Where did that pile of cow pookie come from?

Hi! Life! It decided to throw an unexpected curveball. I can’t talk specifics, but all good thoughts/ intentions/ prayers/ lighting of candles/ dancing naked under the full moon (whatever it is you do) and such would be greatly appreciated.

You, however, get a bonus out of all of this messy stuff going on over here. An extra week to spread the word and donate!

Some of you know that the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation has a patient day for us every year. Starting the weekend before, they have all of the doctors and scientists and great minds from all over the world get together and share their knowledge with each other. That’s one of the premises of receiving money from the Foundation is that they HAVE to share with each other what they’ve learned. Kind of an awesome research model. I wonder what would happen if more research was done this way.

Anyway, the docs and scientists are doing that this weekend and patient day is next week, so…. I won’t be able to get information out of anyone until that’s all said and done. Unless I possibly badger and abuse the awesome staff while I’m at patient day. I actually don’t know if I have it in me to do that.

Prizes are in a post somewhere down below and you now have until November 8th to donate.

 How do you get a chance to win?

Click here to go to the Guthy Jackson donation page, choose “Memorial Donation” and put Stacey Pope in the “purpose” section.  For every $10 you donate, you’ll get one entry. If you share this contest on Facebook, Twitter or wherever (and let me know), you’ll get another entry.

Deadline to enter is November 1, 2013 November 8 (12 noon Texas time) and I’ll be announcing the winners on November 2, 2013. November 9th

Spread the word! Donate what you can. Win some awesome yarn.

6 thoughts on “Where did that pile of cow pookie come from?”

  1. I’m thinking all of the good things and whatnot for you. Since the full moon is not for a bit, I’ll just have to hope I can be effective without it. Then again, if it is nekkid dancing, it is always a full moon. xoxox


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