Halloween – So Cold! Edition

I know, you guys in other parts of the country will scoff at me, but Y’ALL! Below freezing overnights and 25 degrees below normal is crazy! This came in a month early for us. I want my 70’s!

I finally was able to get my US 6 dpns so I can finish off the sleeves. I have eleven billion US7 and US5, but couldn’t find the size I needed. One sleeve is ready for the new needles, but I have to finish the decreasing on the other. This also means that I have to get serious about button band color choice. I don’t want to do all that work and hate my decision.

Lots of changes coming around chez Dervish. I’m hopefully going back to school in December (please send good thoughts/juju/prayers/spells that the student loan goes through). I need this. I really need this. I would have liked to start in November, but start day was the same as hernia day.

Halloween just doesn’t feel like Halloween this year, so I’m doing nothing but staying warm tonight.

What are you doing?

2 thoughts on “Halloween – So Cold! Edition”

  1. Just because somewhere else is colder, it doesn’t mean it isn’t cold where you are.

    I know how that goes with not being able to find a particular needle size, only to be inundated with the sizes above and below. You are going to have something so bright, beautiful, and warm to help you through the winter.

    All the prayers and good thoughts for your student loans to go through! Embarking on a new learning adventure is so exciting!

    Also, all the prayers and good thoughts for hernia day! xoxo


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