Because we’re all a little tired of this shit

Hey Cookie:

ridgecrest 009

Blue sky.

In California. Yesterday. Really.

Fine, I had to drive up a mountain to get this picture and sure, there is still smoke in the view… but damn it, it’s blue sky.

And that counts.

I was wondering if maybe it had something to do with this magical compound:

ridgecrest 076

Looks all quiet and unassuming. Just sitting there in the middle of the desert on a lonely back road.

ridgecrest 078

And then you see this pyramid shape rising from next to the trailers and porta potty. (click big)

Yes, that is a human eye painted on one side.

But here is the money shot:

ridgecrest 081

The whole thing is gold. With a human eye on one side and an Egyptian one on another. (you can’t see the third side from the road)

I would have stopped to see, but every time you drive by, there is a group of people sitting underneath it. (I love y’all, but not that much)

Vortex? Alien landing site? Maybe an adventure for another day when I’m totally bored out of my mind?

ridgecrest 083

Like me buying this isn’t evidence that I could have become that bored already. Or maybe it’s just the beginning of some sort of mental breakdown.

Because nothing says sanity like biking with a floppy paw in 110 degrees and surrounded by smoke.

Pink Flamingo at an Orange House

smoky sunrise 111

I swear, I’m not obsessed with the orange house. Really. It does look a bit better this year since the sun faded out the colors. Would you believe the owner ripped out all of the grass, prepped the dirt and replanted… because he had some weeds? He did the same thing last year when he bought the place. I was sitting over here, watching him do it and wishing I could have all that grass he ripped out and stacked on his driveway to die.

smoky sunrise 006

Have I mentioned I love ladybugs? I bought and released two containers. I wonder if there is such a thing as a ladybug farmer and how would I become one? Ladybug farmer, not lady bug farmer – although I suppose if I were farming bugs and since I’m female, it could go either way. Maybe include a little silkworm business on the side?

Yeah, I got nothing.

Happy Thursday!

Fine! I give!


Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I’m in.

This time, I’m blaming Cookie. She’s an evil-along pusher. I may even be down for the most socks and socks on vacation contests.

Llama mama 061 Llama mama 065 Llama mama 069

You ask, I answer:

01. No, I’m not seeing “concerned guy”. He is a friend of a friend and dinner wasn’t even a date. Think “Hey! We’re going to stop at La Conquistador… wanna go?”

02. As much as I’d love it, Cookie and I are not long lost cousins. /SOB!

03. If I go, I’m doing Puerto Rico alone. Sorry, no mystery man there either.

04. WOW, you all must have some image of me. I wish I had game like that… or that I played the game like that…or something.

05. SF = Security Forces. The Air Force version of cops.

violated 005 violated 003 violated 009

Just because I’m digging this list thing:

01. No necesito a nadie para hacerme feliz.

02. Sometimes, you say what you mean and mean what you say. No hidden meanings, no innuendos, no reading between the lines and no game play. I like it that way.  Even if it is a little scary.

03. I did knit yesterday. If un-knitting to the point of a mistake counts. I think I’m back on track for the forest canopy… or not

04. The winds were so high that the power went off about 6 last night and didn’t come back on until 3 a.m.

05. I think that was the earliest I’ve been to bed in months. For that, I blame Angie.

06. I saw the toe doc Tuesday after the beach and he made it hurt. Owie. I need chocolate.

07. I’m so glad I decided not to go to L.A. today. Today is the whole Mayday “peaceful” protests. Yeah.

08. The NRA banquet is Saturday! WHOO! And then I’m going out after. I have to figure out how to go from conservative repubican NRA attendee to wild liberal democratic party girl without exposing anything during the quick car changeroo.

Random Wednesday

santa monica 019

01. This guy was actually pretty good.

02. Last Friday, I have to admit there was a little bit of an incident involving (kind of) cops. Liz invited some SF’s down from the base and when I ran into someone I knew and disappeared for a little bit, they got worried. Apparently they offered to go find me. (Don’t go awwwww yet)

03. I didn’t find this out until dinner last night. But, um, do I really look that naive?

04. Obviously (see #5)

05. When did buying a girl dinner mean you were going to get lucky? Because my math in that situation never added up quite like that. I’m not even sure that should buy you a handshake. (Yes, the “concerned” guy)

06. We may have been a little scandalous in Santa Monica yesterday. It may or may not have involved code names (Hi! I’m Amanda) and a cowboy hat. Which I now have possession of. (This had nothing to do with #5)

santa monica 014

07. Liz and I should not be allowed to go out together alone.

08. We’re probably going clubbing in Hollywood this weekend anyway.

09. If things work out as planned, I’m going to PUERTO RICO! for a week. Aye! Papi! Maybe I should have paid more attention this semester. But then again, maybe I know all I really need to know… right Angie? 😀

10. I think I’m still finding sand in places there shouldn’t be sand.

11. It may be payback for texting people “I’m at the beach! How’s work?” Luckily, I did not do that to La. I may be dead right now if I had.

santa monica 058

12. Sometimes you find the weirdest stuff written in the sand at the beach.

13. Does anyone out there understand man-speak? Because I am totally out of practice.

14. Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard.

15. Shhhh… I’m hunting wabbits knitting today.

santa monica 021

16. The Hoff totally dissed me yesterday. /sob

17. Have you wished Nora a happy birthday? GO DO IT! Oh, and don’t mention butt crack and sex in the same sentence around her. 😀


I did not take any time to rest today. I forgot it was Vince’s birthday, spent some time catching up with a friend and ran around town. I’m sure I’ll figure out how I can blame Angie for this day too. 😀

silver saddle 002

I’m heading to Santa Monica tomorrow. Just because I can. Yes Cookie, I’m taking a hat so I don’t end up looking like a handbag. I figure that if those idiots at the insurance company and the doctor’s office can’t get their shit straight, I’m having some fun for the next six weeks. There may be a trip to an American territory in the future because 1.) you don’t need a passport, 2.) I found an awesome deal on airfare and 3.) some people have good ideas. *ahem* I just have to make sure I have someone to check in on the old one so she doesn’t burn the house down.

silver saddle 011 silver saddle 007 silver saddle 013 silver saddle 014 silver saddle 016

Not only does this town have one lake… but it has two… and a zoo and a miniature golf course and a fancy schamancy restaurant. Who knew! I thought it was a private club, but it’s not. (When I say this town, I mean about 15 miles outside of town in the middle of the desert)

silver saddle 026 silver saddle 019

It even has tee-pees you can camp in. There may have been an incident of unintentional vandalism to a picnic table with a certain white car. *ahem*

silver saddle 021 silver saddle 022

I think this needs to be investigated.

What? 😀


one down, one to go

My plans for the afternoon fell through which is o.k. because it would have probably killed me.

I spent the afternoon in Tehachipi (that’s where I sang) – doing a little knitting, some hiking and some picture taking. I think my thighs are about to reach up and smack me for all of the work I’ve been making them do lately. Hiking is not the same as walking on a road. Really.

I ended up running into a friend and spent about 3 hours catching up. I may have agreed to go hiking at Red Rocks next weekend. WTF?

Someone please stop me.

I blame Angie (no fear, blackmail pictures coming right up… Tuesday maybe?) for taking me to do things I haven’t done in years and reigniting interests.

shawl 003

For those inquiring minds… this is the song I sang. My only rule was that it had to be a little rock and roll.

No, you will never hear me sing it unless you stalk me down. I was just hitting my freak out mode when I got a phone call from someone who took my mind off of it completely. Before I knew it, it was time to get in there.

I can talk in front of rocket scientists. I can charm investors. I have spoken in front of judges and walked attorneys through cases. I interview and teach with the best. But get me in front of a group to sing and I flippin’ lose it.

Why? You’re vulnerable out there on the stage and you know how La don’t do spin? Well, Stacey don’t do vulnerable. mmmkay?

Well except that I may have agreed to do it again.

Shut up.

And while we’re being all squishy and vulnerable… here’s part of the dream Angie.

shawl 034