It’s on! (like Donkey Kong)

Or something like that.

Texas is not in Texas, so in between the chicken and duck rearing, I might actually get a few blog posts in. There may even be blog reading and knitting and weaving and stuff to occupy my free time.

Well, after I clean up from 5 months of boy messes. It’s amazing how messy they can be. Really.

Bacon! And tiny bunnies and a chicken. Sorry, the purple bunny was being ornery. I think he was afraid of being wrapped in bacon and grilled. Thanks Sarah!

Babies! They are already much bigger. Those suckers grow like weeds. Out of the 14, only three have names. Texas is planning for about 60 more. I say only if he stops working on the road and helps feed and water and muck every day. I’m almost at my limit and I still want some teeny weenie goats.

I’m off to clean and wait for the “I’ve landed” phone call.

Happy Sunday y’all!

Oh yeah, that’s why we hate people

Busy week at the farm. New fencing put up, duck pond getting bigger, compost pile started.  All things I know y’all are just dying to hear about. /sarcasm

Instead, I’ll just insert a cute animal picture here.

Yes, the goose is in the chicken tractor.  They hang out there because the chickens lay in their house. Finicky.  The kids have gotten huge! Oh and we think we have a rooster in the bunch. (non-crowing yet) We found a nice woman who has more runner ducks and we may have tiny two and three-weekers in our house by the end of the week.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And now we’re off…I would say I’m not irritated, but that would be lying.  I’m not irritated at the content of the text (multiple actually) that was directed at me, but that the party involved thought it their right to even type it in the first place.

I do have to admit the sign off of “I’m deleting ur number after this” was hilarious.

a) Did I just time travel back to high school? If so, next time I demand The Doctor goes with because he is kind of hot.

2) I never gave you my number so, umm, ohhhhh kay. Please do.

If you no longer make a product, take it off of your sales page and don’t let people put it in their carts.

Same goes if you post an add on crÅig$ liSt.  Delete it when you sell what you’re selling. Especially if someone calls and you say “oh, I sold out the day the ad went up”.

If you’re a business and you say you’re going to call back.  Do it.

Imitation is a form of flattery? Could be stealing someone’s idea.  Guess it’s in the eye of the beholder.

OMG! Get a little class and self respect people!  Please stop whining and crying and keep your legs shut.  You really think if he’s been sleeping with four or five people you know, been to jail for not supporting his other 3 kids, that he is going to jump for joy when you tell him you got knocked up?  This is what, your 4th?

I really don’t think I can do the whole “that’s nice” and “bless your heart” thing. It may be best if I don’t leave the farm.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Have a great week y’all!

Oh and if you’re still reading, what do you think we should name the farm?  Seeing as we don’t the B-52’s attorneys contacting us if we call it The Love Shack.



Squash Blossoms!

Sorry Cookie, Texas checked and I am most definitely not growing any blossoms.

This is squash blossoms. It is currently hanging out on the triangle loom. (I know I said cantaloupe on FB, but it just cried out to be squash blossoms when I started playing with it). You don’t get pictures because I fear that may be the kiss of death for it.

Unless it rains.

Please let it rain.

I’ve even asked Texas to pull on his Native American heritage and do a little dance for me. He started singing this:

Smart a$$.

Happy whatever day this is y’all!

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE (x3)

The white Indian Runners are Divine, Sabrina and CiCi, the brown Kahki’s are Johnny and June and the geese (goslings?) are Forrest, Melvis and Turtle. They love their “pond” and both Texas and I spend a few hours (after all the mucking and watering and cleaning) each day just watching them (and the chickens).

I’m up to at least two showers a day with all the hard work and East Texas heat. We’re thinking we may hold off on the livestock until we have a good routine down with these guys. Besides, Texas has a TON of fence to build.

Last Saturday, Texas drove me to Nacogdoches to hang out with the Knotty Girls. He and Boudreaux (the new pup) hung out on the porch while all us chicks played with color. I tried a new to me dye (Country Colors) and mostly hand painted. I’m not sure if it was the nuking or the dye but the yarn is what I can best describe as “crispy”.

Other than all of that, we’ve just been busy with land stuff and dyeing and trying to get him playing with the wood lathe again. Oh, and lots of napping. Even most of my knitting has been mindless stuff I can work on as I fall asleep and is easy to fix when I drop a bazillion stitches.

What have you been doing?

Happy Tuesday y’all!