Two Words

→ Finished Object

→ Zipper Truck

Technically called a barrier transfer machine. It moves mini Jersey barriers to easily change lane patterns. (I don’t care where I live, those things will always be Jersey barriers) Finally saw one working. Dude! That was cool.  Either that or I’m easily entertained.

→ Knitting Loom

Since I’ve gotten the crafty stuff semi organized, (at least until I figure out the furniture that is going to go in the second bedroom) I decided to crack out one of my knitting looms and try knitting a sock on there.  Maybe it will go faster? Perhaps more manageable with the floppy? Way back when I broke my arm, Isela “made” me try them so I could still play with fiber. I haven’t picked them up in years.

→Well Used

Karen posted on her blog about what her go-to knits are during ALL the cold. I’m going with one of my Sockheads, my Duck Soup scarf, and (since I don’t have matching pink mitts) I use either my well worn Freezing Farmgirl Mitts or the extra long, keep the floppy warm at all cost mitts.

Sadly, the first pair of mitts I mentioned have been well loved and worn. I’ve made a repair or 5 to them over the years and I don’t know if they’ll make it through the winter. I was working on a replacement  pair with some shady yarn when I realized that life is too short to wear scratchy wool.

Happy Thursday y’all! What knits do you grab first?

6 thoughts on “Two Words”

  1. Oooh! I like your new socks! I think I knit a pair of those once, or maybe I just thought about it. I hope they are for making the toasty toes.

    I never had a name for those barriers, so thanking for enriching my vocabulary.

    How’s the loom knitting going? Is it more comfortable for you?

    I have many go-tos for keeping warm. My honey cowl, ice queen, and sea mineral mittens always seem to make an appearance, although I do not wear the first two at the same time. I used to dislike cowls, but I have grown to love them, especially for taking the chill off when I’m just lazing about at home. My Shetland Tea Throw has been very nice at home, too. xoxo


  2. Super socks! So pretty.
    I’ve been wearing my cardigans made out of Peace Fleece yarn, hand knit socks and mittens. Gotta have those mittens. I’m so afraid of losing one of the stranded mittens that they just live on the shelf in the closet and I wear another pair.


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