St. Nicholas Day

I think I was good this year? I’m not sure. Do I owe him a lap dance? Is he telling me something?

I know my husband is only 10 years into this tradition and he has proven that he technically understands. Growing up we’d get candy, an orange, and some type of clothing. I assume the Slim Jims are replacements for the candy because diabetic. I’m guessing the $20 is for my jammies. And well, a whole bag of oranges? Score!

Happy St. Nicholas Day y’all!

p.s. St. Nick brought my husband pods for his new nespresso machine (because diet) and jammies. I’m so glad he didn’t bring that box of Cuties he had in his cart for a brief second because I would have been paying people to take them.

3 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day”

  1. Hmmm. WordPress seems to have not liked that I wasn’t logged in. Let’s try again…

    You definitely owe him the lap dance.
    What kind of Nespresso machine does he have? It’s not one of those Vertuoline ones, is it?


    1. My mom got him the basic Delonghi one that does 2 sizes. (espresso and lungo )

      It was an amazon cyber Monday special.

      I need more $20’s for lap dances. 😂

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