Funny you should mention ribs

Day two was AH-mazing. It really doesn’t get better than a couple of professional, world champions teaching you. Especially women teaching women. It’s a different way of learning that I’m lucky I had the chance to experience.


That’s after an hour and a half of rolling. I look like I got stuck in a rainstorm and hit by a truck. Some of those girls look shower fresh. How do they do it?

I did sideways rolls down the mat twice! I am not the most coordinated person in the world as y’all may know (hello Floppy Paw Incident ’06). Rolls in general (forward, backward, and side) have left me feeling, well, uncoordinated. It felt good for it to click. They were warm ups for a couple of moves where you actually grab the other person and roll.

Which brings me to the ribs. There, I am, on the back of another girl, arm around her neck. I was supposed to dip my shoulder to the mat, roll both of us and swing around quickly to catch her arm in an arm bar. At some point when I was scrunched up and pulling her over me, something popped. It didn’t hurt right away, but now? I’m just going to say I’m glad I brought some NSAIDs and the little man hooked me up with a bag of ice.

It’s not broken. (Because, well, see that imaginary M.D. after my name?) I’m following google-fu’d instructions for breathing exercises, stretches, and icing. If it still hurts, I see my family doc this week anyway.

Class starts at 10 today, and I’m debating either relaxing by the pool this afternoon or swallowing a bunch of my sleeping pills and heading home when I wake up sometime around midnight. Right now, the getting home early sounds good because tomorrow at 12, Texas and I are both getting new to us cars. I’d hate to get stuck in traffic and be late.

What are you up to today?

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