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I understand that some may not be able to see my pictures.  Can you let me know if you can see this one?  Close-up trellis

If not, can you see anything if you click on it?  What browser are you using? Is it something only WP users can see…etc, etc, etc.

I’ve used a program to host them on my website and I can see them fine.  The grand wizard of making blogs said that she has issues with others seeing what she hosts on her site…so this could be a wp issue or a host issue.

Due to a minor set back, there has been no knitting or looming…although I did fall asleep holding the Noro/Malabrigo scarf the other night.  I have been cross stitching (since I don’t have use the floppy paw) and will have some pictures tomorrow.  It’s weird how I actually yearn to feel the fiber flowing through my hands.  I’ve been reading knitting books and mags – actually reading the patterns…imagining the stitches.