Two Words

→ Finished Object

→ Zipper Truck

Technically called a barrier transfer machine. It moves mini Jersey barriers to easily change lane patterns. (I don’t care where I live, those things will always be Jersey barriers) Finally saw one working. Dude! That was cool.  Either that or I’m easily entertained.

→ Knitting Loom

Since I’ve gotten the crafty stuff semi organized, (at least until I figure out the furniture that is going to go in the second bedroom) I decided to crack out one of my knitting looms and try knitting a sock on there.  Maybe it will go faster? Perhaps more manageable with the floppy? Way back when I broke my arm, Isela “made” me try them so I could still play with fiber. I haven’t picked them up in years.

→Well Used

Karen posted on her blog about what her go-to knits are during ALL the cold. I’m going with one of my Sockheads, my Duck Soup scarf, and (since I don’t have matching pink mitts) I use either my well worn Freezing Farmgirl Mitts or the extra long, keep the floppy warm at all cost mitts.

Sadly, the first pair of mitts I mentioned have been well loved and worn. I’ve made a repair or 5 to them over the years and I don’t know if they’ll make it through the winter. I was working on a replacement  pair with some shady yarn when I realized that life is too short to wear scratchy wool.

Happy Thursday y’all! What knits do you grab first?

It was all fun and games until S.W.A.T. showed up

The first FO of 2014

  • Start: 12/25/13
  • Finish: 1/1/14
  • Ravelry Info
  • Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky held double
  • Needles: US35 circs

Yeah, I could have finished this in a day or two, but you know, I’m pacing myself. Or something. I may end up fulling it a little because it is huge. When I cast on, Texas asked what I was making and I told him “a hat”. About an hour later he said “Baby, you may want to check your gauge. I think that is a little big for a hat.”

How cute is that? He’s learning well. On the other hand, he believed me when I said it was a hat.

We are pretty much settled in to the apartment – despite the plague and resulting bronchitis. There are a couple of things being held hostage (don’t ask, I don’t want to get stabby again) and we need to bring up the washer and dryer, but other than that, it is good.

I’m also settling into a routine that is good  for me.  Knitting, reading, strolling down to the gym,  spending time with Texas, exploring the area, taking a daily nap, avoiding people I want to smack.

Despite hating people, I may even venture out to check out a knitting meet up. They have it Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. It’s all freeway driving and during the shopping season, I drove it a few times at night with Texas for backup. I’m starting to feel more confident with the nighttime driving now that I’m doing it more.

Today, I’m going to stay out of the cold and see how long I can knit on “those socks” until the floppy gives out.  What are you doing?

Happy Thursday y’all!


  • Pattern: Cockamamie Basket. I saw this, but didn’t buy the pattern, I just winged it
  • Yarn: 1/2″ cotton piping
  • Needles: US35
  • Start: 5/13/13
  • Finish: 5/15/13

I finally understand the whole “my hands just hurt looking at that” thing. The piping on 35’s was painful. Definitely easier and less painful on 50’s and 120’s.

I was thinking I might (and that’s a big might) make my next mega project that pair of socks I started for SoS ’12. Mega because they’ve taken mega-long and I keep thinking about how they should be finished before the next SoS, so they’re like a mega thorn in my side.

I could just crack open that box of yarn from Elann and start knitting something else on the big needles. I think I was thinking about this blanket when I ordered it. Or, I could wait for my Giants (40″ US120’s) from Go-Girl to get here and start the Really Big Rug of Doom!

Did I mention that crazy Nacogdoches has started knitting a blanket or rug or something out of bed sheets with her needles? O.o  If I start asking for old sheet donations, please send an Intervention Team.

Oh, hell, just send one anyway. Have I mentioned that they sent me the shipping notice for the 15 turkeys? They’re all heritage breeds, untouched by genetic modification. No, I wasn’t expecting to order 15, but there was this whole “minimum order amount” thing.  I wonder what baby turkeys sound like. Do you think they’ll gobble right away?

Happy pre-Friday y’all!


CMMDI – Mega May

made me

While some people are busy doing huge lace projects, I’m going for the quick and easy.

Pattern: Giant Rug by Go-Girl Knitting (kind of)

Yarn: 1/2″ Cotton Piping

Needles: US120


  • Cast on: 5/10/13  7:19 p.m
  • Cast off: 5/10/13  9:34 p.m.


  • Cast on:  5/11/13  8:34 am
  • Cast off: 5/11/13  10:01 am

Yep. Two FO’s in under 24 hours. Well, besides the fact that I think I want to dye them.  Texas loves the squishiness of the rugs. He even mentioned the possibility of me making a seat cushion for him. I however, am done with the cotton piping for a while. That stuff gets h.e.a.v.y!

Besides, I want to make a big rug for the end of the bed now. That may involve purchasing a pair of the original Giants.

I know. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

Just for Carrie K., goats for size comparison.

Happy weekend y’all!

I wish I were a little bar of soap!

Project info here.

They look like they need a little blocking, but they’re washcloths for pity’s sake! I had to go down to a US7 from a US 9 and add some repeats. They’ll do for warshing mah face. The cotton was actually nice to work with (Hobby Lobby, I Love This Cotton) and I may be looking at other patterns. What?!? People need washcloths.

While we’re heading down that crazy path, the pattern is by Tammy from Go-Girl Knitting. I was having a thing that weekend.  It usually happens whenever I spend time with Nacogdoches.

Stop laughing!

Fine! I often have “things”. Are you happy now?

After a lazy mail person not wanting to get out of their car slight mix up, I finally got my Little Giants*.

Cow used for size reference. O.o

Let Mega May commence!!!

Happy Friday y’all!

*Can I just say that the shopping experience was wonderful? Communication was excellent and I wasn’t disappointed. She even sent an email with a picture of my colors before  making them and another before they shipped. C’mon, you know you want to go buy a pair. Maybe a set?

Nacogdoches’ Cockamamie Schemes

Last time it was decoupage. This time, large needle knitting.  Those right there are US 120’s from Go Girl. Seriously.  US 120.  Nacogdoches bought the shorts and the longs. She’s using 10 strands to knit that.

Cray cray.

This is what I ended up knitting. A rug for Texas’ side of the bed. Because it was far easier to do that than knit him a pair of slippers.  I did not use the huge needles, only US 35’s. Which was interesting enough. (Rav details here)

Oh yeah and I’m working on a couple of warsh cloths. No, I don’t know what is going on up in here either. I was just going to do one, but I actually like the yarn I’m using. It is far softer and easier to use than that sugar and cream stuff.

Sometime this week, I’ll tell you about the 6 goats new goats that were awaiting my return.

What are y’all doing on this beautiful Monday?




10-part review of the Verismo

Or not.

Unless saying LOVE♥ 10 days in a row will count. It is much better tasting than the blends made for the Keurig. Oddly enough, we haven’t used the other machine since I got the Verismo. If you’re a Starbucks fan, it’s worth the money for the machine.

∞ ∞  ∞

made me

In CMMDI news, I did knit this month! They are containers… in a twisted kind of way. Everyone will have to wait for details until they reach their new home. I’m not sure there is a plan for May yet, but she’s been living life over there. Maybe I’ll just do what I want and blame her per usual.

I know June, July and August, I’m just going to blame SoS ’13. I’ve even decided to wind up bunches of sock yarn and put them in paper bags, so it’s like my own little mystery/sock club. They may also end up not being socks. Because I don’t like rules.

∞ ∞  ∞

One of these things is not like the other.

image image

I was the driving force behind just buying the darn thing. Besides being less expensive than wood, someone came and built it. It was wonderful to just sit back and watch it all come together… in 2 hours instead of 2 weeks. Now, it is going to be all about building the stalls inside and running electricity.

Besides the calf and goats having a new home, the baby chicks and ducks will no longer be in the house. You citified people have NO IDEA the joy that comes just from typing the last half of that sentence.

∞ ∞  ∞

What are you doing on this freezing Wednesday?