I’ve got a weird hankering

For doing weird things.


I finally finished my first Inkle strap. Considering I started it on December 14, 2008, I don’t think it is too bad. I can definitely see places where I worked on it diligently and had evened everything out. Then there are the wonky, wobbly parts. So yeah, no close ups.

Now to decide if I want to load that up again, or maybe my rigid heddle, or maybe I should spin for the Tour. Who wants to bet I do none of those?

Yesterday and today are all about the resting. This heat and humidity do things to the things in my head. I’m hoping these storms come through and cool things off. You know, since the pool is still closed. (supposedly it is going to be re-inspected today) I haven’t even done jiu jitsu in two days. Well, except for some drills in my nice, cold living room. Does it count if I don’t get bruised and don’t sweat all that much?

Spinning would count as exercise, right?

Happy Thursday y’all!

4 thoughts on “I’ve got a weird hankering”

  1. Spinning is definitely exercise. So is JiuJitsu in the living room. The less sweat and no bruises are designed to lull you in to a false sense of competence. Good luck with the weather. Especially since this is just the beginning of the step outside and melt phase in your part of the world. (I know since it’s happening where I am too.)


  2. Finishing is great! Sometimes a body just needs a break to rest and recover? That’s what I call it but I’m not sure what my R&R is from. šŸ˜€


  3. Yes. Drills without bruising counts for sure.
    I consider knitting exercise for my hands so spinning must be some sort of exercise too!
    Hope your weather moderates…/crossing fingers


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