Now it’s official


Let the Birthday wishes begin!  WHOOT!  I plan  a wild and crazy evening of curling up with a basket of yarn and picking the perfect yarn for the perfect project from VLT.  I can actually come right home tonight instead of having to run an hour in the opposite direction for doctor’s appointments and pt.  I’m may even break out and have a cupcake – if there are any left from work.

I’ve figured out the whole “stab self in eye” thing.  These people have been running amok amok amok for 6 months.  It took me a long time to get everything “just right” and now they think they can do whatever they want.  I need to re-establish control and domination.  *ahem*

I do not have control issues.  Really.  I just do it because … ummm… it makes my job easier.  Honest.  Just ignore the character defects.  Keep moving.  Nothing to see here.


Look Over There Sundays!!


Shut UP!  I know.  But I officially declare that from now on, Sundays are to be referred to as Look Over There Sunday. 

Do you ever start posts and save them for later?  Maybe find them a couple of months later and wonder “WTF was I writing about”?  

This is actually something I decided to bring back to life…


It’s titled “suncatcher” and it’s crocheted.  Anyone wanna teach me how to crochet enough to make one or twelve of these?  I taught myself to knit out of a teen book and I can’t bear to do the same thing with crochet.  I mean, I remember how to do single crochet, but I don’t think THAT skill is going to get me far.  Yes, my mom does crochet… but she only knows how to do granny squares.  She does not know the name of the stitches … only what she was taught.

I’ve been painting my kitchen.  Yes, me.  Mostly.  I won’t climb a ladder, so I make my mom crawl up there and do the cutting in.  I’m in a weird color mood. 

As evidenced by some new things around the house:

 kitch-007.jpg kitch-005.jpg

So I painted my kitchen aqua and brown.  Really.  But the funny thing is, it makes the avocado, cream and blue floor kind of fade away. 


WHOO!  Linoleum!  In a weird twist that I wasn’t trying for, the aqua actually matches the counter.  I could have sworn it was blue… not aqua.

What used to be this:     kitchen-st.jpg

Is now this:       kitch-004.jpg

And the other side looks like this:  kitch-003.jpg

Excuse the messes on the counter.  I’ve been busy driving!  And guitar-ing!  And umm knitting?  Because this is a knit blog… isn’t it?

What about Tuesday?

Tuesdays seem to be an unloved day. 

We can all bitch about Mondays and returning to work or school.  The hustle and bustle of a new week.  There’s even OWMonday when we’re too busy or tired to do anything else.  Wednesday is hump day!  WHOOT!  Halfway through the week and the illustrious WTF Wednesday.  You can also Walk With Me and there are more “random” postings on this day than any other.  Thurdays can be great…almost to the end of the week and actually the end of it for some.  Honestly, I think they’re almost as bad as a Tuesday, but at least they have FOAD Thursday

Fridays.  Fridays get a lot of attention – Eye Candy, Friday Night Spinners.  It’s the big countdown to 5 p.m.  It’s the “making plans for the weekend” day.  Pop open that bottle of wine, get ready to go our or just jump in your jammies.  Well, you could do any combination of those.  You can Friday Five or do Four For Friday.  Can you feel the love?  Look, it even got it’s own paragraph!

Saturdays and Sundays leave everyone sleeping in or doing errands or just lazing around.    Bloglines isn’t updating because we are doin’ our thing.  (Well, bloglines doesn’t update that well any other day, but do you get my point?)  Plus, did I mention, it’s THE WEEKEND?!?  Sandy started Saturday Sky (scroll down to the 24th) to try and breathe some life back into blogland.  You have Sunday Socks, Sunday 7, and Unconscious Mutterings

That brings me back to the lowly Tuesday.  Sittin there squished between Monday and Wednesday like a big fat pimple on prom night.  Tuesday need something.  Anything.  Stick it to Tuesday?  Tell Me About It Tueday?  Tangled, Ticked Off, Taboo, Tacky, Tame, Tampon, Tantrum, Tasteless, Testosterone?  How about Take-No-Prisioners Tuesday?  Or Thorazine Tuesdays.

What do you think?

p.s.  I do not have a stash problem, I have a collection. 🙂