Nacogdoches’ Cockamamie Schemes

Last time it was decoupage. This time, large needle knitting.  Those right there are US 120’s from Go Girl. Seriously.  US 120.  Nacogdoches bought the shorts and the longs. She’s using 10 strands to knit that.

Cray cray.

This is what I ended up knitting. A rug for Texas’ side of the bed. Because it was far easier to do that than knit him a pair of slippers.  I did not use the huge needles, only US 35’s. Which was interesting enough. (Rav details here)

Oh yeah and I’m working on a couple of warsh cloths. No, I don’t know what is going on up in here either. I was just going to do one, but I actually like the yarn I’m using. It is far softer and easier to use than that sugar and cream stuff.

Sometime this week, I’ll tell you about the 6 goats new goats that were awaiting my return.

What are y’all doing on this beautiful Monday?




10-part review of the Verismo

Or not.

Unless saying LOVE♥ 10 days in a row will count. It is much better tasting than the blends made for the Keurig. Oddly enough, we haven’t used the other machine since I got the Verismo. If you’re a Starbucks fan, it’s worth the money for the machine.

∞ ∞  ∞

made me

In CMMDI news, I did knit this month! They are containers… in a twisted kind of way. Everyone will have to wait for details until they reach their new home. I’m not sure there is a plan for May yet, but she’s been living life over there. Maybe I’ll just do what I want and blame her per usual.

I know June, July and August, I’m just going to blame SoS ’13. I’ve even decided to wind up bunches of sock yarn and put them in paper bags, so it’s like my own little mystery/sock club. They may also end up not being socks. Because I don’t like rules.

∞ ∞  ∞

One of these things is not like the other.

image image

I was the driving force behind just buying the darn thing. Besides being less expensive than wood, someone came and built it. It was wonderful to just sit back and watch it all come together… in 2 hours instead of 2 weeks. Now, it is going to be all about building the stalls inside and running electricity.

Besides the calf and goats having a new home, the baby chicks and ducks will no longer be in the house. You citified people have NO IDEA the joy that comes just from typing the last half of that sentence.

∞ ∞  ∞

What are you doing on this freezing Wednesday?

Proof of life


I am one warm and coordinated fool. Even my nail polish matches. (Gunmetal if you were wondering)  I am quite thankful for the whole Cookie Made Me Do It thingy. Straight up worsted wool knits are making this cold snap from hell bearable. I was thinking of making a matching set of origami slippers. Or not.

Have you picked a project for March yet?

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Tuesday was infusion day and I actually got a couple of short naps in this time. I guess because I knew what was going to happen and was less stressed. As long as I’m not an “early B cell populator” I won’t have to do this again until August.  Yea!

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

rare 2013

 Today is Rare Disease Day. There are approximately 6000-8000 rare and orphan diseases out there. All y’all know I have NMO. Of course I’m going to ask you to donate to GJCF if you can.  (heck, if you know anyone who is dealing with any disease, donate for them). Or just do something nice for them. A call, visit, text or email can make a world of difference.

How common is NMO?
Based on recent epidemiologic reports, there are an estimated 4,000 cases in the United States and a half million worldwide. As with many autoimmune conditions, females are affected by the disease more commonly than males, at an approximate ratio of 4:1. NMO can affect both children and adults.

Happy Thursday y’all. I’m heading back to bed, what are you doing?

Finishing Out February

  • Pattern: February Hat aka winged it
  • Yarn: Purling Dervish County Road Worsted
  • Needle: US7
  • Start: 2/24/13
  • Finish: 2/25/13

I decided to round out the mitt and cowl set with a matching hat. Besides, who doesn’t need another hat when it’s going to be cold all week. (don’t laugh, it’s cold to me) It was all nice and swirly, at least until I started decreasing.  Meh. It’s a farm hat, to go with farm mitts.  I’m still not sure how the “catch on everything” cowl fits into the farming theme. At least they’ll keep me warm.

This will be the last of my CMMDI February Finishes. Or whatever it is we were calling it.

I’m now swatching for a Month of Madness.  Heads up, it’s not going to be pretty.  She may have a different name for it, but if I do what I think I’m doing, y’all will know I’ve lost my mind.

I need a doctor


I named it Emergency because I was fresh out of projects and it is February Finishes. Yet, here I am again, on the 21st with nothing else to work on. I blame the huge yarn and the e.n.d.l.e.s.s. rain we’ve been having.

Because even I can’t blame Cookie for everything.

Even if she has started planning the torture for March.

Happy Thursday y’all!


February Finishes FO

These mitts are part of the January and February CMMDI. I didn’t get them finished for NaKniMitMo, but I put them on my February Finishes list.

  • Project: CMMDI 03 Mittens
  • Start: 1/21/13
  • Finish: 2/11/13
  • Yarn: Mine
  • Needle: US7
  • Pattern: Winged it.

Tomorrow, I hope to get a bunch of Destroyed knocked out, since it’s the “matching” cowl.  I’m going to take the sweater with just in case stockinette (or Texas) drives me batty.

 made me

Anyone else need the button?

Saturday Sky 03


Good morning aka way too flipping early.

Thanks go to Ms. Forrest the Goose.  Do you know how much noise they can make? I thought the rooster was going to be the problem. I’m reconsidering. If this keeps up, we’ll be having goose for dinner.

We also seem to be awful parents who don’t come out by 6 a.m. every morning to feed them and release them.  Hey! Don’t blame us, blame the time change horror perpetuated on us twice a year.  I won’t let them out until it is at least bright enough to see my hand in front of my face.


  • CMMDI 02 Mittens!
  • Pattern: Home Mittens
  • Start: 1/13/13
  • Finish: 1/18/13
  • Yarn: Silky Wool XL

I changed this pair up by doing a garter stitch cuff. Yes, my first pair of CMMDI mitts were the same pattern. They however,  were hijacked by my mom. The pattern is pretty simple and I got the first mitten done the the first day. I completed most of the second yesterday.

I will be kicking Texas out of the house again today. Like I kicked the last two baby ducks out this morning. Peanut and Chips are finally old enough, and it is warm enough for them to join everyone else.  This is the first time since May or June that we haven’t had baby somethings in the house.

I should scour, dust and disinfect the duck room. Should. Just to get it done. However, I feel like knitting. I can get at least one more pair of mitts cranked out this month.

Which means I will spend hours on Ravelry looking at patterns and accomplish absolutely nothing.

Happy Saturday y’all!

Funny how that works

He leaves for a few days and look! An FO!

  • Pattern: Home Mittens aka Cookie Made Me Do It Mittens
  • Start: 01/3/13
  • Finish: 01/7/13
  • Yarn: Silky Wool XL

Simple, fast, get ready for the cold mittens. I could have gotten them done in a day or two if I had alone time. Also, my first pair of full, finger bondage mittens. I really don’t like my fingers enclosed, but we’re having one of our coldest winters and fingerless ain’t cutting it.  I really want to make a matching hat and cowl, but it is NaKnMitMo.

I’m undecided on my next pattern, but I think it’s going to be stranded with some Ella Rae Lace Merino (which is really more fingering) in gray and ummm blue. Or green. Or some of my hand dyed.  Maybe pink?

Any suggestions?

Happy Monday y’all! Grab it!

I spy something pink


Someone has a bit of a hat fetish. At least he’s not stealing mine anymore.


The mitten is finished. I’m taking Katherine’s advice and using it as a “stocking” next year. If I can find it once I put it away.


There were no instructions regarding the thumb, so I just continued the pattern up the front side and did alternating color on the back. I realized about halfway through that I should have extended the pattern on the side a couple of stitches. There was to be no ripping at that point.

Live and learn.


Look at all that potential. Since CMMDI, I’ve picked these options out for mittens. I can do color work, cabled, plain or bulkier. The red would probably be fastest and might be wearable before we hit 67 degrees next week.

However, the pink would round out the pink hats and scarves I have. The blue and gray would be pretty in color work and of course, it would be nice to knit with some manky yarn.

what decisions are you making today?

Happy Thursday y’all!