Bloglines, name that breakfast food!

How bad is something for you when the first four ingredients are:

  • pork stock
  • pork
  • pork skin
  • pork liver

Don’t knock it, it really is good.  But you have to try it before you know what is in it.  I don’t eat it all the time since I have to order it from the east coast (maybe once a year).  You have to fry it hard and I love syrup with mine.

Sleeping pills didn’t work. I got nothin!  I’m thinking a maglite to the middle of the forehead might work for a little. 

Also, how windy does it have to be to make the curtains move?   

eyecandyfriday.jpg  Because I’m having fun playing with my camera’s settings – and trying to be all artsy fartsy:

4 Jan 07