Yeah, this is my town (na, na, na, na, na)*

Pink tractors and horse drawn wagons.

Traffic jams and scarf posing on a tractor.

Yeah, sometimes I wonder too.  Texas wouldn’t stop so I could grab the baby cow and throw it in the car.  How mean is that?

The fundraiser is still going on.  I’m extending the date to donate out until October 31st because Sarah and Cookie are mailing their prize contributions today and I will be in Los Angeles for Patient Day next week. You can see the rules here if you want to donate.

Here is a sneak peek of something that is going to be in the prize.  Isn’t it flipping adorable? I have such wonderful friends.

Hope Grows Scarf

  • Yarn: Juniper Moon Willa
  • Needles: US 11
  • Start: 11/11/12
  • Finish: 11/15/12

It would have gone faster had I not also been writing it out and making (and fixing) charts. I wanted to keep it to one skein. It is available on Ravelry with all proceeds going to the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation.

Many thanks to Cookie and Heather for helping double check the work.

Other than all that, I have a regular check up in Dallas tomorrow and a meeting for the research study proving that by participating, I have officially lost my mind.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

*one of my favorite lines from the song:

Well, I bought and painted up that rusty tractor.
You can’t miss it, it’s sittin’ right there in our yard.

Massacre at 42 Farms*

OZZY!!! He has a mirror and a minion-ish thing to keep him company since Sharon didn’t make it.  He loves his minion. He has pulled it over next to the mirror and sleeps with it.  Thankfully, it’s cotton and can be washed. However, we have quite a few eggs in the incubator and we’re hoping he has a pal soon. 

And then along came Kitten. Named after Carrie.  They share the same birthday, so it just made sense.

A hat! It’s for Sex Kitten.  Appropriate, no?

  • Rav Info: Official Kittyville Hat
  • Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride worsted
  • Needles: US 7
  • Start: 10/10/12
  • Finish: 10/12/12

Mods: I knit the flaps in garter, because I’m lazy like that.

I’m about halfway through knitting the sample for the Hope Grows Scarf.  Since Texas is going to Dallas, maybe I can actually finish it off.  It’s coming along nicely and I’m going to gift it to on of the other amazing Neuro nurses in my life. (Don’t forget to see this page about donating and winning a prize)

Happy Sunday y’all!

*Every other day, we clean out the big pool.  Friday morning, the ducks found a nest (?) of frogs.  Let’s just say they had an amazing breakfast. There was fighting, running, and quacking, but I think we’re down 7 frogs. I think I mentioned before that frogs scream.  All I could think of was “Well, Clarice – have the lambs stopped screaming?”  Yeah, I’m kind of messed up like that.


I did say there was going to be a prize.

First up is this lovely cowl, hand knit by me in Juniper Moon Willa.

The infamous Cookie and the smart and sassy Sarah are both knitting a little something too.  No, I do not know what they are knitting yet, but as soon as I find out, I’ll let you know. I’m also awaiting some fun little things that will round out the prize.

The rules:

  • Donations can be made through October 26, 2012 October 31, 2012 at the Guthy Jackson website.
  • Every $10 donated gets you one entry in the drawing.
  • One share of this on your blog or Facebook gets you one entry (let me know you did).
  • You must put Stacey Pope in the purpose section or email me a copy of your donation receipt. stacey (at) purlingdervishes (dot) com
  • Drawing will be done on November 1, 2012

There are two funds to donate to this year. One is the traditional Research Fund and the other is the Friends of Patient Day. (they’re both on the donation page).

For more information, you can see this post.

I know it’s been a rough couple of years, so if you can’t donate here, please consider buying the Hope Grows Cowl pattern.  All proceeds will go to Guthy Jackson. (All, I’m eating the paypal fees.) I’m also working on a scarf.  Here’s a sneak peek.

Tomorrow? Baby ducks and the story of the Massacre at 42 Farms.

Happy Friday y’all!

Hope Grows

The blog ate your comments! When I have some quality computer time, I’ll go back to the other day and hopeful write y’all back. I think I fixed it from then on.


Hope Grows Cowl

Pattern available here .  All proceeds will be donated to The Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation.
This cowl will also be one of the prizes in the fundraiser. Yes, the actual cowl. (I should be making more prize announcements in the next day or so)

  • Yarn: 1 skein Juniper Farms Willa
  • Needles: US 11 Cubics interchangeable
  • Time:  About an hour or so

I also whipped one out for me:

All the major details are the same, but I made a couple of extra leaves.

I bought the Cubics on a whim and am glad I did.  They are comfortable to hold and are a nice change from metal needles without going bamboo.

Ever since someone turned me on to non-bamboo wood needles, I’ve been quite picky.  I hear she can do that to people.

Today, I’ll be educating Texas on the finer points of 70’s and 80’s horror movies.  No Amityville? No Poltergeist? No Exorcist? What?

All while unpacking the hand knits and trying to stay warm.

It hit 47 F (8C) last night.  In October! In East Texas!  Who the hell approved that?!?!

Happy Sunday y’all!  What are you up to?

And so it is October

Time for me to ask you to donate money. (My story and other information can be found here)

Neuromyelitis optica (NMO or Devic’s Disease) is an uncommon disease syndrome of the central nervous system (CNS) that affects the optic nerves and spinal cord. Individuals with NMO develop optic neuritis, which causes pain in the eye and vision loss, and transverse myelitis, which causes weakness, numbness, and sometimes paralysis of the arms and legs, along with sensory disturbances and loss of bladder and bowel control. ~From The National Institute of Neurological Disorders

It was a rough year with Texas being out of work for 6 months, and I’m trying to get some type of prize together. (if you want to donate towards the prize, let me know!) There will be only one prize this year.

The rules:

  • Donations can be made through October 31, 20112 October 26, 2012 at the Guthy Jackson website.
  • Every $10 donated gets you one entry in the drawing.
  • One share of this on your blog or Facebook gets you one entry (let me know you did).
  • You must put Stacey Pope in the purpose section or email me a copy of your donation receipt.
  • Drawing will be done on November 1, 2012

There are two funds to donate to this year. One is the traditional Research Fund and the other is the Friends of Patient Day. (they’re both on the donation page).

Research Fund: 100% of your donation goes directly to scientific and clinical research. The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation does not allocate any donated monies to administrative support of the Foundation.

Friends of Patient Day: You help make the impossible become possible by financially supporting a patient’s attendance. NMO Patient Day offers patients a rare chance to connect with leading NMO clinicians, scientists, and other NMO patients – a first for many NMO patients given the rarity of this disease.

I can tell you that being able to connect in this way has made a world of difference for me and my treatment course.  I would not have been able to attend this year without their financial support. This disease can be expensive (even with insurance) and many cannot afford to go.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and donate.




Thank you so much!

With all of your help, we were able to raise $910 for the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation!

grand prize

Prize 1 : Jayna

Prize 2 : Beth

Prize 3 : Paula

Prize 4 : Angie

Prize 5: Terri

Prize 6 : Jayna

Prize 7: Cheryl

Jayna is not a spinner, so she said to go ahead and draw again, so Sarah, you won too!  I’m going to dig around and see if I can come up with a little extra fluff to throw in there.

  • Exotic wood drop spindle
  • 8 oz. of hand dyed BFL roving

I’ll be getting in touch with everyone.  Thank you again.  Every dollar makes a difference not only to me, but thousands of us suffering with NMO.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Back to knitting tomorrow.  Swears.

Knitting, WIPs, and FO’s, oh my.

Or not.

Today was totally going to be about things I’ve done, but then the fabulous Carrie K sent me a bunch of stuff to add to the prizes for the fundraiser.

First up, a new addition:

  • 101 Designer One Skein Wonders
  • 101 Luxury One Skein Wonders
  • Handknit Heroes
  • Sock yarn kit from Imaginknit
  • 3 skeins Crystal Palace Kid Merino
  • 1 skein Lorna’s Laces
  • 1 skein Frog Tree Alpaca
  • Jade Saphire Cashmere scarf kit
  • 1 skein Hipknits cashmere sock yarn

Now that’s some awesome sauce right there. She also sent a Nana Sadie Rose bag which I’ve added to the Louisa Harding prize.

That’s 7, yes seven knitting prizes up for grabs.  Get on over to the Guthy Jackson site and donate… put my name in the purpose section or send me a copy of the receipt to get your entries.  For each $10 you donate,  you get and entry. So you’d get 5 if you donate $50.  Plus! It’s tax deductible, you’ll get a letter from them and everything.

And if you share it on your blog or networking site, you also get an additional entry if  you let me  know.

Happy Saturday y’all, I’ve got knitting to photograph!

You say potato, I say rice pilaf

01. How did I sleep until almost 7?

02. Where’s my cold front and rain Mark Scirto? You promised me!

§  Yeah, our weathermen don’t have cool names like Dallas Raines

03. You want me to what? Isn’t that why you were waist high in the lake on Saturday?

04. ATTENTION: to all the neighborhood cats who think my deck is your mating area, STOP. I know I call this place the love shack, but if this keeps up, I’m going to start charging.

05. Chickens? We aren’t allowed to have farm animals. If you have chickens, I want a llama. Oh, and Skinny Pork Chop wants a goat named Rex.

06. I don’t wanna go! But if I have to, I’m stopping at the LYS.

07. What is that smell? Oh, wet silk.  I remember now.

08. I am seriously getting addicted to farkle.  I want to farkle ALL the time.  However, you can’t farkle alone and I don’t want to impose on the neighbors.

Hmmm. eight. Guess that’s all I have in me today.  Oh wait! How could I forget.

09. Too lazy to show you more prizes today, so go look for yourself.  And donate. (put Stacey Pope in the purpose section)If not for the prizes, just because it’s a good thing to do.  And tax deductible.

Happy Thursday y’all!

It’s just Wednesday.

Lady, I got bout 27 people in my head and they was all about to beat yo ass!! I’m telling you, I’m crazy, I will burn this place DOWN! ~Madea

I woke up a tad bit angry this morning.  I couldn’t figure it out until I burst into tears.

Right before I went to bed, I checked facebook and saw that Gracie was going to the hospital.  She is like the momma to us NMO people. She helped found the Google group for NMO, she can remember almost every study done on the disease, she cares far too much than is humanly possible. She is funny and snarky and wonderful.  She was featured on Emergency ER (google “scared stiff mystery er).

Most of the time I can have a Pollyanna attitude about having NMO, and then someone I know gets smacked by it. There really aren’t a lot of us and while the prognosis is better than it was, far too many are blind or paralyzed or have passed away. I can take what is dished out to me, but it breaks my heart when others are hurting.  And it scares me because if it can happen to them, it can happen to me.

I dyed today.  With my mother in law. Seriously.  Well, she watched and asked for colors and I played. It was actually quite fun.

Or maybe it was the dye pot fumes.

I came up with a tagline… “Purling Dervish Yarn – deep fried by the lakeside.” Heh. Oh, and that’s because I’m dying in a turkey fryer, not because I’m baked.

Just sayin’

7 lbs today and 5 this past Monday. I’ve lost my marbles.

Yeah, it looks like a ball of yarn now, but that little spiced pumpkin poof of goodness (Silky Wool XL) is going to be a Squishy Cowl.  It’ll have a matching pair of mitts.  That aren’t Fetchings or Dashings.

Yesterday was not my knitting day.  I should have stayed home. I tried to cast on for 4 projects and none worked.  I wasn’t even about to touch the sweater.  Finally, I thought “how can I mess this up?”.  K3P1 is not the same as K2P2.

I only did it a few times and then threw it at Erin to fix because my brain had shut down by then.

So far, I’ve been handling the cables o.k.  I’m about to sit down with it again while my yarn dries.  Let’s hope tonight is better than yesterday.

Ξ  Ξ  Ξ

In fundraising news, today’s featured  prizes (yeah, prizes, because really, posting every day? )consist of:

Retail value of $65

  • Louisa Harding Ianthe book
  • 5 balls of Ianathe in color 12 (red) – that’s enough to make the stole on the cover
  • Size 5 Brittany needles
  • Size 6 Brittany needles

Retail value of $90

  • Mirasol Designer Mini-knits book
  • 3 skeins Mirasol Tupa color 805 (green)
  • 1 skein Mirasol Miski color 115 (black)
  • 1 skein Mirasol Miski color 118 (blue)
  • Brittany needles in US 3, US 6 and US

Yummy! Only 5 days left to get in on these great prizes! Go donate, put Stacey Pope in the purpose or message box.

Happy Wednesday y’all!


Oh yeah, construction.


Click for bigger.

It was an interesting 3 weeks:

  • 1 bedroom door moved
  • one front door removed and closed in
  • two windows and a sliding door gone
  • two french doors installed
  • one deck and roof demolished and rebuilt

It’s going to be a while before I do that again.

♥  ♣  ♥  ♠  ♥

Thanks everyone for sharing the linkity love yesterday for the fundraiser.

Which brings us to today’s prize! I’m calling this the sock lover (or future sock lover) $140 retail value

  • two sets of Brittany dpns, size US2.5 – one short, one long
  • On-Line Supersocke 100 – color 1367 – greenish blue
  • 2 skeins Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in color 18 (watercolor)
  • Schoeller Sahl Fortissima Colori in color 12
  • Stitch Dots (neato nifty markers)
  • drop spindle starter kit
  • small inkle loom with shuttle and instructions.

Remember, each $10 you donate, you get an entry. Go here and donate, put Stacey Pope in the purpose or message area.

I’m off to hit the yarn shop.  YEAH! Fumes!

Happy Tuesday y’all!