BJJ and a little knitting

As some of you know, I am in San Antonio attending a Women’s BJJ Camp. Fabiana Borges, Ana Laura Cordeiro, and Gracie Barra San Antonio are hosting the event.

Last night was the first seminar led by Shama Ko, a phenom purple belt. She runs Girls in Gis and has a photography business.

Besides the insane warm up, she was teaching a move on avoiding side control and then getting a submission.

Image used from Eastern Europe BJJ.

For those of you not in the know, side control is just what it sounds like. You are on your back and the other person is smashed into your chest and face from the side. Seriously, smashed. Yes, it usually as uncomfortable as that picture makes it look. It is my least favorite position to be in. I hate it even more than being mounted. I usually see it coming and just wait for the smash. No more! Well, hopefully no more.

It was awesome meeting all of these strong, funny, confident, knowledgeable, amazing women. It was awesome seeing how different schools teach and learning new ways to do things. It was awesome rolling with only girls outside of a competition setting. It was just awesome.

Day one lessons learned:

    Don’t forget the Aminolast. Or I won’t last.
    Don’t be ashamed of my limitations.
    Don’t forget the cooling vest.
    Remind myself that I am new and that one day, I’ll understand what the heck is going on.
    Progress, not perfection. (aka – it’s the process)

A woman I was practicing with was talking about her 3 broken ribs and broken finger and she made the analogy “it’s not like we’re knitting here”. How appropriate. Because I am knitting here.


These were started March 2012. Yes, over two years ago. Shut up. I finished the first one sometime ago and I thought it might be time to finish them. I think that I forgot I liked knitting. So far, the morning has been beautiful for sitting by the pool and a little jaunt on the treadmill. (I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me this afternoon)

I’m thinking of going for a swim before class. That is, if my bathing suit isn’t too big. There is a hot tub there too that has my name on it for this evening.

Happy Saturday y’all! What are you doing today!

p.s. I promise this is still going to be a knitting blog. I know it was a farm blog for a while and now it seems like BJJ all the time, but all things go in cycles.

3 thoughts on “BJJ and a little knitting”

  1. It’s wonderful when we find the one thing that makes us feel strong, confident, and yet, okay with our bodies limitations (and strengths!). Life is that damn process…we just keep doin’ it daily. Knit on! xox


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