Sunday Sock – Indecision Edition

One Spring Forward done. Woo!?!  Also pictured is the progress on Crusoe and last year’s SoS second sock.

I’m plugging away on the soul sucking plain stockinette socks while others decide my fate. Right now, the poll is tied for working on on the stockinette of doom and starting the second Spring Forward. So, if anyone wants to go in and vote, (for say starting a new sock all together) feel free to.

Luckily, Texas is working all weekend, so I have had time for knitting. Between turkey relocation and breaking the phone in my cleavage (not really, but we’ll just let her think that).

I’m back to a phone I bought 4 years ago. I’m affectionately calling it the Fisher Price phone.  I gave my new-old one a try this morning and if it works again tomorrow, I’ll reactivate it. I mean, it’s running on 3G. I can’t even twitter from it!!! I know, first world problems and all that.

Happy Sunday people!  What are y’all doing today?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Sock – Indecision Edition”

  1. My vote is the slog. 😀

    Let’s see….today has been laundry, veggie/ham bone broth, red lentil-veggie soup made with v/hb broth, finding room in freezer/frig for said broth before it goes traveling with me tomorrow, convincing my mother to eat more baby food (healing from extractions)(oy!), waiting for the rain that hasn’t arrived, watered seeds I planted yesterday assuming a deluge today that hasn’t happened, watering houseplants, reserving a rental car for this week, and soon will be traveling with Wilson to pick up said rental vehicle. You asked.

    Oh yeah, looked at my yarn stash and walked away before it could overwhelm me. 😀 Must knit faster, weave faster, crochet faster……


  2. Ah. . . the simpler days . . . of the Fisher-Price phones! (I used to call mine “The Brick.”) As for the socks, I say knit what makes you happy. If it sucks your soul, get rid of it. (Life is too damn short.) 🙂


  3. I’m only just considering socks again, so I don’t know what to tell you, as they each have their advantages and drawbacks. I hope whatever you choose pleases you! xo


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