaps.  8-pack of Bounty for only $4…I’m buying 3.  There I am – for the past 2 days – smelling something new in my bathroom.  My linen closet is in there, so I’m searching for broken bottles or spilled lotions.  Yeah… I changed my airwick air freshener… and forgot.  It’s not like it’s right at eye level when I’m sitting there doing my arm exercises – 3 times a day.
  3. I’m doing a little project and I thought it was going along just fine.  Until I looked back and wanted to know what crack addict had sat down at my computer and typed THAT
  4. In an email conversation, I got lost – thought the other person was crazy! 🙂 – and then had to re-read the whole email trail – only to find out my brain had fallen out somewhere along the way.
  5. Took the dogs out to go pee, grabbed my mom’s pack of cigarettes, lit one, inhaled and coughed like hell before I realized WTF was that?  I haven’t even had a craving for a cigarette in months.  I didn’t smoke it… but uh… where did that come from?

Please send help.


Goofballs, Goofballs…Get Your Goofballs Here

Imagine if you can, a small house located in the Southern California Desert.  It’s 5 a.m and a slightly gimpy woman is sleeping soundly in her bed.  All of a sudden, she sits up in bed.  Filled with the excitement of a kid knowing they were calling for a foot of snow overnight.

Come on… you remember that feeling… the excitement…the I can’t wait to get to the window and see if it’s going to be A.SNOW.DAY!!!  And then…the crushing disappointment as you run to the window and either a.) it hasn’t snowed at all or b.) it’s snowing, but the radio hasn’t announced that your school is closed.  Not even a two hour delay. What’s with that? 

That was me.  The highs.  The lows.  At 5 a.m.  Why you ask?  Because today is the day that I can START TO DO THINGS AGAIN!!!!  That’s right.  I can drive farther.  Or I can knit.  Or I can use both hands to type.  Or I can mouse longer. The lows, you ask? Because it was 5 am and what store is open in a small town at 5 am… NOTHING I TELL YOU.  My co-pilot wasn’t awake yet and since I can’t hit 5th on my own, kind of important.  And I had to make a decision.  What was I going to do…did I really want to shopping or did I want to knit today.  ACK!!! 

Yeah… get your big ‘ole doofy goofball right here. 

Theme 26

This concludes this week’s edition of wtfweds.gif, brought to you by the letters G, S and the number 3.  Please tune in next week!


Holy Bloglines, Batman!

Can you believe Bloglines is down again?  I love their formats and ease of use… but dang… can you not have issues every other day?  The new ie feeds reader wasn’t so nice.  Any other suggestions?

Were you blinded by the new template?  If it’s still the electrifying one by the time Bloglines comes up. 

Because it is wtfweds.gif.

Here is the reason I can’t make my bed first thing in the morning:


Yes, she would jump in my grave that fast too.  If I didn’t feed them, they’d have no use for me.

ETA… what’s with the freaky A’s after all of my sentences?  Hmmm … time for a different template?

In the vein of WTF was I thinking?

I spent a good part of the day dragging my stash out, making a spread sheet and taking pictures.  I figured if the one who challenged me had to do it, so would I.  Yeah.  And then I took a nap. 

Can I not say enough about the Loopy Ewe?  Go, look, shop…tell ’em Stacey sent you. I think Sheri is going to run out of little sample cards to send me.  THANK Bloglines – I have a sock yarn exemption.  I have already planned my next order.  I guess you want to see the haul:

Jan Loopy Order  Interlacements TT – Reds and another skank of Schaefer Anne – this time in a fruit salad colorway.  I bought a project tote – which I am going to fill with the perfect project – which of course will require the purchase of more yarn.  This time the gift thrown in was a yarn ball stitch marker.  Maybe I should order once a week to see if Sheri can keep up. 

That’s not really what you peeping toms came to see is it?  You want the whole stash.  Really, not that bad.  Really. 

 omg stash 009

 See, not that bad.  I only have a queen size bed.  If it was a king size bed I might have a problem.  (this picture was used because you can’t really see the two containers that are stuffed full instead of spread out)   It’s only 137 miles of yarn.  If it won’t stretch back to the east coast, it ain’t that bad.  I’ve updated my count – because I also found a couple of more balls – and added the spreadsheet to my stash page.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that sock yarn doesn’t count? Because, really, two more weeks with no knitting or driving… I need to shop and molest yarn.






Mistake Rib ScarfMy mistake rib scarf is growing.  Every morning while blog surfing I heat up my arm, do my wrist exercises and then knit some rows.  It’s actually good physical therapy because it helps with grip, fine motor skills and forearm muscle utilization.  😉  Yep, I pay attention to the physical therapist.

I still can’t use yarn smaller than worsted and I can’t control needles that are smaller than a 7, but I’m getting there!  The Noro is spun thin in spots and I can’t quite control it as well as I would like.  Those rows stand out to me when I look at it.

With another 3 skeins of the same Noro colorway and a full one of the Malabrigo,  I may try matching mittens.  I was also thinking of doing a pink Malabrigo Wavy – just because I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought the eye searing hot pink Malabrigo.  Plus, with how cold (record breaking) it’s been here, a girl needs choices!

In actual  news:

The issue with the authorization for PT that I thought was solved is not.  I spent most of the day Tuesday with a mind numbing headache, on the phone with no results.  I was so angry and frustrated and my head hurt (uh, blood pressure maybe?) that the tears were flowing. 

Until I stopped.  I just stopped and told myself that I had done everything I could and what would happen, would happen.  I started to get all weepy and angry again this morning until I read this post.  Sometimes the world just knows what you need.

This non-authorization means that unless it is resolved by Friday, I won’t have physical therapy for 3 weeks.  I’ve decided that I’m going to see how much a session costs and see if I can swing at least one a week until it’s approved.   

I’ll do what I can and then just breathe. 🙂

On a Monday?

Welcome to my edition of  and

Worker’s Comp in CA is messed up.  Ok, so there were people who abused the system…but what about people who just want to use their freakin arm again?  I just spent most of the day trying to get someone to approve more physical therapy for me.  24 visits is what they consider “usual and customary” for my injury – which means that is what they usually automatically approve.  Today was my 14th and my last authorized.  Today was also the day I got a rejection letter for more PT.    It turned out to be an “error” – which happened to occur when both my case manager and nurse case manager are gone for the holidays.  Great. 

It’s just frustrating when all you want to do is get better and get back to work, (oh, and have a functional arm) and no one that can do anything is on your side.  On the bright side…it’s all approved now.

As for the whole reason I have the broken arm… the medical records are rolling in.  I was upset reading the E.R. records until I spoke to my attorney.  The written records don’t mention if it was broken prior to the reduction.  Just that they reduced the dislocation and discharged me with a referral for the fracture. 

The radiology report (two days later) states for the first set: blah, blah, blah dislocation. Associated fracture of the coronoid process of the ulna.

For the second: blah blah blah, successful reduction. Associated fracture of the blah blah blah.

So, the attorney says either way, they’re screwed.  Roll out four people (3 co-workers and a spouse of co-worker) who clearly heard the doc say no fracture on the x-ray.  Who also can attest to the series of lies and adjustments in attitude.


Concede and say…hey, maybe it was broken before…but (loves me those buts) because of the nature of the fracture, a student (who I was never told was a student) should not have done it.  An orthopod should have been called in.  Standard practice.

In case you’re wondering…the part that broke is a pretty important part of the elbow structure.  It helps keep the elbow from flopping back, the radius rest against it, nerves and tons o’tendons attach in that spot.  The first orthopedic surgeon didn’t want to do the surgery because it was too delicate.

Last part of the bitch fest… I was measured today and had no improvement in extension and bending.  Supination (turning hand palm up) showed improvement going from 45 degrees to 55.  Guess that little bit of over doing it and straining a muscle kind of set me back more than I thought.

So, I figured WTF and bought a lottery ticket.  My bad luck today has to change…right?!?